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This is a thread for talk on all things DCUO.

If you've been playing it since it's beta stage and through it's launch on the pc & ps3 or if your just coming back to it due the the ps4 and for us players to discuss what's current like news on upcoming DLC to keep this thread a busy and bustling thread

such as this News.
Ign DCUO Amazon Fury DLC weapon Mastery

New DLC Amazon Fury Part I is coming - 20/03/14

Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) & ProSiebenSat.1 Games (PSG) today announced the next installment in the DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) narrative.

Amazon Fury Part I. The game’s 10th downloadable content (DLC) pack will introduce a brand-new storyline featuring Wonder Woman, Circe, Hippolyta and the Amazons, as well as a new shared open area, Solo Iconic Visions, a 4-player Alert, two new Duos, and Weapon Mastery abilities. The DLC pack will be available for download on the PC.

“Players are going to feel more badass in combat with Weapon Mastery. It will allow them to become proficient with multiple weapon types, much like the iconic characters in the DC Comics, such as Wonder Woman, who uses swords but is also a punching brawler. Weapon Mastery is going to bring fights to a whole new level.”

Amazon Fury Part I is the first of three DLC packs that focus on Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Weapon Mastery will allow players to master multiple weapon types and seamlessly combine them during combat for greater flexibility and power.

In Amazon Fury Part I, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, has gone mad, or so it seems when she allies with Circe and declares war on the mortal world! Her own daughter, Wonder Woman, has rallied an army of Amazons that will defend the people of Gotham City, and try to help their Queen see reason.

Amazon Fury Part I will include:

  • Weapon Mastery - This will allow players to master multiple weapon types and seamlessly combine them during combat for greater flexibility and power.
  • Discover Themyscira - The Alert and Duos will give players the opportunity to adventure through the Themyscira Palace District, warehouses, and seaside port for the first time.
  • Become an Amazon – Everyone can play as either Wonder Woman or Circe in new Solo Iconic Visions that let players relive crucial moments that led up to the Amazon civil war.
  • New Shared Open Area - The new shared open area will take place in an alternate phase of Gotham City called Gotham Under Siege, which is overwhelmed by the divided Amazons and their powerful allies.
  • Meet the Queen - Amazon Queen Hippolyta will make her debut in DC Universe Online with this DLC pack.

DCUO’s Amazon Fury Part 1 DLC pack will be a free download for the game’s Members and will be available later this Spring for purchase by Free and Premium players via the website.

 I hope I at least did this right still learning here. and the qoutes are fighting me here too. I make it so it should encompass the whole thing and it makes sure to make a separation. when detailing stuff like how weapon mastery works. I tried.
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Any word on if this brings a new armour tier?


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Any word on if this brings a new armour tier?

 I think that was done already with dlc the Armories dlc prior to the war of light DLC which features the Green lanterns. but as far as a new tier, nothing yet I'll put it up if news is available.

HELPFUL LINKS: On Amazon fury
  • Weapon Mastery Livestream recorded versions
    • 2:45 - What is Weapon Mastery
    • 14:30 - Weapon Mastery Combos
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Creative director Jens Anderson teasing with  A Clip of Gotham Under Siege for the upcoming Amazon Fury Part DLC


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Hey every body, a new game play video from the peeps at DCUO. Yes Jens and the rest are showcasing this

Amazon Fury -Part 1 Paradise Revealed

Any word on if this brings a new armour tier?
Near the end they show off the tier 6 gear styles in this video .
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Hello Every one. Man, wow this hasn't been touched in a while . I have something from this week from Jen's the current head DCUO
 new styles inspired by Parademons, coming to DCUO in our next DLC Pack, Halls of Power Part I

Twitter / Spytle: Speaking of Parademons...Here

I am really enjoying smacking the snot out of these Parademons that keep boom-tubing into my hall. Go back to Apokolips, Punk! Speaking of Parademons... Here is some Parademon inspired player gear.

this should be interesting
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Hello and good morning to you all, I picked up this up from DCUO's face book page. There will be an event happening tomorrow. these are the details.

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

 Game Update 38 Preview Livestream: Survival Mode!

Join us Monday (June 2nd) for a Game Update 38 Preview Livestream and see the Development Team playtest the upcoming Survival Mode LIVE! The show will begin at 11:45AM PDT on Twitch.TV. [Mepps]Friday Night Legends: Episode 51! Ladies' Night from US PS!

Survival Mode is a new kind of content coming to DCUO in Game Update 38, designed to push the most advanced DCUO players to their max and beyond, with ever-increasing challenge. This new mode is inspired by events run on Friday Night Legends and created directly in response to your requests for something similar in-game. We shared our initial ideas as we began in this Work In Progress thread, incorporated your feedback, and now we have something to show you.
Tune into Twitch.TV next Monday, June 2nd, 2014, to see where we are in the development of Survival Mode, and to see the devs playtest the content LIVE. The playtest and livestream will begin around 11:45AM PDT.

From:Game Update 38 Preview Livestream: Survival Mode!

 you can Watch it Live here:
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^^^and the stream started    a recorded version will be put up later


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What's up every body. Ok so the live stream is over, So here's the Recorded version via twitch for those of you that missed it.
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
Game Update 38 Preview Livestream: Survival Mode! June 2, 2014 @ 11:45AM PDT!
DCUniverseOnline about an hour ago

and the recorded version on youtube as well
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Game Update 38 Preview: Survival Mode!

  • 2 hours ago
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hey ever one I was face book and saw this and thouht I should put this up it more info on updates

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page
June 3 at 8:00pm ·

All worlds (US PC, US PS, EU PC, EU PS) are now online with Game Update 37! Log in now! [Mepps]Game Update 37 launches tomorrow, bringing Supergirl to Legends, Earth changes, Marketplace Amenities, and more! 5 hours of downtime begin at 6:00AM PDT. [Mepps]
 New Member benefit! Supergirl for Legends is now available, and only Members can unlock her in-game with Marks of Legend! If you're not a member, she is also available in the Marketplace. [Mepps]

and a video too Livestream Announcement: VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
Game Update 37 News and ANOTHER Game Update 38 Preview! Teleporters!
Spytle(Jens Anderson)and Mepps announce Teleporters, Marketplace Amenities, talk about Earth changes and Supergirl, and share Game Update 37's

enjoy the video and have fun tomorrow.
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Good after noon every one I have a few updates for you all here they are from DCUO face Book

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

22 hrs ·

League Halls are coming to DCUO with Game Update 39! Tune in Monday at 4PM PDT for a sneak preview, and learn more now on the official forums. [Mepps]
More Info:
Leagues are receiving a significant number of updates to improve their functionality and add collective advancement! There are so many new systems and features that we'd like to make sure everyone can start understanding how they all work and come together now, rather than waiting till they're on Test.

League Halls are at the heart of this game update. They serve as a meeting place, trophy room, shared canvas, and source of power all rolled into one. Many of the new League features require a League Hall to access. In fact, there is no way to spend Prestige without a League Hall short of the act of creating the League Hall.
League Halls are also a major location for content in DLC11, with instances taking place in your own League Hall! If no one in the group has a League Hall, you'll simply be taken to a randomly selected League Hall owned by another League.
League Halls may be created at consoles located in each wing of the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. Doing so requires both the "Can Spend Prestige" and "League Hall Admin" permissions.
The first option the UI presents is Environment. While many Environments are planned for the future, the first available Environment to be released with GU39 is Lunar. Hence, all League Halls will initially be built on the Moon.
The second option is Terrain. This represents a choice of landscape to build your League Hall in and affects your view from the Observation Room. The current options are: Sea (i.e. Mare, for you Moon buffs out there) and Crater.
The final option is the specific location to select, given the previous selections. Each location has a Prestige cost for both the initial League Hall creation, as well as relocating the League Hall to that location.
Sea Locations:
  • Sea of Clouds
  • Sea of Crises
  • Sea of Islands
  • Sea of Serenity
  • Sea of Showers
  • Sea of Tranquility
Crater Locations:
  • Copernicus Crater
  • Grimaldi Crater
  • Kepler Crater
  • Plato Crater
  • Stevinus Crater
  • Tycho Crater
League Halls may be reached in one of two ways:
  • Teleporters located in each wing of the Watchtower and Hall of Doom
  • Teleporter Amenities within personal bases, assuming you have one of the Generator Mods that add League Halls as a destination
The League Hall comes with many built-in features. Only Statuaries must be unlocked to use at all.
  • Statuaries - Statues of League members based on selected rankings
  • Power Core - Powers Proficiencies, bonuses that apply to the entire league
  • League Bank - Bank space shared by the entire League
  • Donation Box - Allows you to exchange items for Prestige
  • Mailbox
  • R& D Station
  • Sparring Targets (of which many are spread out as individuals, but there are also two groups of three together)
  • Awesome view of the Earth from the moon

Watch VOD: Sunday Morning Stream!
 Spytle plays Legends last Sunday!
 DCUniverseOnline 8 days ago

Also more recently

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page
added 2 new photos.

10 mins ·

Game Update 38 is live on all servers! Log in now to unlock Classic Batman or put yourself to the ultimate test with Survival Mode! [Mepps]


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    Evening every one I have another update for you all ad it'll be short.
DCUO's Twitch channel

Here's A VOD of the live stream[/list]
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: Game Update 39 Preview: League Halls! July 2, 2014 @ 4PM PDT!
    DCUniverseOnline about an hour ago
And Here's the you tube version

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:<a href=";list=PLMwdHH8o5plTaA7g0Lksx8EQ0H6KNElpL" target="_blank" class="new_win">;list=PLMwdHH8o5plTaA7g0Lksx8EQ0H6KNElpL</a>

Game Update 39 Preview: League Halls!

    And the deatils that were shown
Sony Online Entertainment has announced the next DLC for DC Universe Online. Called "Halls of Power Part 1", the new content will include new raids, alerts and operations and a new storyline featuring the new Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis.
  • For the first time in DCUO, players will be able to play with or against the iconic villains and heroes from the Fourth World, including Kalibak, Mantis, Mister Miracle and Big Barda.
  • Halls of Power Part I will feature five all-new cooperative multiplayer adventures: two 8-player Raids, one 8-player Operation, one 4-player Alert and one 4-player Operation.
  • Apokolips, New Genesis and Player League Halls will serve as the main backdrops to the Halls of Power Part I content.
  • League Halls will be available to all players as a free game update prior to the release of Halls of Power Part I.
  • Six new Skill Points will be available to earn, and players will have access to a range of new Collections, Feats, gear, and Base items in Halls of Power Part I.

