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Author Topic: EPN talk. What goes in here?  (Read 2358 times)

A fair amount of people strolling through this sub-forum and wondering what the EPN talk forum is all about. It's simple as the name says! If it's talk about something on EPN, the hosts, the site, the shows or anything else that you'd find on the EPN sites (minus Arcademy), post it in here!

If the topic is more general, then Other and Games talk will be suitable and allow more open conversation without a "Victor obsessed with Batman" pre-requisite. :V

Whatever comes to mind, let it roam!

Does anyone know what happened to Briana, Miri and Ben Bolea? I haven't seen them on the show in a very long time.

Vic mentioned on a recent podcast that Brianna had moved on to something else, if I recall correctly it's one of the reasons Marisa moved to Vancouver. Miri is doing something for AMC and I have no idea about Ben.

Ben Bolea was, last time I heard about him, working on a movie he was shooting. That was over a year ago though, might be done by now and went on to do other things maybe?