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Author Topic: Marvel Heroes 2016: Former Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin joins MH  (Read 104792 times)

Hello Everyone, This thread is for talk on all things Marvel Heroes first We'll start with this what is Marvel heroes?
 It's a
Online Action RPG based on Diablo play style there are 39 playable characters sofar , more details below.

from:moonsquall 1:41PM : Quick Rundown of Marvel Heroes For New Players
Marvel Heroes 2015 | The Brevik Briefing | MMORPG
1 day ago ... Over the last year or so, Marvel Heroes has definitely come a long way. After being almost universally panned at launch, David Brevik and the ... more Detail in the article

 This is from me.
 If you've been playing it since it's beta stage and through it's launch on the pc & ps3 or if your just coming back to it due the the ps4 and for us players to discuss what's current like news on upcoming DLC to keep this thread a busy and bustling thread

And what has changed here's a run down. what as changed is they will be adding villains or what's called anti heroes like the Juggernaut magneto and venom since they have at times joined the heroes side and tried to seeking redemption and still are . they are in an up coming advance pack. they added something called the Shield Training simulator where you fight Holographic heroes like the hulk and other known marvel villains in the game . this is a precursor to the X-Men's "Danger Room" which is still on it's way which be better then the shield training room cause it'll have all the HoloDeck star trek goodness it's known for yeah the entire room will have morphing environments.(it's still on it's way)

with in that game you can get 100 splinters for the first time you complete the "raft" prelude and you quickly gather the extra 75 needed to get a new random hero. Or if you play through the storyline you get another 100 splinters for defeating Doom the first time and by then you will have close to the 400 needed for a new character of your choice rather than doing the random hero.


 and they have been doing a lot of special holiday event's like Chinese new year and st Patrick day. and where they even allow you to pick up extra heroes while you play or artifact's to make your heroes better and stronger. you will feel like the heroes your meant to be.

 and they have been do hero review/ revamps to make the characters play better.


 They have stated that there will be a hero team up system where you can have Ai versions of say Spider man and his amazing friends( Ice man & Fire star among other heroes. and there will be a team up with the falcon and winter soldier the heroes Team up system (what was formerly the side kick system (til the fans of the game such as my self made it clear that marvel doesn't do side kicks it has partners and team mates) is still being worked on.


And they have recent put up that they have single player and duo content on the way now too.


 lastly they have stated that the close beta mac version started Mac Closed Beta Test and there will be an app system for tablets.

On the console end that they still have plans and they are in talks about it it's been shown in alot of their live streams and they have written about this on the forum


On PS/XBox ports:Perhaps one day, we've been approached and had talks, but we are focusing on PC 100% right now, along with a small team for Mac integration.

 now for the update from the site.
Marvel Heroes Livestream this Friday, March 21st @ 4pm PDT

Joins us for a Marvel Heroes livestream this Friday March 21st at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11:59pm GMT. We will be playing Marvel Heroes, teasing upcoming content, and answering questions from our community!
Visit the Marvel Heroes Twitch channel here!

In other news on the site shows doctor Strange pre sale and all marked on the 20th

That's all for now from a player of this game

Ok the live streams about to start the details are up in the first post I made on this from the dev's said they are show casing

Doctor Strange, some Black Panther, a team up reveal

I won't be putting up the recorded version you will have to see that in the past brodcasts part of their twitch channel of marvel Heroes. as per the rules here and I want to fallow them to the letter.

[font=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Here's a break down of last weekends live stream.   here's [/font][/color][font=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]MMORPG also a[/font][/color][font=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif][font=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]n[/font] article from and some this is an up dated version of the original post on the forum of marvel heroes   [/font][/color]

Team-Up Allows Players to Recruit a Super Hero | Marvel Heroes ...

Apr 11, 2014 ... Marvel Heroes 2015 (MH2015). Gazillion Entertainment
TeamUp Allows Players to Recruit a Super Hero

The first three will of course be Falcon, Spider-Man and Firestar:
Yes, each team-up will have customize skill trees with more than likely 12 powers each. There will be no costume slots but there will be 30 stash slots.
And yes, they can be bought with splinters. But there will be an Advanced Bundle Pack for Team-Ups
Possible Future Team-Ups
She-Hulk - (A coy) Awesome idea reply from @Ryolnir.
Dazzler - She definitely won't be a hero this year,but could be a good team-up idea.
War Machine - Will be playable, but may release first as a team-up.
Vampire Jubilee/Classic Jubilee - Would be an awesome idea but no confirmation.