Find out more on the DC Universe Online site.

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Good after noon every one I have two up days from over the weekend   here they are

a video

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Sneak Peek! Legends Wonder Girl and Kyle Rayner!

also be prepared for

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page updated their cover photo.


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Good after noon every one . ok according to DCUO's it was stated last night there will be a live stream.

Tune in Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at 3PM PDT for a preview livestream. Senior Creative Director Jens "Spytle" Andersen and Lead Content Designer Donovan "DizzyKracken" Kennedy will preview this new content for you!

Ok here's the VOD for those that missed it
Source: DCUO's Twitch channel , DC Universe™ Online YouTube Channel& DCUO's Face book.

 VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Halls of Power Part I Preview! July 9, 2014 @ 3PM PDT!
 DCUniverseOnline about an hour ago


VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:<a href=";list=PLMwdHH8o5plTaA7g0Lksx8EQ0H6KNElp L" target="_blank" class="new_win">;list=PLMwdHH8o5plTaA7g0Lksx8EQ0H6KNElp L</a>

Halls of Power Part I Preview! New Gods and TONS of content!
301+ views 44 minutes ago
 Published on 9 Jul 2014
 Creative Director Jens Andersen and Lead Content Designer Donovan Kennedy walk you through all the content coming in Halls of Power Part I!

And lastly

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

5 hrs ·

Game Update 39 is now available for testing on the PC Test server, featuring League Halls and the Fire update! Come test with us! [Mepps]
More Info:

Next on PC Test: Game Update 39! | DC Universe Online Forums

Game Update 39 is now ready for testing on the PC Test Server! All PC players with a Legendary Membership are invited. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!
To get started, you can download the client here (SOE).
Please note the following

Please note the following:
  • No characters will be copied to the PC Test Server.
  • After character creation, all characters will begin at level 30, and nothing you've purchased on your Live account will transfer over to Test.
  • There are special Test vendors in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom to help you gear up properly.
  • The PC Test server will restart every morning at 12 AM Pacific
  • Please make sure to post your feedback and any bugs you find in the forum below!
Let the testing begin! Mepps, Yesterday at 4:32 PM

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Good after noon every one it's bee bit since I updated this

 here are some videos on batman B day in case you missed it cause of SDCC, a pod cast from the escapist another more recent video on Halls of power for a ll the systems and article detail on what in it
source: DCUO's YouTube channel , Facebook &

75 Years of Batman: Building the Bat in DC Universe Online

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
75 Years of Batman: Adventures with the Bat in DC Universe Online

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!
: <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
75 Years of Batman: Future Batman in DC Universe Online

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

5 hrs ·

DCUO Creative Director Jens Andersen joined the The Escapist podcast to talk ‪#‎Batman75‬ ‪#‎DCUO‬ and ‪#‎HallsOfPower‬ DLC. Watch it here:

Escapist Podcast : 148: Nana-Nana BATMAN!

This week, the Escapist staff and special guest discuss Batman and DC Universe Online.

<a href=";list=PLMwdHH8o5plTuusOXhI8lp8V47dAXY3Ov" target="_blank" class="new_win">;list=PLMwdHH8o5plTuusOXhI8lp8V47dAXY3Ov</a>
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
Official Trailer! NEW DLC Halls of Power Part I Available Now on PS4, PC, and PS3!

 New DLC Pack now available! Halls of Power Part I introduces the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis to DC Universe Online with stunning group content. Watch the trailer and

 DC Universe Online : Halls of Power Part 1 Arrives Today

 Posted Aug 06, 2014

DC Universe Online players will want to check out the game today as the arrival of the latest DLC has come. Called "Halls of Power Part 1", the DLC features five new co-op missions, fourth world villains and heroes, new gear and more.
[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]
  • Halls of Power Part I includes five all-new cooperative multiplayer adventures: two 8-player Raids, one 8-player Operation, one 4-player Alert and one 4-player Operation.
  • Six new Skill Points are now available to earn, and players have access to a range of new Collections, Feats, gear, and Base items in Halls of Power Part I.
  • For the first time in DCUO, players can play with or against the iconic villains and heroes from the Fourth World, including Kalibak, Mantis, Mister Miracle and Big Barda.
  • Apokolips, New Genesis and League Halls serve as the backdrop for the content in Halls of Power Part I.
  • New Styles and gear, such as Mister Miracle's Cape, Kalibak's Vest and Sash, and an Old God Helmet, are now available.
Find out more about the Halls of Power Part 1 on the DC Universe Online site.
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Good Evening every one. I have 3 things for tonight
source: DC Universe™ Online youtube channel&
An article:
Modern Batman Legends Skin Revealed!

And here's the video for it
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
Friday Night Legends: Episode 58! Modern Batman Revealed!
 DC Universe™ Online 253 views 3 hours ago

And lastly another article
Slim Auras Are Back, and Now Available in the Marketplace!
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Hello and good morning to you all, I have a few up dates for you all

Next on PC Test GU40

DCUO Game Update 40 Overview

 DC Universe Online : So Much Stuff Coming!

 Posted Aug 15, 2014

 So, if you play DC Universe, we learned this week that it's likely you're playing on the PS4. The recent launch of DCUO on the PS4 has been hugely successful for SOE, with 54% of the DCUO players now playing on the new console. Jens Andersen gave us the skinny on all things DCUO at this week's SOE Live. Read on to find out what's coming next!
 Read more of Bill Murphy's DC Universe Online: So Much Stuff Coming!

 So, if you play DC Universe, we learned this week that it's likely you're playing on the PS4. The recent launch of DCUO on the PS4 has been hugely successful for SOE, with 54% of the DCUO players now playing on the new console. Jens Andersen gave us the skinny on all things DCUO at this week's SOE Live. Needless to say, it's a LOT.

First Jens went over all the stuff they've added to the game since SOE Live 2013: Loot Changes to lessen RNG, Feat Unlocking Account Wide, Weapon Mastery to give non-clippers a way to compete, Armories, Amenities for your Armories, Teleporters, League Halls, and all the DLC content as well. So it's been a bit of a busy year for the team. But it's about to get a whole lot busier.

<a href=";list=UU-GTQ8QGSKQwGxmAzF5jaLw" target="_blank" class="new_win">;list=UU-GTQ8QGSKQwGxmAzF5jaLw</a>
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
DC Universe Online - SOE Live 2014 Updates
  • 18 hours ago


Something controversial in the upcoming year is that the DLC is going to be split, no longer whole $9.99 chunks that you have to wait for. Instead, as pieces are finished, SOE will be able to release them into the wild instead of waiting on just one piece that wasn't ready. With that, while pricing is still in flux, that doesn't mean you'll pay $9.99 multiple times over for more pieces. Things will be prorated so you can buy just the pieces you want, say the new Legend character, or the new power, or the new story. But, as always, subscribers will get all of the DLC with their subscription at no extra cost.

Here's some of what's coming soon as a taste:
A Complete PVP Revamp with tuning in Arenas to make Time to Kill a lot less boring. They're working on Stat Banding to make things more competitive, and adding new Gear as well with each of the new DLCs. In terms of Legends PVP, there are 8 new heroes coming: Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern, Kyle Rayner as a Blue Lantern, Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Flash, Shazam, Black Adam, and yes... Gorilla Grodd.
And for fans of the Legends mode of playing, but perhaps not happy going into PVP to do it, there will be more Legends PVE coming. The devs will put out themed scenarios where perhaps you'll take the Batman characters and go into an existing dungeon to try and take it down with Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing. Or maybe there will be a themed scenario where you have to go into a dungeon and complete it with Superman and Lex fighting together. That sort of thing.

But wait, there's more! War of the Light, Amazon Fury, and Halls of Power are all moving onto Part 2 of their respective trilogies. I don't want to spoil too much, but Star Sapphire will be popping up in War of the Light, Brainiac is making a return in Amazon Fury (as well as Hades and Ares), and Orion is coming down the road with Halls of Power.
In terms of new powers? The best part of the game, if you ask me? Get ready, because there are three more powers and a brand new movement power variant based on Flight coming soon. Skimming, like Mr. Miracle is coming. As a variant to flight, Skimming will have the same movement, but way different animations. And that includes combat. It'll be available via the Station Store.
First up on the new power sets is Munitions. Based on Sergeant Rock, Munitions is a Tank and Damage power set, based on explosions, guns, and more explosions. The second is Atomic, a healer/damage power set, based on regen, and radiation mechanics that Jens couldn't talk too much about just yet. And the third new power is Experimental Serums, a tank/damage set based on Banes. Yes, Juicing is coming to DCUO.

Lastly, as everyone will be happy to hear, a complete UI overhaul is coming soon. No set date yet, but everything across all platforms is getting redone. And yes, they are focusing on PC usability in this regard as well. The ultimate goal is to make it a UI that's far more flexible, useful across all platforms, and less memory hogging. We didn't really see any visuals for this, but Jens said we should be hearing more about it soon.
Be sure to check out our interview with SJ Meuller to learn more about the future of DC Universe Online.

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and lastly this DC Universe Online: SOE Live Keynote 2014 videos
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Evening every one I have another update for you all and it'll be short & Masively
two articles

DC Universe Online: SOE Live Keynote 2014 videos

with a segway article

DCUO Playstation Legends 3 Month Game Pass

which leads to what was stated with the video From up top. here it is and article on.
SOE Live 2014: DCUO's Legends PvE and a la carte DLC


  (15 minutes ago)
 Super-hero, Interviews, PvE, Free-to-Play, Events (Massively's Coverage), DC Universe Online
A superhero game deserves a super announcement at SOE Live, and DC Universe Online delivered. Creative Director Jens Andersen and Assistant Creative Director SJ Mueller shared details about many upcoming updates, from the second installments of the various trilogy story arcs to new movements and powers to a whole new way to purchase the DLC themselves. Oh, and we can't forget one of the biggest announcements: Legends play is coming to PvE! Continue Reading

And two last entry's

Start Off Right With The Playstation Plus Starter Pack

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

DCUO Keynote Q & A Session

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Hello everyone I just saw this on their face book pae ad thought I'd put it up for you all .

source: DCUO's Face Book page & ,also YouTube& Massively

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

6 hrs ·

Did you miss the new power news from the ‪#‎SOELive‬ DCUO keynote? Watch the entire thing right here! [Hats]

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

DCUO Keynote from SOE Live 2014!

Find out what's next for DC Universe Online with this replay of the keynote address from SOE Live 2014! Register and play for free now athttp://www.dcuniver.




DCUO Why I Play Panel

DC Universe Online: SOE Live Keynote 2014 videos

SOE Live 2014 DC Universe Online Panels

Ninja Stream: Legends Guy Gardner Reveal!

SOE Live 2014 Keynote and Recap!

Star Sapphire Gear Sneak Peak!

 Guy Gardner & Kyle Rayner Gameplay

 Game Update 40 - September 2, 2014

TLC for Gadgets!

Game Update 40 Launches!

Game Update 40 is now available for all players. This update brings Gadget's advanced damage mechanic, the ability to customize your Weapon Mastery combos, and more. Read on for highlights, or click here for full update notes!

Gadgets Power Revisions!
With Game Update 40, we have made improvements to Gadgets! The Gadgets power set now has new damage mechanic improvements that ensures Gadgets has the same damage potential as Weapon Mastery, combo powers (Light/Celestial/Rage), DoT Powers (Nature/Electricity), channel and cast powers (Fire), and Pet powers (Sorcery/Earth). Gadgets users can now use a number of new mechanics centered around "Advanced Interactions" to cause superior damage output.

Weapon Mastery Style Selection!
Players may now select appearance styles for Weapon Mastery combo weapons! Players have always been able to choose the appearance of their primary weapon through the Style UI. With this new feature, players will also be able to choose the appearance of their Weapon Mastery combo weapons through the Style UI. When the player accesses the Style UI with a primary weapon equipped for which they have unlocked Weapon Mastery, he or she will see two additional appearance categories in the list for the two related combo weapon types.

Rare Style Vendor Update!
We have added new items (existing styles) to the Rare Style Vendor. All of these items will cost 70 Marks of Fury. The Rare Style Vendor, Vending Unit 22, is located in the player's Headquarters.

New Mainframe Boost!
There is a new Boost column to the Base Mainframe. This means new upgrades to all of our Sidekicks, Back-Up, Orbital Strikes, Supply Drops, and Tactical Mods at a price of 15,625 Marks of Triumph.

 DCUO sells base item packs
(31 minutes ago)
 Super-hero, Economy, Free-to-Play, DC Universe Online, Promotions, Housing
If you're the type of person who would rather hop on the express lane to interior decorating in a superhero setting, then DC Universe Online is rolling out the welcome mat for you. The MMO is now selling theme base item packs in its marketplace.

These packs all contain housing items that can be obtained in the game, so it's a trade-off between spending time and effort to get them or to pay for the privilege of snatching them up all at once. Two of the item packs revealed are the Dynasty Starter and Greek Statues collections.

[Thanks to Demonxaphan for the tip!]

Sneak peek of Nightwing Inspired Gear!


In Fearful Day, In Raging Night... Kyle Rayner Blasts Into Legends!

Game Update 41 on Test

Upcoming changes to PvP.
Anyone still playing DCUO?
Survival Mode Preview: Trigon's Prison

SOE previews new DCUO UI
(8 hours ago)
 Super-hero, Video, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, News Items, DC Universe Online


<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
DC Universe Online is getting a UI makeover, and SOE has released a new nine-minute video that serves as a sneak preview of what you can expect from the superhero MMO in the near future.

For starters, there's a new PDA featuring transparent layers that allow players to observe game action while managing their stuff. SOE says that it also achieved a "more consistent and better organized" menu flow as well as improved performance. Click past the cut to see if you agree.
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DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page


18 hrs ·
Game Update 41 launches tomorrow, featuring PvP Season 3, Survival Mode: Trigon's Prison, and the Halloween event! 6 hours of downtime begins at 5:30AM PDT. [Mepps]
Learn More:

Server Downtime - October 7, 2014 - Game Update 41! | DC Universe Online Forums

All servers will be taken offline Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at 5:30AM PDT, to launch Game Update 41! Downtime is expected to last about 6 hours. Update...

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page

18 mins ·
Tap into your inner rage with Guy Gardner, NOW AVAILABLE for Members in Legends, and purchase in the Marketplace! [Hats]

Guy Gardner Brings His Rage to Legends! | DC Universe Online Forums

New Legends Character: Guy Gardner! Guy Gardner is now available in-game...

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Hello & Afternoon everyone Here's the most recent updates like Green Arrow being playable for this Game& it's Halloween time.


 Halloween Sale! Plus, The Witching Hour Is Back For 2014!


Announcing War of the Light Part II!

Letter from the Creative Director: War of the Light Part II!

War of the Light Part II Preview


 DC Universe Online : The Green Arrow Enters Legends PvP

 Posted Oct 23, 2014

 For the first time ever, DC Universe Online players can take along the legendary Green Arrow when engaging in Legends PvP. According to the team, The Green Arrow is a crafty and agile warrior that should enhance any player's Legends experience.

New Legends Character: Green Arrow!
 Green Arrow will be available at 4PM PDT today in-game and in the Marketplace for Legends! Now you can find out what it is like to walk in Oliver Queen's shoes as you take up the hood and bow. Green Arrow is a master archer, and the first bow-user to enter Legends. Utilizing trick arrows and acrobatics, Green Arrow has a solution for any problem.
Read more on the DC Universe Online site.
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Also here's the showcase in this article via twitch

 DC Universe adds Green Arrow to Legends PvP

(3 minutes ago)
 Super-hero, Video, Classes, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, DC Universe Online
has plucked Oliver Queen from the mean streets of Star City and plunked him down in DC Universe Online's Legends PvP mode. That's right, you can now fight as Green Arrow and if you're keeping score at home, this release marks the first time a bow user has been made available for Legends play.

You can see Green Arrow in action via a recent SOE livestream that we've embedded past the cut.

[Source: SOE press release]
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Morning everyone have some updates on upcoming stuff to the game via these articles


Game Update 42

Skimming! Dash across the skies and deal punishment from above Continue reading

Take To The Skies In A Whole New Way With Skimming!
New Movement Mode Variant: Skimming! Dash across the skies with the new
Continue reading

Announcing Legends PvE! Continue reading

Hello DCUO community! It’s great to finally talk to you Legends PVE
Continue reading

Touring DCUO's War of Light Part II before next week's release

(20 hours ago)
 Super-hero, Interviews, Patches, Free-to-Play, DC Universe Online
The DC universe is a big one, and DC Universe Online has multiple storylines involving various heroes and villains playing out through its DLC trilogies. So far, however, only the first part of each trilogy has been available to play. But that's all about to change! Starting next week, players finally get to sink their teeth into the continuation of one when the second part of War of Light, which premiered earlier this year, finally releases. Members will be granted early access to War of Light Part II on November 11th while everyone else gets the DLC on the 18th (with the exception of European players who will get it on the 19th). But thanks to a tour with Creative Director Jens Andersen and Assistant Creative Director SJ Mueller, we didn't have to wait until next week to see what's in store.
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Hello everyone  here are the most recent updates , Massively

Console popularity powers DC Universe Online past 18M registered players

                                      (1 day ago)                 
 Super-hero, MMO Industry, Free-to-Play, Consoles, DC Universe Online

 Eighteen million sets of eyeballs on your MMO is no number to dismiss, and SOE is definitely glad that DC Universe Online is the subject of so much attention. The studio said yesterday that more than 18M players have registered with DCUO since its inception.

The real reason behind DCUO's phenomenal growth is thanks to the reception it's been getting on the PlayStation 3 and 4, as over three-fourths of the game's playerbase is on consoles. SOE President John Smedley said that 40% of new registered users are on the PlayStation 4 these days, and they have created almost 3M superheroes to date.

Even more interesting, it seems as though console players are willing to spend more on this free-to-play title than their PC counterparts. Smedley said that PlayStation sales per capita accounted for 3.5 times more than PC sales.

Game Update 43 Patch Notes

Patch notes highlight!
Legends PvE Events

Now players will finally be able to do more than just PvP as their favorite DC characters in DC Universe Online! Players can test their skills by creating unique teams of iconic Legends characters and taking on some of the most exciting instances in the game!

Legends PvE is made up of a series of ongoing events. Each month or so, we will have a new Legends PvE instance to play through in the Events tab of the On Duty menu. Players can queue up for the instance with any legends character they already have unlocked, unless they are restricted because they appear in the content.

We’ll also be running promos for certain legends characters during the events, which means, some of them may be temporarily available for players to try out – and this includes Legends PvP too!

The first event will feature the South Gotham Courthouse Alert. As we make more content for the game we will convert them into Legends PvE events as well, so look forward to seeing all your favorite alerts to make an appearance!

Players will be rewarded with Marks of Legend for defeating all the bosses and completing the instance – each boss will drop at least one Mark. Players will also be able to earn feat points by completing the achievements in the event itself. There are feats specific to each event, as well as general feats.

Role Optional buffs will be in effect for these events. They will function as they do in regular alerts, which require 3 out of four people to be in proximity with each other in order to take effect. Since Legends characters do not have roles, all four buffs will be granted when they activate. So stay together and learn how to use these helpful buffs to survive the challenges in each event.

Here’s the best news of all:

All of our existing Marketplace Legends characters will become un-lockable by Members in-game for Marks of Legend.

Members will now have the option whether to purchase these Legends on the Marketplace (claimable on all characters) or to unlock them with Marks of Legends (per character). This is a terrific addition to our already great package of member benefits. We’re very excited to see even more Circes, Wonder Women, Hal Jordans, Sinestros, etc running around in both Legends PvE and PvP. So, enjoy!

Look for Legends: PvE South Gotham Courthouse under the Events tab in the On Duty menu!

 DC Universe Online : GU 43 Live Stream Preview

 Posted Dec 10, 2014

 DC Universe Online has been pumping out large and fun updates for a long time now, and that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. The Legends PvP mode has been really popular among players – who wouldn’t want to play as the big, famous, iconic heroes and villains they know after all? By using that as the starting point, the latest update, GU 43, is aimed at expanding the Legends gameplay to include PvE.
 Read more of David Jagneaux's DC Universe Online: GU 43 Live Stream Preview.
I was lucky enough to end a small press-only live stream showing off not only GU 43 and its features, but Legends PvE in action, as well as Deathstroke, the brand new Legends character that will be playable in both PvE and PvP legends modes. The live stream lasted about an hour and was ran by DCUO’s Senior Creative Director Jeans Anderson and Executive Producer Larry Liberty. it was a great preview for all that’s coming up soon.