Longshot - Another awesome idea but no confirmation.
Deathlok - Been batting around the idea with Doomsaw for a year. Nothing set.

There are now 3 modes for the team-up: Big impact on entrance 30 second summon on a CD, always out like a D2 merc, or totally passive benefits. Each has their own pros and cons.
The first released will be Spider-Man, followed by Falcon for the new Cap movie, and Firestar at some point. A list of mentioned Team-Up heroes can be foundhere.

They will have gear slots and their own Team-Up gear. Team-Up gear will effect their stats, and sometimes your own.
They are account bound, not character bound, so if you buy Spider-Man team-up, all your heroes can use him.
Team-Ups are to be used by everyone, not lore-bound pair ups, so Deadpool could run around with Pepper Potts if you wanted. They will likely not be producing character only Team-Ups, such as a Groot that only Rocket Raccoon can have.
They carry 30 inventory items, this is apparently going to be accessible even if you don't own a Team-Up.
They will not collect loot for you or go sell items, they are not valets, they are super heroes.
Team-Ups will allow them to add heroes to the game early that may be years away from getting their own playable version. They will also allow them to support the Marvel movies without having to add playable characters/story content, such as Guardians of the Galaxy members.
Team-Ups will level with your hero automatically, so you can call them at level 1 and they will be level 1 or call them at level 60 and they will be level 60.
They have 12~ skills and some sort of skill tree system.
They are bought with Gs or splinters (maybe even achievement rewards) and will be less than $10, with the most expensive ones being those that need voice over work.
No costumes for Team-Ups, if they were going to do a different look (comics Falcon vs. movie Falcon) it would be its own Team-Up. This lets them make separate skill sets for them, i.e. two different Wolverines.
They will not have costumes, but some Team-Ups are costumes themselves such as Kate Bishop, Pepper Potts/Rescue, and Beta Ray Bill.
You may be able to rank up your Team-Up by donating items (uniques) to it, which will improve their stats, lengthen the summon duration, and reduce their cooldown.

Starktech is being redesigned and no immediate release date. Focus has been turned to Team-Ups for now, but will get finished.

Bronx Zoo
Will happen, hopefully in the next couple of months. Probably after the first Raid is released.
Wave 2 Characters Pre-Sale Pack
Mmm, probably. But of course, Sue Storm is April and Psylocke is believed to be May.They said she's have a mixed of TK and her pyshick knife and she'll be a melee hero and they didn't say if one as in how many katana's she'll use they dance around on the number and talk about dead pool in the mix of it. and moved on
[font=verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I also just asked if she'll have he crimson dawn powers of teleportation and enhancement of her psionic powers too in the live stream thread the devs have up. Again it's in the live stream thread the dev's made.[/font]

[font=verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif]t[/font]

From @MichealMayhem : She's pretty far along. The MH team has had several meetings and they want to match the design of the MH game character to the current and past comic book character.
She will be ninja-esque, wielding a Tk katana. She will also have the psy-knife/psy-blade and be an awesome high-speed psychic ninja.

There may be a few more goodies [font=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif].[/font][/color][/color] hiding in Doomsaws chat log
No plans for an Ultimate Thor enhanced costume, but Old Man Thor will be released in a few weeks.

Re-work hasn't started yet, still reviewing forum feedback but will have several new powers.

There will be an Enhanced Costume Pack for Shuri(the black panthers sister in the comic's)

and this week and next week there is a Don't Fear the Reaper Week-Long Event!

there's more info on how Team up's work from last niht on the marvel heroes forum from the dev's details are in
Team-Up Hero FAQ

There will be another live stream tomorrow you can watch it at the top of the page and recorded version will be on their twitch channel after words in their broadcast section. 

marvel heroes forum

Friday March 28th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm GMT!

"We'll hopefully be showing off team ups, a sweet costume or two, and taking questions as usual!

I'll make a thread tomorrow to gather some good questions about any of it."

well it looks like the team up preview of the live stream was pushed back to next week.

@Ryolnir said: Hey guys - today's stream will not be about Team Ups, we're hoping to have one next week for them, though!

We're going to schedule a Team Up stream still, just not today!I'm hopingto level Dr. Strange on the live server with you guys!


Join us for a Marvel Heroes livestream this Friday March 28th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm GMT

I'm not entirely sure why this thread still exists in its current state.