Legends PvE Mode
The first thing they showed us was how the new Legends PvE mode will work. The team opened up the game with Deathstroke and explained that fans had been asking for a way to use Legends players in non PvP environments. As a gamer that prefers PvE personally, I can understand the frustration if, as a huge Batman fan for example, the only way I could actually play as the Caped Crusader is if I fought in a PvP Legends mode. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities for gameplay and adds even more diversity to an already extremely detailed and varied game.
Another one of the tenants of the Legends system that the team is trying to promote, as Liberty explained, is letting players “pick the Legends they want to play, rather than be forced.” All too often in other similar games, or certain parts of the storyline like the Iconic Visions and Origin storylines, it would force you into playing as a specific character, but that defeated a lot of the purpose. By being able to choose from a whole list of Legends characters, a lot of which can be earned through in-game currency, it opens up the mode tremendously.

Content will be on a 4-5 week, or roughly 1 month, rotation cycle. The first Legends PvE adventure will be a bit of a rehash with the “South Gotham Courthouse” but new events are expected to make their way into the rotation as early as Q1 2015. Free players will start out with access to either Robin as a hero, or Harley as a Villain. However, “Mark of Legends” currency can be used to purchase new Legends for use in either PvP or PvE.
And, it’s the same currency in both modes, so you don’t have to worry about earning marks in two different halves of the game (looking at you, Destiny). It shouldn’t really take too long to get new characters if you play relatively regularly, since you get about 5 marks per run and new characters can cost anywhere from 30-100 marks each. But you won’t be stuck playing as the same characters if you only want to try it out every now and then, because there will be special promotional opportunities as well – but there won’t be a ton to pick from, just enough to add variety.

Deathstroke Preview
After walking through the new Legends PvE mode, the team showed off what Deathstroke can do. Since DCUO is a class-based game with characters based entirely on their primary weapon, they had to get a little creative with how they portrayed Deathstroke’s versatility with different weapons. Instead of having the player swap between different weapons to use skills, Deathstroke is designed as a one-handed sword fighter with an acrobatic movement style. From there, he has different powers that activate and are animated to show other weapons and abilities.
For example, his basic attacks are with his one-handed sword. He also has an ability called Onslaught, which is a big leaping slash attack with his sword. But he also has a concussive grenade ability, as well as a Sniper Shot long-range attack that does bonus damage, and possibly even outright kill, enemies at below 35% health. His versatility and speed make him a very nice addition to the quickly growing roster of legends characters.

One of the other big focuses that they showed off for Legends PvE are the different types of feats and achievements that you can unlock. These give you special recognition and awards for fulfilling different types of team-ups (such as Batman & Robin or Joker & Harley Quinn) as you play through Legends PvE areas.
GU 43 Features
The updates with GU 43 don’t stop there, though. There will be a good deal of updates in other areas of the game as well, such as the normal balance tweaks and adjustments, updates to different skills and abilities, new loot drops, and more. Some new league bases, like The Trench, which is underwater themed, will make a debut as well.

One of the better updates is the change to arena reward rules. No longer can players simply login, stand at the entrance, and have the rest of the team carry them and get the same rewards. Now, it will require you to actually participate before you can qualify for some of the rewards. Sounds like a good change to me – pulling along others while you actually work to get through content is incredibly frustrating.
Final Thoughts
Overall, for just a free content update, GU 43 has a pretty great range of new content for players. Being forced to play in PvP just to try out the Legends mode to play as your favorite iconic hero or villain was unfortunate and didn’t apply to all players. The other minor updates from GU 43 aren’t as flashy as a new game mode or a new character, but they will go towards helping to make the game better overall.
 Article By: David Jagneaux
 Created On: December 10, 2014
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Also with
 Experiencing Legends PvE with the DC Universe Online devs

  (6 hours ago)
Super-hero, Game Mechanics, Interviews, Patches, PvP, PvE, Free-to-Play, DC Universe Online

 DC Universe Online fans who've long wanted Legends PvE learned at SOE Live that the feature was finally on its way to the game. And now patience is about to pay off! Legends PvE is launching with GU43, along with plenty of other goodies like new underwater bases and a new legends character. There's even something for the PvPers: revamped arena award rules. Executive Producer Larry Liberty and Creative Director Jens Andersen recently led a media tour of this upcoming content, showcasing Deathstroke in all his Legends glory along with sharing a few other tidbits of news (like the release window for Amazon Fury Part II). As Liberty put it, "Game Update 43 wound up becoming quite a bit bigger than we initially anticipated." Continue Reading




                                                                                                                                                 DC Universe Online : Play as Batman, The Joker or Superman

                                                                                                  Posted Dec 11, 2014

                                                                                                                                            Thanks to the addition of the new "Legends PVE" game mode, DC Universe Online's users can now play as one of several iconic characters in several of the game's group instances. Prior to this time, players could only take on the persona of these characters during Legends PvP.

Highlights and additional details of the DCUO update (Game Update 43) can be found below.
Legends PvE Mode: Play with any unlocked Legends character in some of the game’s most famous instances. New Legends PvE instances will be gradually released, starting with the South Gotham Courthouse alert.

New League Hall Environment: Undersea – Featuring a unique look and two new terrains (Trench and Reef), players can create or relocate their League Hall to this new area.
Updated Combat HUD: Equipped Combat Rating will now be displayed for players level 30 or higher where the level of the player was once visible.

Season’s Greedings!: A special holiday event marks the return of Larfleeze as he looks to satisfy his insatiable greed; players must find and recover stolen gifts across Metropolis and Gotham City before it’s too late!

Read more on the DC Universe Online site.
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 Happy Holidays, Members! Log In For Your Special Gift!

 12 Days of Deals in the DCUO Holiday Sale!


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Morning everyone  here are  some up dates that came during this week.

Get Ready For The DCUO Name Reclaim 2015!



Announcing Amazon Fury Part II!

DC Universe Online players have a lot to look forward to early in 2015 with the release of the game's thirteenth DLC, Amazon Fury Part II. The new DLC will continue the storyline started in part one and will see players heading off to the Underworld when Ares and Hades arrive on scene.
Ares the God of War, Hades the God of the Underworld, Cerberus and more from the mythologies make their debut appearance in DC Universe Online.
Amazon Fury Part II features a variety of single and multiplayer adventures, including:
Three eight-player raids - Labyrinth of Lost Souls, Halls of Hades & Throne of the Dead
An Elite version of Throne of the Dead will be available to players that want an additional challenge
Two four-player operations - Return to the Nexus & Act of Defiance
One single-player mission - Heroes and Villains will be tasked with an important single-player mission in the open-world, Gotham Under Siege version of Gotham City
The DLC includes new player rewards, such as themed base items, feats & collections, more skill points and new player gear.

Amazon Fury Part II - Letter from Spytle!

Creative director Jens Andersen offers further details in the latest producer's letter.

In Amazon Fury Part II, we see the next chapter in this story that is deeply tied to the events in Battle for Earth and Origin Crisis. Now, we realize there is a connection between the Greek Underworld and even Olympus itself. So much is at stake, and it will all rest on the shoulders of the players to help their iconic ally achieve victory. Will the Amazon Civil War rage on in the streets of Gotham City? Will Brainiac finally take control of the Nexus of Reality? Will we learn why Hippolyta is so hell bent on invading Gotham City? The answer to all of these is…YES!


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Hello Everyone & morning to you today there's some more details on amazon fury PVP an article from a video preview of the hall's of Hades


Preview: Amazon Fury Part II!

 New Legends PvE Event: League of Assassins Stronghold!

 DC Universe Online : Four Years and Going Strong

 Posted Jan 16, 2015

 Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online launched with a simple premise: allow players to create their own superheroes, with unique power sets, and romp around in iconic locations and alongside beloved characters from the DC universe. Four years later, it’s still building on its solid launch, having already released twelve official updates and with much more on the way. DCUO has seen additions to skills and content, feature updates, bug fixes, new stories, and a bunch more. In celebration of its fourth anniversary this week, we’re taking a look at how far the game has come with each of its updates, and where it’s headed next!
 Read more of Som Pourfarzaneh's DC Universe Online: Four Years & Counting.

Fight for the Light
What better way to kick off DCUO’s update schedule than with the Lantern Corps? Fight for the Light lets players get embroiled in a brewing conflict between the Green Lantern, Sinestro Corps, and Braniac, while adding the Coast City Alert & Duo and Sciencells Prison, along with the seventh power set, Light.

Lightning Strikes
The second DLC pack for DCUO, Lightning Strikes, is centered around The Flash, adding the eight power set, Electricity. It also introduces the scarlet speedster’s stomping grounds, Central City, with the Flashback Duo and a bunch of electricity-inspired gear.

The Battle for Earth
Earth is pretty cool, and the titular Battle for Earth DLC allows you to fight for it by taking the battle to Braniac’s minions in Themyscira, South Gotham, and elsewhere. A new Alert, two Duos, and two Raids are on the ticket for this update, with the ninth power set of Earth to boot.

The Last Laugh
Heroes and Villains go head-to-head in The Last Laugh, pitting players against each other in Safe House Battles and introducing new characters like Kilowog, Power Girl, and Bizarro to Legends PvP. It also brings in the likes of Mark Hamill, Adam Baldwin, and Arleen Sorkin to voice The Joker, Superman, and Harley Quinn, respectively, and adds a new weapon: the Shield.

Hand of Fate
Doctor Fate and Felix Faust take center stage in Hand of Fate, getting players to take on episodic Operations. Hand of Fate also brings to the table new Side Missions, Utility Belt Attachments, and new Legends PvP Characters, including the marquis characters Doctor Fate and Felix Faust themselves.

Home Turf
Home Turf answers the requests for player housing, giving everyone the opportunity to create their own Lairs or Hideouts, along with new Mainframe combat abilities. It also adds new high-level solo missions at the four locations of Stryker’s Island, Arkham Asylum, Steelworks, and Ace Chemicals.