 I get that you want a thread for all things Marvel Heroes but a lot of this information could have been covered in a simple link to their home page.

I don't want this to be taken as a criticism or attack, I'm simply trying to help you out by letting you know that this format of thread is not very helpful to people here.

If you'd like to generate interest in a game you could maybe check to see how the community feels about the game or ask them if anyone else is looking forward to it.

Maybe I am alone in this and please feel free to ignore my opinion if that is the case but currently this thread is just a big wall of text that doesn't have any sort of structure and is very difficult to understand even if I was interested in finding out more on this game.

I'd suggest something more like this...

"Hey Guys, Just making a quick thread for anyone else who's interested in Marvel Heroes. They've got some pretty cool things planned for the game and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Also if you guys aren't aware of the game yet go check it out ( and let me know what you think"

^ This is an example of something that shows your interest, is a quick, clean read, and is very easy to understand. I can also check the site to see what all the new updates are and maybe talk to you about how excited I am to Hulk out on some people.

I'm not entirely sure why this thread still exists in its current state.

 I get that you want a thread for all things Marvel Heroes but a lot of this information could have been covered in a simple link to their home page.

I don't want this to be taken as a criticism or attack, I'm simply trying to help you out by letting you know that this format of thread is not very helpful to people here.

If you'd like to generate interest in a game you could maybe check to see how the community feels about the game or ask them if anyone else is looking forward to it.

Maybe I am alone in this and please feel free to ignore my opinion if that is the case but currently this thread is just a big wall of text that doesn't have any sort of structure and is very difficult to understand even if I was interested in finding out more on this game.

I'd suggest something more like this...

"Hey Guys, Just making a quick thread for anyone else who's interested in Marvel Heroes. They've got some pretty cool things planned for the game and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Also if you guys aren't aware of the game yet go check it out ( and let me know what you think"

^ This is an example of something that shows your interest, is a quick, clean read, and is very easy to understand. I can also check the site to see what all the new updates are and maybe talk to you about how excited I am to Hulk out on some people.

Well It is for the same reason there is a DCUO one that was made.

 it's cause it updates constantly per week. but I only put up the the important stuff once it's all settled and it's only for those that are interested in the new content and are interested in the new cool stuff being put in.

So people will have something new to talk about and that have been playing from the jump or are new to it. And no there no problem with what you said at all, I do under stand.

And I have been trying to keep it clean. lot of the time first try it just plan messy and I spend an 3 hours cleaning this up. but I am also showing quotes from the actual dev's them selves. Cause some times the skip details in the info they put out and they do this on the fly.
 their main site doesn't always do this. the rules are to pick up info from the source. and the dev's are the source.

I will do what you suggest, since this isn't like the old Ep forum which I was apart of.

Again I'm still learning this new way you want me to post on here. while in other places there was another way. and it's done in one simple post. But I'm trying my best.

And no this is ok . Any way to improve my posting on here is welcome with your opinion. Thank you for telling me

 I do want to be a valued member of the forum as I was in the old forum before the revamp and long return of the forums. BTW I will state this again I don't work for them just sharing the new info on what has changed since. their in L.A. I post on there as a player. But that's it.

Hey every one I thought I should share this news with you. The dev's of Marvel heroes have state there will be streaming a live of the team ups they' re going to do a stream this afternoon April 3rd @ 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm GMT to show the team up system (except Firestar/Falcon who aren't quite approved yet).
Patch includes the Black Panther upgrades, a bunch of bug fixes (including Dr. Strange infinite dmg bug), Cosmic Prestige level, Captain America movie costume, Black Widow Fear Itself costume. on their Marvel Heroes Twitch channel

the Recorded version will be in the recorded section  called past broad cast  of their channel.   just click the link titled Marvel heroes high lite in the upper left

Hey every one, Just thought I'd put this up. it's A video of the team ups via YouTube from the test center from a member on the forum called
TheAnkh on there 

Marvel Heroes Team ups Review#1

and here the thread: Team-up Review from the Test Center(video)

Hey Sup every one? I have some new video's from A poster called NullRage & Rybackstun on the marvel heroes Forum
 First NullRages
First up we have From spidey and friends (look it up on Net flix's) Team ups Firstar

and from the captain America movie We haveTeam ups Falcon

 Further details are in here: TEAM-UPS Preview! (Updated With Falcon!)