Origin Crisis
What’s a comic book narrative without some sort of wrench in the space/time continuum? Origin Crisis introduces a whole slew of time-and-space-based content, including two new Raids, four new Operations, two new solo Iconic Anomalies, Tier 5 PvE gear, and new Feats, Collections, and Trophies. It also allows you to manipulate time and tinker with gravity with the new Quantum power set.

Sons of Trigon
Sons of Trigon drops you into a nightmare Gotham City, where you’ll find the likes of Wonder Woman, Circe, Raven, the Teen Titans, and the Fearsome Five. It adds the new Gotham Wasteland shared zone with daily solo missions, the Mausoleum Alert, three new Duos, new gear, Feats, and Collections, and new Legends PvP characters in the forms of Cheetah and Donna Troy. It also introduces the new Celestial power set, which specializes in healing.

War of the Light Part I
War of the Light Part I returns to the lore of the Lantern Corps and kicks off a trilogy based on everyone’s favorite power rings. You can emulate your favorite Red Lanterns with the new Rage power set and take on new four-player Operations in Downtown Metropolis, Mogo, and Ranx, or a new eight-player Operation in Mogo/Ranx. War of the Light Part I also offers new Lantern-inspired gear, new Feats and Collections, and new Legends PvP characters in Atrocitus and Saint Walker.

Amazon Fury Part I
The first of three DLC packs of its type, Amazon Fury Part I takes place in Themyscira and Gotham Under Siege, following the activities of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Adding a new shared open area, Solo Iconic Visions, a four-player Alert, and two new Duos, Amazon Fury Part I also introduces Amazon Queen Hippolyta to DCUO for the first time.

Halls of Power Part I
Halls of Power Part I focuses on a new storyline involving Apokolips, New Genesis, and League Halls. Offering two new eight-player Raids, a new eight-player Operation, one four-player Alert, and one four-player Operation, the update also adds new Styles, gear, Collections, Feats, Base items, and six new skill points.

War of the Light Part II
Returning to the Lantern storyline from War of the Light Part I, DCUO’s most recent DLC release allows you to travel to Zamaron and Qward, introducing Carol Ferris and the Star Sapphires to the game for the first time. War of the Light Part II also adds a ton of gameplay content, including eight-player Operations, four-player Operations, a four-player Alert and two-player Duo, a single-player Challenge Mode, and open-world solo missions. It also offers new gear and Styles, Collections, Feats, Base items, and six new skill points.

Amazon Fury Part II
The Amazon War continues in DCUO’s upcoming DLC update, which is slated for PC, PS3, and PS4 early this year. It will see the introduction of Ares, Hades, Cerberus, and more to the DCUO cast of characters, and will add three eight-player raids, two four-player Operations, one single-player mission, and new Feats, Collections, Base items, gear, and skill points. Look for the second installment in the Amazon Fury storyline soon!

DC Universe Online is still going strong, and it looks like SOE has a clear plan for more updates and upcoming content for years to come. Have you been playing DCUO since the beginning? Let us know!
 Som Pourfarzaneh / Som is a Staff Writer at and an Associate Director & Lecturer in Media, Anthropology, and Religious Studies. He’s a former Community Manager for Neverwinter, the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, and is unreasonably good at Maze Craze for the Atari 2600. You can

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 More Recently.
 Take a tour of DCUO's Amazon Fury raid with the devs

  (23 hours ago)
 Super-hero, Video, Patches, Previews, Free-to-Play, DC Universe Online, Dungeons

Coming soon to DC Universe Online is the Amazon Fury Part II DLC, because Amazons are not known to be timid, quiet souls. All about the fury, they are. Anyway, part of this upcoming patch is the new Halls of Hades raid, and the devs are inviting you to go along with them on a tour of this intimidating experience.

 <a href=";x-yt-cl=84503534&amp;x-yt-ts=1421914688" target="_blank" class="new_win">;x-yt-cl=84503534&amp;x-yt-ts=1421914688</a>
We've got a 43-minute video of the Halls of Hades with devs and test center players after the break if you want to get a good feel for what's going to be faceplanting your heroes in the near future.
Continue Reading

Name Reclaim Date Set For January 27, 2015!
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Hello & Good evening everyone here this weeks up dates


 The day has come, cross-server play!

Name Validation And Cross Play


 Members' Early Access to Amazon Fury Part II Starts February 3, 2015!

Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

What does the transition from SOE to Daybreak Game Company mean for you? Well for starters, if you had set aside money and time to attend SOE Live this year, it's time to change those plans.

Community Manager Linda Carlson confirmed on Twitter that the fan convention would be taking some time off due to the corporate transition: "SOE Live will take a hiatus as we focus on our exciting transition and the future of Daybreak Game Company."

Daybreak President John Smedley also posted several follow-ups to the announcement and the ensuing player questions: "1) All our games are still up and will continue to be despite our new name. 2) Yes, we want to bring our games to Xbox One in addition to PS4. 3) Station Cash doesn't change at all (though we will be rebranding it soon here). 4) We're still making Ever Quest
Next . Nothing has changed."
Continue reading

 New Valentine's Day Seasonal Event: Love Conquers All!



 Amazon Fury Part II + Game Update 44!

During a recent live stream event, we had the opportunity to check out some of the fantastic group content that DC Universe Online's thirteenth DLC, Amazon Fury Part II, will bring to players. Senior Creative Director Jens Andersen and Design Director Jesse Benjamin hosted the hour-long event that featured a sneak peek at new raids and operations that are tailor-made for four to eight players.
According to Andersen, Amazon Fury Part II is a much meatier story than was found in the first part as is expected in the middle part of a trilogy. Things that happened in Part I will come to fruition in Part II, most essentially what is wrong with Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, and why she has launched this vicious attack. Act of Defiance, the DLC's new operation, will answer that question but essentially, there is a power play going on among the Pantheon. Ares and Hades are sewing havoc and gather energy from the destruction of the war. Players will journey to the Underworld to track down Hippolyta and to take on Ares and Hades themselves.


Players will be able to take part in three new raids, two alerts, and open world missions. All were created in direct response to player input after the launch of Amazon Fury Part 1, with players wanting more group content.
"And we have delivered in Amazon Fury Part II. We will take our players to amazing places. We will go to South Gotham and other places that haven't been seen in awhile and we will revisit them. We will tell stories backwards and forwards until they meet and merge. Every story in the game is complex, yet related." Andersen said.
Players will also be able to gather costume styles: Two from Circe for Villains and two from Wonder Woman for Heroes.
Of particular note for DCUO's highest level players are the new Halls of Power raids. Once the highest raid has been defeated on 'normal' level, the new Elite version will unlock. According to Andersen, "It's WAAAAAAY harder!" Because of its extreme difficulty, players will be able to earn Elite gear with a 101 combat rating. To be able to actually get it will require players to run the normal version often enough to gear up to the 99 combat rating gear before considering stepping foot in the Halls of Power.


Another great new feature the team is bringing to DCUO is "Big Creature Tech". We saw this in action with a hydra that literally filled the room. We also got a look at Cerberus as he wandered the Labyrinth. Players will need to be especially cautious of the big creatures' multiple attacks in the form of snapping jaws, fireballs, swinging tails, etc. The system will be refined over time and will be brought into DCUO much more in future updates.
Amazon Fury Part II goes live on February 3rd. Learn more on the DC Universe Online site

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Hello & Good evening everyone its bee a while since I last post in this thread Here are updates since and whats current


Amazon Fury Part II + Game Update 44!


Dark Knight Skin For Legends Is Available On The Marketplace.

 DC Universe Online : Amazon Fury Part II Released for All

 Posted Feb 12, 2015

 Daybreak Game Company has announced that the thirteenth DLC for DC Universe Online is now available for all. Amazon Fury Part II picks up where the first episode left off and players are charged with invading the Underworld to take on Hades and Ares. The DLC is squarely focused on cooperative play and includes raids and operations. There is also a single player mission included.
Amazon Fury Part II marks the debut appearance in DC Universe Online of Ares (God of War), Hades (God of the Underworld), Cerberus and more from Greek mythology.

DCUO's 13th DLC features a diverse array of content, introducing both new single and multiplayer adventures:Three Eight-Player Raids - Halls of Hades, Labyrinth of Lost Souls and Throne of the Dead
One Elite Eight-Player Raid - An elite version of Throne of the Dead will be available for players seeking a greater challenge
Two Four-Player Operations - Act of Defiance and Return to the NexusOne Single-Player mission - Heroes and Villains will be tasked with an important single-player mission in the open-world, Gotham Under Siege version of Gotham CityAmazon Fury Part II includes new player rewards, such as themed base items, feats and collections, eight new skill points and new player gear inspired by Wonder Woman and Circe.

Find out more on the DC Universe Online site.

<a href="http://[size=3][/size][size=3]v/ROm9QdpIvIg[/size]" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://[size=3][/size][size=3]v/ROm9QdpIvIg[/size]</a>

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 New Legends PvE Event: Area 51! Plus, Lantern Legends Bundle! Click here for more info!

 DC Universe Online : Raid Disabled Briefly, Player Exploit Shut Down

 Posted Feb 25, 2015

 The DC Universe Online team spent the end of last week addressing an exploit in one of the raids that shipped with Amazon Fury Part II. According to the post on the forums, players who took advantage of the exploit to gain high level items will have the gear removed.

The team will also be exploring achievements earned through the exploit also possibly resulting in their removal from offending players.
 When the exploit was discovered, DCUO devs immediately disabled the raid to quickly address the issue, something that many players posting in the attendant thread are grateful for.
Justice prevails today! thank you Mepps & Devs.
Read the entire thread on the DC Universe Online forum.
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 DC Universe Online : Check Out the New Munitions Power

 Posted Mar 12, 2015

 Daybreak Game Studio is on Twitch right now to show off the new DC Universe Online hero power called "Munitions".

#Munitions is being revealed RIGHT NOW! Tune in live for a look at the new power!
 — DC Universe Online (@DCUO) March 12, 2015

Head to the link above RIGHT NOW to see what Munitions are all about!


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 Munitions Preview! Guts AND Glory Required. Replay can be view here.

 Game Update 46

The Booster Bundle Makes A Radiant Return!

 DC Universe Online : Checking Out the New Munitions Power Set

 Posted Apr 02, 2015

 Yesterday we were able to catch a livestream with the DC Universe Online team at Daybreak Games, focused entirely on the brand new Munitions power set coming to the action MMO in the next couple of weeks. Based around obscure heroes like Sgt. Rock, Munitions is all about the firepower.
 Read more of Bill Murphy's DC Universe Online: Checking Out the New Munitions Power Pack.
A shoutout to Sgt. Rock and the 80s Action Heroes from film, Munitions will have players whipping out bazookas, rocket launchers, mini-nukes, lasers, and all sorts of high tech military weaponry. Munitions will also serve as the game’s latest Controller stance power set, which means it’s also vital for group content as the Controllers focus is on CC and power restoration (basically the equivalent of DCUO’s support classes).

There are two skill trees, Guts and Glory. Guts focuses more on conventional weapons like machine guns, bazookas, and all of the stuff you’d expect to see Sgt. Rock using, while Glory goes more future-tech like ATOM or OMAC. The weapons and tech are not akin to your actual “weapon” choice though, so you’ll still be able to use shield, rifle, staff, etc as your actual weapon.
But what really makes Munitions a different beast is its mobility. Most DCUO powers lock the player’s movement when going through the animations. Munitions players will be the game’s most agile power users, as almost every power can be used while moving. Running and gunning is the name of the game, and when combined with the new Rocket Jump power, we’re expecting Munitions to be really powerful and useful in PVP situations too.
There’s also a mechanic with Munitions called Bullet Frenzy. As you keep rolling out your powers ones after the other, you stack Bullet Frenzy for increased damage output or power regeneration if you’re in controller stance. There are a couple of interesting ultimate powers like The Biggun: a giant laser which pretty much decimates everything in its path or the Mini-Nuke… which is exactly as it sounds.

Now, unlike previous DLC packages, Munitions will be sold separately in the store. As a part of the game’s new “put content out when we have it” philosophy, the power set will be a one-time purchase for accounts, at a cheaper cost than the usual $10 DLC pack. In fact Creative Director Jens Andersen reminded us that from here on out, powers, weapons, movement modes, Legends characters, and the more traditional content packs will all be released as a la carte items. Legendary Members (subscribers) will notice no difference in access, but this way free players can pick and choose what pieces of content they want. Only have $5 and want the new power? Fair enough. Just want a new weapon, but don’t need or want all the other stuff? Go for it.
Munitions is looking sharp, and actually has me itching to dust off my PC or PS4 account when it launches in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to for more info as it becomes available.
 William Murphy / Bill is the Managing Editor of,, and lover of all things gaming. He's been playing and writing about MMOs and geekery since 2002. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling.
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« Reply #27 on: April 12, 01:35 AM »
Hello & Good Morning everyone this is what been put up this week more detail on Munitions new details on legends & more .


 DC Universe Online : New Munitions Power to Unlock Tomorrow

 Posted Apr 06, 2015

Daybreak Game Studio has announced that the DC Universe Online Munitions Power update will officially launch into the game on Tuesday, April 7th. Members will receive the update for free, while non-members will be able check out the Marketplace.
 Check out the video below for a peek at Munitions Power.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
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 DC Universe Online : Munitions Power Set Now Live

 Posted Apr 07, 2015

 The DC Universe Online team has announced the release of the Munitions Power Set, the first power set to be sent out into the game in over a year. Players can now get hold of big guns and big explosives to make big BOOMS!

Munitions is an extremely fun power to play as well. It is highly mobile — probably one of the most mobile powers in the game to date — which translates to an always moving, always aware run-and-gun style of play. You’re free to move around while you lay down massive barrages of fire. Look for the Rocket Jump abilities, which add a new dimension to DCUO gameplay by allowing you to attack and reposition yourself with tremendous speed and agility.Read more on the special article on the DC Universe Online blog on the PlayStation site.
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 New for Legends: SHAZAM!



 What's Next For DCUO: New Plans For Future Episodes


 Halls of Power Part II Preview Replay

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

 DC Universe Online : Orion, Lightray and More to Join the Battle

 Posted Apr 10, 2015

 Daybreak Game Company has good news for DC Universe Online players in the form of a new DLC, the game's fourteenth, to be deployed later this Spring. The DLC, called Halls of Power Part II, will take players to New Genesis and will come complete with new missions, operations, raids and rewards for both heroes and villains.
 Orion, Lightray, Steppenwolf, Granny Goodness and three female Furies, Lashina, Stompa and Mad Harriet will all join in the battle. Darkseid is looking to the Celestial City for more Old God artifacts and Granny Goodness is bringing the planet's greatest heroes and villains to battle the Apokoliptian forces.
New single and multiplayer adventures in Halls of Power Part II include:

Daily Solo Bounty Missions on New Genesis - Players will be tasked with destroying or repairing Apokoliptian cannons and fighting Dreggs, Bugs and Parademons.

New Duos - Players will have access to two new Duo Missions, "Necropolis: Resource Recovery," featuring Mister Miracle and Mantis, and "League Hall: Malfunction," where players will take on Orion or Mad Harriet.

Four-Player Operation - In "Fatal Exams," players must escape Granny Goodness' brainwashing orphanage on Apokolips.
Eight-Player Operation - Players must fight to reach a special teleporter to either stop Steppenwolf or defeat Lightray in "New Genesis Now."

Eight-Player Raid - "Happiness Home" requires players to help Oracle and Calculator save Superman or Black Adam from Granny Goodness.

Episode 14 also includes new player rewards such as New Gods- and New Genesis-inspired Base Items, Feats and Collections, and new high level gear inspired by Mister Miracle and Big Barda (Heroes), and Kalibak and Steppenwolf (Villains).
Review Halls of Power Part I on the
DC Universe Online site to get ready for the second part.

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Hello & Good Morning everyone  it's been a very long time since I last posted here. Here's what's going down
source:,Twitter& forums

 DC Universe Online : Halls of Power Part 2 Released

 Posted May 19, 2015

 The latest DC Universe Online DLC has officially hit live service.
Halls of Power Part 2 brings Orion, Lightray, Steppenwolf, Granny Goodness and the Female Furies Lashina, Stompa and Mad Harriet into the game for the first time along with new daily solo missions, two new duos, new 4- and 8-player operations and a new 8-player raid.
 You can find out more about Halls of Power Part II on the DC Universe Online site.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

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 DC Universe Online : The Flash Turns 75, Memorialized in Game

 Posted Jul 10, 2015

 DC Universe Online and Daybreak Game Studio have released a new video to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Flash.
Check out the video and leave us your memories of The Flash.


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 DC Universe Online : The Bombshells Are Coming!

 Posted Jul 15, 2015

 DC Universe Online continues to be one of Daybreak Games’ most successful titles, with a host of players specifically on the PS3 and PS4 versions. Later this summer, Episode 15 is bringing one of the comics’ new favorites, The Bombshells, into the game with “The Bombshells Paradox”. Read on for more details.
 Read more of Bill Murphy's DC Universe Online: The Bombshells are Coming.
And in Episode 16, also due this summer (August to be exact for both episodes), the focus shifts to the Black Lanterns with Corrupted Zamaron. Read on for more details.

For the uninitiated, The Bombshells is a new series to the DC Comics print that focuses entirely on an alternate universe for the DC heroines. The style is akin to the 1950s pinups, and takes place in an alternate universe timeline of World War 2. How do the Bombshells end up in DCUO? Time travel and universe hopping of course! Bombshell Talia al Ghul creates a tear in reality and players must work with the Bombshells to stop The Lady al Ghul and set the universe back on its correct path.

Bombshell versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, and Talia al Ghul all feature prominently in the cast of characters for this episode, a first for the game and also serves as the first videogame appearance of the Bombshells anywhere. Jens Andersen told us that they’ve come closer and closer with DC Comics so that we can expect lots of more timely cooperation with the comics division so that the game and the print media align better moving forward. The Bombshells are just the beginning.
Aside from marking the beginning of the League of Assassins narrative in DCUO, Episode 15 also brings a new environment – a Russian Gulag turned secret munitions factory. There’s also a whole new eight-person Operation with the episode, which is where players fight back against Talia and correct time and space.
Episode 16, also due in August, brings out the Black Lanterns. Featuring a brand new Duo instance, Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe (see Wikipedia for info), players will help Carol Ferris defend Zamaron from the Black Lanterns and will purge their corruption from the Central Power Battery. This will be the first appearance of the Black Lanterns and the Indigo Tribe, as well as an appearance of the Corrupted Hawkgirl from the comics. Episode 16 is a continuation of the War of the Light storyline, which began years ago in DCUO’s earlier DLC.

Of course, Legendary members will get the episodes for free, while free players will be able to buy them a la carte. This is part of DCUO’s new initiative of piece-mealing out the DLC as opposed to holding them all back for big $10 packages. Want a power, but don’t care or need the new story missions? That’s why they’re breaking them into chunks. New missions and story-based stuff will come in Episodes, while powers, weapons, and costumes and the like will come separately. All for reduced prices from the original $10 packages players were used to.
Stay tuned to for more details when Episode 15 and 16 land on all systems this August.
                                                                                                                                               William Murphy / Bill is the Managing Editor of,, and lover of all things gaming. He's been playing and writing about MMOs and geekery since 2002. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling.                             
                                                                                                                          Article By: William Murphy

                            Created On: July 15, 2015                                 
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 DC Universe Online : First Episode 16 Details Uncovered

 Posted Aug 13, 2015

 The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a new letter from Jens Andersen that reveals the first features from next month's latest DLC, Episode 16. Players can look forward to a new solo mission called Oa Under Siege, a new four player Alert and Elite Alert called Desecrated Cathedral, new gear and more. Andersen promises more information will be revealed soon, some live stream events to see the new content and more prior to the September release of Episode 16.

Oa Under Siege (Solo Mission)
 The War of the Light continues, and Black Lanterns are now appearing on Oa. Ion will be corrupted, and in order to save Ion and Hal Jordan, a new member of the Indigo Tribe will emerge. Munk, Indigo-1’s second in command, will make his debut in DCUO. This mission is very fun and will take players from the Metropolis Battlezone to Oa as Black Lanterns make their way to Earth.
Read the full letter on the DC Universe Online site.