Here's Rybacksun's  video's with details on how best to use them.

Rybackstun's Firestar Team up preview

Rybackstun's Falcon Team up preview

From:  Team-Up Preview Videos (Updated with Falcon!)
Finally  here's the latest for this weekend in which the team ups are on time for News & updates

Hello every body and tgif. ^^Team are now out details just above this post.

Log in today only to get Easter Basket for a lootsplosion (you'll get a usable unique for that character you open it on)

They also put out sue storm for pre sale in the updates section. After she's out it'll be ether psylocke of the Xmen or sue's husband mr. fantastic himself. We'll see.

 More news on raids, etc in this  interview. Interview with Doomsaw: Raids, PvP, Item Reviews.

Here's what's new on the Test Center via Null Rage showcasing sue Storm On youtube

Null Rage presents Sue storm /the Invisible woman

and from the updates page
Team-Up Advance Packs Availible

The Team-Up Advance Pack includes:
  • Beta Ray Bill: A super soldier from the Korbinite alien race and the first non-Asgardian to be deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir, Beta Ray Bill now wields his own hammer called Stormbreaker.
  • Clea: Sometimes leader of the Dark Dimension and a former student of Doctor Strange, Clea possesses nearly unlimited magical power. She uses her vast magical powers to defend the Earth from her brother Dormammu.
  • Deadpool-the-Kid: From the Earth-1108 universe, this Wild West version of the ‘merc with a mouth’ is wanted for “bank robbery, arson, software piracy and stampeding pygmy goats through an orphanage.”
  • Domino: A product of Project: Armageddon, Domino uses her power to affect probability and do almost the impossible to aid X-Force.
  • Havok: Brother to Cyclops of the X-Men and a previous member of X-Factor, Havok absorbs cosmic energy and channel it into intense plasma blasts.
  • She-Hulk: This formerly meek lawyer received a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, and with it, gained the ability to turn into a (not as rampaging) Hulk of her own. Unlike her cousin, while transformed, she retains her sharp wit and mind.
  • Spider-Woman: With bioelectric powers, super-human strength and flight, this former Hydra assassin has now become a valued member of various iterations of the Avengers. This is the Jessica Drew version of Spider-Woman.
  • Wasp: Wife and partner to Ant-Man, she uses Pym particles to shrink, which gives her wings and the ability to fire blasts of energy at her enemies.

and Lastly
Marvel heroes forum

C2E2 Marvel Heroes Panel - Thanks Gaz!

 GazillionLocation Serious Business Staff
 April 24
 We'll be hosting a panel at Chicago's massive comic /pop-culture convention (C2E2)
 The last slide in the presentation will be a spoiler for the next chapters of the main storyline after the final battle in Asgard.
 Check it out if you are around.
 I'm sure Ryolnir will post something to the forums after we're done.
 I will also be there handing out playable Ryolnirs.

Hello every one I've been a way for a while now cause I was busy having my pc both fixed and upgraded and I'm Glad to be back and hope fully  fix some of the issues that were happened  with my old computer when I posted on here won't happen . it's time to test it out and see . I guess here are a few current updates.


Anniversary Update AMA with Jeff 'Doomsaw' Donais - THURSDAY

on May 19, 2014 |

Join us Thursday, May 22 at 7PM EDT in our Marvel Heroes subforum for a live Q&A withGazillion's Jeff 'Doomsaw' Donais.
Please keep in mind that Thursday's Q&A is NOT a discussion thread. Simply submit your questions in the thread (or follow-up questions to any of Jeff's answers) and allow him a chance to answer.
Remember to be respectful and courteous with your questions. Disrespectful questions, comments, or outright trolling will be dealt with harshly by our moderation team.
While you can feel free to ask Doomsaw about anything Marvel Heroes, Gazillion will be celebrating the game's first anniversary in early June with a major game update, so we'd encourage you to ask any questions you have on all the new goodies!
A couple of those goodies include:

  • New Surtur Raid System Concludes Asgard Storyline
  • Omega Level Augmentation System
  • Massive Festivities for One Year Anniversary Celebration

And this is meassage I picked through e-mail I received They'll be livestreaming Psylocke on Twitch TV. Thursday, May 22 at 5:00 pm PDT
Marvel Heroes TwitchTVchannel

MUCH BETTER!! and good update!

MUCH BETTER!! and good update!
Thank's man . ^^ And the live stream has  started.  After this is done the recorded version can be found in their past broad cast section.