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DC Universe Online’s GU52 is live

 September 16, 2015 Leave a comment

Game Update 52 went live in DC Universe Online earlier today, according to the superhero MMO’s Twitter feed. Patch notes for the drop were published earlier this week, and they highlight a new progress point display, interaction cam skipping, the new Watchtower Containment Facility for Legends PvE, and a few other tweaks.
 Daybreak is also giving away a “special 52” gift in the form of a multiverse orrery base item.Read more


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hello Every one it's been a while since I last posted here.  to celebrate super girls tv show DCUO has done this

Source: Official Site

Supergirl gets an updated look in DC Universe Online

 October 23, 2015  18 Comments

 October 26th is the premiere date for the new Supergirl television series on CBS. That’s good news for fans of Kara Zor-El, definitely, but what about her fans in DC Universe Online? Unlike other games, this renewed focus on the character can’t just be added into the game via an unlockable skin… or can it?
 Apparently it totally can. All of Supergirl’s appearances in the core game have been replaced with her new look for a limited time, and members can unlock her new appearance permanently for use in Legend content with 100 Marks of Legend. If you’re particularly fond of Supergirl and were hoping to see her new duds in the game proper, your hope has been answered.Read more

Also with

 DC Universe Online : CBS' Supergirl Coming to DCUO on all Platforms

 Posted Oct 22, 2015

 To help mark the impending premiere of CBS' Supergirl TV show, Daybreak Games is bringing the new TV-ified version iconic cousin of Clark Kent into the game.
It's not that Supergirl hasn't been around in DCUO since launch, only now DC, CBS, and Daybreak are working together to make sure the game's version of Kara Zor-El matches the looks of the show's actress and her costume. Check out the render below, and be sure to head to the DCUO site to check out the recent launch of Issue 17.

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hello every one. It's been a while since I last posted, and if I didn't say it before happy belated New year.  There will be a live stream later today.

Source: Official site

DC Universe Online makes fifth anniversary plans

 January 10, 2016 3 Comments
 Daybreak’s DC Universe Online is about to turn five years old, believe it or not, and the studio is planning a pair of streams (and more than a pair of player gifts) to celebrate the occasion.[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]“Happy 5th Anniversary, DCUO! January 11, 2011, still seems like just yesterday to a lot of us, but come Monday DCUO will be celebrating the big fifth birthday as a live game. Make sure you log into the game to celebrate (and claim your anniversary gifts!), and make sure you tune into Kinda Funny Games for TWO news-filled livestreams to see what’s planned for DCUO in 2016.”[/quote]
The more pertinent of the two streams is the one that begins at 4:30 p.m. EST on Monday; it will include a walkthrough of Daybreak’s plans for the game in 2016 as well as a playthrough of selected Episode 21 content.
Read more


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« Reply #31 on: January 12, 11:38 PM »
Hello every one  her are the details of this past mondays lives stream

Cross play is coming Jan 25th.


Also DC Universe Online coming to XBox One Spring 2016. Unfortunately Xbox One players won't be able to interact with PC + PS players. They will have their own servers.details  below.

source: Gematsu,

 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
 DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One this spring, PS4 and PC cross-play on January 25
 Published 6 hours ago. 19 comments.


DCUO is Coming to Xbox + More News and Reveals!

 The Stream Team: Anniversary adventures in DC Universe Online

 January 11, Comments
 Another year has flow by, and it was wearing a cape! DC Universe Online celebrates its fifth anniversary today, and MassivelyOP’s MJ is jumping in to join in the festivities. There are anniversary gifts to get and iconic DC characters to hang out with, not to mention the game’s 2016 plans to talk about! Tune in live at 7:00 p.m. and party hearty with OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team in…
 What: DC Universe Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EST on Monday, January 11th, 2016
 Read more


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Re: DCUO :coming to XBox one, PS4 & PC cross-play coming
« Reply #32 on: March 19, 02:05 AM »
hello every one it's been a very long while since I last posted. Here's what been going and what coming up in relation to superman versus batman
source: GI,Love Conquers All, DCUO&

Cross Play Name Consolidation and FAQ

The week of the 25th is coming soon upon us. It looks like crossplay will go live on Weds or Thurs.

Upcoming Downtime and Updates - Week of January 25, 2016


Dangerous love blooms in DC Universe Online

 February 2, 2016 8 Comments
 It’s a love story for the ages: A man is trying to find a cure for his wife’s terminal illness while she’s in cryogenic status. That sounds all well and good, but when the man in question is the insane Mr. Freeze and he’s willing to accept collateral damage in his pursuit of a cure, then it starts to cause problems.
 Mr. Freeze’s quest to get his wife back is at the core of DC Universe Online’s Love Conquers All event, which is running for the duration of this month. The holiday quests lead into a four-person instance, Love’s Battlefield, which will pit player parties against passion and pastels in the pursuit of plenty of pretties (rewards, that is).
 Love Conquers All is also making Valentine’s Day-themed housing decor available at the vendors, so if you have a hankering for a lair full of pink hearts, you better get a move on!
Read more

DC Universe Online unlocks cross-play between all its platforms

 February 5, 2016 32 Comments

Heists, prison breaks, and new friends are the topic du jour of DC Universe Online. Episode 21 is out today for members (and available to buy on February 10th for you sidekicks), bringing with it a duo to thwart a museum heist in Gotham, an eight-person prison break, and plenty of new gear and collectibles.

 Perhaps the most interesting feature to come with Episode 21 is the ability to connect with others across the game’s three platforms. Cross-play is now available between the PC, PlayStation3, and PlayStation 4, although accounts will remain beholden to specific platforms.

 “When you log in today, you will seamlessly be playing with players on the opposite platform, including in groups, in leagues, in on duty content, and in the open world,” Daybreak said.
Read more


 DC Universe Online Episode 22 introduces new Superman-themed content

 February 12, 2016 Comments

Episode 22 is on the way for Daybreak’s superhero MMO DC Universe Online.
 Creative Director SJ “NerdOfPrey” Mueller explains that the episode will include a four-player operation called The Phantom Zone and a one-player challenge called The Science Spire. Both revolve around Superman’s entourage and enemies.
[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]“Since we’re moving into month two of this cycle, you’ll be able to earn the Helmet, Hands, Feet, Shoulder, and Face items, allowing you to finish off the “Electrostatic” set and the “Quickstryke” set. That means new style feats too, and a title for collecting the Elite set. Also available as collection rewards are some Kryptonian soldier styles, and to match those, a new Headguard of Omnipotence.”[/quote]
Don’t like reading but do have 30 minutes to watch a video? Daybreak has done a video reveal as well; it’s included below.
 Read more


 DC Universe Online deploys new Superman-centric update
 March 3, 2016 4 Comments

You know who Superman is. He’s kind of a big deal in the DC Universe, which means he’s also a big deal in DC Universe Online. Unfortunately, that means that there are things even he can’t handle on his own, and that’s where the players intersect with him in the latest DCUO update.

There’s a problem with the Phantom Zone, which means four players will need to go into the Phantom Zone to see what’s happening, while solo players will need to storm Lex Luthor’s Science Spire to chase down a criminal from within the Phantom Zone who escaped.

 Superman, meanwhile, is investigating some other threat off-world. It’s probably for the best he didn’t just ask players to fly his dog around.

 In addition to the two new bits of content, players who use the Light powerset will find that their trees have been rebalanced and their abilities altered as part of the ongoing powerset refinement and improvement. The Light Weight and Chain Whip powers specifically have swapped places, allowing players more options to build both ranged and melee damage within the same overall build. Check out the full GU57 patch notes for all of the changes, or just log in and start cleaning up Kal-El’s big lingering mess. Though the servers were having issues yesterday, they should be back up now.Read more


 Two from the same place

DC Universe Online announces a tournament for Batman vs. Superman

 March 16, 2016 6 Comments

There’s not much time left before the latest DC Comics movie makes the old geek argument of “who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman” into the plot of a two-hour film.
 DC Universe Online isn’t about to answer that question before the film releases, but it is asking players to choose their allegiances in a new Batman vs. Superman-themed arena tournament.

There’s also a whole video just below to show off some of the prizes available to players who take a side.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

<a href="[color=#000000][size=2][font=verdana]v/[/font][/size][/color]u9tYu11aDz8" target="_blank" class="new_win">[color=#000000][size=2][font=verdana]v/[/font][/size][/color]u9tYu11aDz8</a>

 Also note that you are disqualified if you mention you’re on “Team Stark.” Different movie with superheroes fighting each other.

 If you’re looking to hone your skills before you go fighting on the behalf of DC’s two headliner heroes, the servers are currently down for maintenance to apply update 58 to the live servers.

That includes all of the BvS stuff along with the St. Patrick’s Day event along with mechanical updates. Downtime started at 9:00 a.m. EDT and may last for up to 8 hours, so you’ll probably need to get your practice in this evening.
 Read more

Also with

 DC Universe Online : Batman vs Superman PvP Event Announced

 Posted Mar 16, 2016

 Ready to take on DC Universe Online's newest PvP challenge? You can do so starting March 19th.
Called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, players can take part in a 4v4 double-bracket tournament. Players need to create a team on the US server and be ready to rumble on March 19th from 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern.
[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?] Teams will be made up of 4 players. To sign up, each 4-player team should identify a team captain and choose a team name (that follows community standards). The team captain should then sign up as a team at the appropriate link below (after you choose if you will support Batman or Superman). Include each character name participating in your team's description.
 Teams from each side will outfit their characters' styles and colors in homage to their chosen hero. We suggest teams in the Batman bracket wear variations of black and gray, while players in the Superman bracket wear some form of red and blue. The rest is up to you - be creative and make your chosen hero proud!
Read the full details on the DC Universe Online site.
 Thanks, BT!

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Re: DCUO :Batman vs Superman PvP Event Announced
« Reply #33 on: April 11, 09:20 AM »
Hello everyone this is what went last month this week and weekend


 Source: Official Site

DC Universe Online preps GU59, new looting features

 March 28, 2016 29 Comments
If you dropped by DC Universe Online’s PC test server over the weekend, you were greeted with Game Update 59 for testing, whether or not you’re a paid subber. The update focuses on a major expansion to the way you’ll snag loot from On Duty content. Says Daybreak
[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]“We have extended our Loot Choice UI to the earlier tiers of DCUO! Now all solos, duos, alerts and raids available in the On Duty menu have this feature added. This gives players the opportunity to choose what loot they receive from bosses. Upon defeating a boss, the player will be presented with a new UI that allows them to choose from a list of available loot. After the main choice has been made, the UI will then display all items received from the KO.”[/quote]
The update will also include improvements to the tutorial, bug fixes for operations and missions, and updates to movement and sorcery powers.
Read more

Also with

 DC Universe Online deploys more story content and a new patch

 April 7, 2016 4 Comments

You can start exploring Episode 23 of DC Universe Online right now if you’re subscribed to the game. Right this moment. If you’re at work, your boss legally has to permit you to do this unless said boss doesn’t want to let you! It features a new 8-person raid pitting players against General Zod and various other villains that the developers have declined to reveal for spoiler purposes, along with a new duo that builds players up to a confrontation with the vile Darkseid.

 Not a subscriber and unwilling to become one? That’s all right; you’ll be able to pick up the newest episode from the game’s marketplace on April 13th, and you can enjoy the quality of life improvements in the most recent patch free of charge. That includes more loot selection options, improved tutorials, and a new Survival battle in the Fortress of Solitude with some Kryptonian clothing up as rewards. It doesn’t feature as many story developments as the aforementioned episode, but then, what would?
Read more
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Re: DCUO :Available Now On Xbox One
« Reply #34 on: May 01, 07:47 PM »
hello every it's bee a while again since I post here's what's going down DCUO is now available on Xbox one and here's the content that's coming with it and it's going on past this weekend too.  Details  below

source: Official Site


PAX East 2016: DC Universe Online’s Xbox One trailer

 April 23, 2016 19 Comments
 Daybreak has just posted a new trailer for DC Universe Online’s Xbox One release. The company announced the Xbox One edition back in January; it’s intended to launch this spring. Cross-play between the PC, PlayStation3, and PlayStation 4 is already live.
 The team is showing off how the game plays on the console at PAX this weekend.
 Read more

DCUO Launches on Xbox One this weekend!

BREAKING NEWS! DC Universe Online launches TODAY (Friday, April 29, 2016) on the Xbox One!

The server unlocks at 9:00AM PDT/12:00PM EDT.

As we launch, you may have a few questions. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve seen about DCUO on the Xbox One.

Q: When can I play DCUO on Xbox One?
A: DCUO will launch on Xbox One on Friday, April 29, 2016, around 9AM PDT/12PM EDT.

Q: When can I download DCUO on Xbox One?
A: DCUO is now available for download. Visit the Xbox Store.

Q: What content is available on Xbox One?
A: All content currently available on other platforms will also be available on Xbox One. This includes the base game, as well as the optional add-on Episodes 1-23.

Q : Will there be crossplay on Xbox One with PC/PSN?
A: No. The Xbox One community will be on their own separate servers; we do not have crossplay with PC/PSN.

Q: Can I transfer my existing character or purchases to Xbox One?
A: No. Characters and purchases are unique to each platform. If you would like to start again on Xbox One, you will need to create an Xbox account, create characters, and make any purchases you want directly on Xbox One.

Q: What size is the download for DCUO on Xbox One?
A: About 35gbs (34.62gbs, to be more specific).

Q: Is DCUO free-to-play on Xbox One?
A: Yes, DCUO is free-to-play. Head to the Xbox One store to start the download.

Q: Is XBox Live Gold required on Xbox One?
A: Yes, you must have Xbox Live Gold in order to access DCUO on Xbox One.

Q: How do I make purchases on Xbox One?
A: Membership, bundles, and Marketplace Cash can be purchased for real money in the Xbox One dash. Once purchased, Marketplace Cash can be used in the in-game Marketplace to purchase content, styles, convenience items, Legends characters, and more.

Q: What is Membership in DCUO and what does it include?
A: Membership adds to / enhances your in-game experience in DCUO, with monthly grants and access to content and features. For more information on what’s included with membership, visit

Q: Does Membership on Xbox One recur, or do I need to purchase it each month?
A: Membership on Xbox One will not recur, but you can make multiple Membership purchases to stack time. For more information, visit

Q: Will the Xbox One version of the game receive the same updates as the PC and PlayStation versions?
A: Yes, the plan is to keep all platforms in sync with the same updates and content. This may not always be possible, but this is the overall goal.

Q: I would prefer to play Xbox One in a language other than English. How can I do this?
A: To play DCUO in a supported language other than English, visit the Xbox One store and look for your free language audio pack under Add-ons.
There are Audio Add-On packs available for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Once the Add-On pack is finished downloading, you can switch the audio in-game by going to Settings > Audio and selecting the corresponding language from the Audio Language dropdown.

Q: How do the Xbox One achievements work in DCUO?
A: Achievements are unlocked the same way as on other platforms. This is by completing the corresponding feat in our game. Membership is not required to gain achievements on Xbox.

Q: Are players I have blocked on Xbox One also blocked in DCUO?
A: Yes, our system will ignore and mute any players you have blocked through your Xbox account.

Q: How can I learn more about the game?
A: To learn more about DCUO, visit our game page at

Q: I need help getting started. Where should I go?
A: To get started in game, read our new series of starter guides to help you get started on your journey in DCUO.

lastly here's a stream from the dev's of DCUO themselves on you all battling dark side on Apokalypes


DCUO launches on Xbox One, previews the next three episodes

 April 29, 2016 11 Comments

Surprise! After announcing at PAX East that DC Universe Online was coming to the Xbox One, Daybreak is launching the title on the console today.

 DCUO will be available on the Xbox Store as of noon EDT today as a free 35 GB download for Xbox Live Gold members. The Xbox One version will have all of the content as seen on the PlayStation and PC, although there will be no cross-platform play and no character imports.

 And no matter what platform you use to live out your superhero fantasies on, DCUO wants to appreciate you this weekend.

Starting today and running through May 2nd, the MMO will guarantee a rare loot drop for any and all players who complete instances. Seems like a good deal, no?
 Finally, the DCUO team posted an epic trailer and stream this week in which it revealed not one, but the the next three episodes for the game. Check it out!

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Re: DCUO :Available Now On Xbox One, Celebrate Batman Day
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Hello Every one it's been alonger while then it ever should have ad it seem this place isn't what it used to be this month here's Ever thing that's gone down and what's recent.


Cryptic’s Jack Emmert now heads up DCUO at Daybreak Austin

 June 8, 2016 67 Comments

Jack Emmert, known to MMORPG players chiefly for his role as co-founder of Cryptic Studios, has been appointed CEO of Daybreak’s — yes, that Daybreak — Austin studio, according to a press blast released today.

 Formerly one of the minds behind Champions Online and classic City of Heroes, he will now oversee DC Universe Online.

 The PR quotes Emmert as saying he’s proud of his work at Cryptic. “As a lifelong comic book fan, I’m thrilled to become part of the DCUO team and eager to engage and play alongside new communities of players. I look forward to being a part of the future of DCUO, as well as guiding our roster of new titles out of Daybreak Austin.”
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Also with

Episode 25 arrives in DC Universe Online today

 June 29, 2016 Leave a comment
The Penguin is opening the Iceberg Lounge in Gotham City. That is… probably not a good thing, but it’s still legal. So of course, DC Universe Online players will have to contend with the arrival of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman at the grand opening. There’s no way that’s going to end well, but you don’t have to take our word for it, as it’s the solo instance added in the game’s Episode 25 update.

 Once you’ve handled that particular mess, you can scurry off to gather friends and then help Vixen try to solve the mysteries of Kahndaq in the new four-player Operation being added. The episode will be live today at 1:00 p.m. EDT for everyone, with members having free access to the content and non-members able to purchase it separately. It’s two separate messes for you to clean up, sure, but considering the whole game is about cleaning up one mess or another, players will probably be fine.
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DCUO plans larger, slower releases, Suicide Squad map, and boosted characters

 July 5, 2016 8 Comments
 Daybreak has big plans for the development of DC Universe Online. Senior Community Relations Manager Ted Stone outlines what’s in store in a hefty dev post today.
 For starters, beginning with Episode 27, DCUO will be shelving the monthly episode updates in favor of much larger content drops. “Large releases will allow us to eliminate some of the complexity surrounding monthly progression, ease some of that pressure you feel to get to and stay at the bleeding edge, and allow you to enjoy your achievements longer,” he writes. “That said, we will maintain some of the recent improvements, including multiple, varied storylines per Episode and Elite versions of content.” Episode 27 — Amazon Fury Part III — is therefore slated for late 2016 or early 2017.
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 DC Universe Online’s GU63 brings new Suicide Squad content, tutorial skipping, and lockboxes

 August 24, 2016 24 Comments

Game Update 63 has landed on the DC Universe Online servers this week, and it’s a smallish one, but that won’t surprise longtime players, who already know that Daybreak switched up its content release plans, choosing to push out larger episodes further apart beginning with episode 27.

 Smaller patches continue on a more monthly basis, and that brings us back to GU63.

 Expect bug fixes for multiplayer content, leveling changes for the early game, a new 2-man Suicide Squad-themed instance, a tutorial skipping option, and and option to skip to level 25.

 “All lower level missions are removed from the player’s Journal, and they are set on the main story line for their level,” says Daybreak of the new option. “They will also be granted any seasonal even missions that are applicable at the time of purchase, among other applicable items.”

 There are also new lockboxes, called time capsules:
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Most importantly

Celebrate Batman Day with a Week's Worth of Activities

Posted Sep 14, 2016

 DC Universe Online News | 5 Comments
Batman Day is Saturday, September 17th, but the DC Universe Online team is ready to celebrate the auspicious day with an entire week's worth of activities that include a marketplace sale, trivia sweepstakes opportunities and the Legends PvE week long event.
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 DC Universe Online is overhauling its stats completely

 September 22, 2016 19 Comments
 Stats are a big deal in MMOs. Those little numbers that we try to make go higher are a big part of what makes a new set of items desirable and what allows us to measure our performance.

 So it’s pretty big news when DC Universe Online massively overhauls its stats, getting rid of several stats, changing how existing ones work, and otherwise upending the entire set of mechanical systems players have known for ages. But it’s all explained, slowly and carefully, so players can understand why the changes are coming and what the changes mean.

 Combat rating differential? Gone; combat rating will still exist, but simply as a measure of your overall power level. Advanced mechanics and weapon mastery bonuses?

Also gone; these mechanics could be abused to bring DPS players to the point of doing such insane damage that everything had to be balanced around disproportionate damage outputs. Midrange? Gone entirely as part of the previous removal, since it mostly derived its power from advanced mechanics. Check out the full rundown to see what’s changing, or just listen to the walkthrough in the video below.
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