Hello every one and morning it's been a bit since last week at least since I came back
and I'm here with a few updates

 First Here's a video via Youtube from the C2E2 titled "What's ahead for Marvel Heroes" and it's making me extremely excited for the near future of the game. some of this stuff came out already like sue Richards and currently psylocke and the One shot Wakandian mine terminal. but there stuff you all haven't seen like the female ghost rider, the omega system that has be talked about alot that's still coming and the achievements system and like Surtur and his raids at the end and some more cool what's next after Asgard is over story arc wise. C2E2 2014 what's ahead for marvel Heroes

if you missed it last week here's the video from twitch feature psylocke and the wolverine rework and the sentinel even is still oin on this week too

 Third: Details on the AMA with the dev Doom saw in this: (Consolidated & fully updated) Doomsaw AMA on (23/05/2014)
Currently @Doomsaw is answering questions on in his AMA (Ask Me Anything) out here:
I've consolidated his answers topic-wise in this thread for easy reading. Post is now complete though Doomsaw did say he may return to answer some unanswered questions at a later date. Thanks Doomsaw for taking the time out once again to answer the barrage of questions from us!
Redeem the code: MMORPGCOM at for a free gift.
New Heroes

  • The 2015 short list includes some obvious ones like Ice Man, War Machine, Spider Woman, Ant Man, She Hulk and some big surprises. Obviously a longer list than that.
  • Mr. Fantastic- 11th Hero from the Advance pack. He is heavily underway and will be released in July. All of his animations and dialogue are complete and some of his powers are finished or close to finished. He will use a lot of stretching powers. He has two very unique-looking movement powers. He also uses a few impressive gadgets that are a notch above anything we've seen so far.
  • Rogue- 12th Hero from the Advance Pack. Her release will be late 2014 or first one in 2015. Her initial design concept is pretty much solid, with trees related to her Ms. Marvel long-term storyline powers and 2 trees dedicated to the most popular powers she has stolen over the years. She will also have her signature power of stealing 1 power from existing enemies, which will be a TON of work, but worth it.
  • Magneto- Most likely September 25th."

  • further details can be found up there in the source .

Also Fourth: there's this on the upcoming omega system and other detail like player housing and up comin characters and team up's like Agent Coulson and lastly the trade system

 Info on Omega System, 1st Raid of 2, Chaos Terminals, Reed Richards, Civil War, and More! 05/29/14

"This thread has info from various streams that included Mr. Brevik,@Ryolinir and @ DoomSaw. Some of these things were mentioned on streams from community members. Some of the info is from the AMA with Doomsaw on I've also included other things that devs have posted on the MH forums. As info on this list is released into game, I will be removing it and of course anything new I will add. This thread is constantly updated(new info in, old out) so some of comments left by community members might leave you confused.
I've spent time organizing this info, so it should be a lot easier for everyone to read now. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment
As of 05/29/14 there are no current plans to change the standard drop rates, this will happen only in events.

Omega System, Achievements in July, Trading, Raid #1(on the 1 year), Raid #2, Shared Quests, Veteran Rewards, Midtown Madness Mondays, "PVP going into final and live, especially with the voice announcements." Solid Frank, Mar-vell and Spider Girl.

June 4th is the start of the 2014-2015 of Marvel Heroes.
365 gifts of various sizes for the 1 year celebration!! The 365 gifts WILL NOT all fit in your inventory. Players will have 1 week to log in and claim the 1 Year Anniversary Log In Gift."
More Details all in the source there too.

And lastly this weekends up for the which you see here News & Updates like deatils on the Mac beta for Mac users.

Morning everybody. I thought would be all for this week end but it seems there's more so for today I'm letin these thin there's a a special event count down happening

Marvel Heroes: What Can It Mean?
"A new teaser "reveal" page that simply features a week long count down timer has cropped up on the Marvel Heroes site. We are as mystified as you probably are but are open to your theories and speculations as to what it might mean. Opine away!"

and also From the same site of

"Marvel Heroes : "Delivering On Our Community's Expecations
As part of today's announcement of "Marvel Heroes 2015", Gazillion's Dave Brevik said that he and his team are anxious to continue to deliver on the community's expectations. The game is expected to have a massive celebration beginning in July that will spotlight all of the additions and accomplishments of the preceding year.
What is Marvel Heroes 2015?
Marvel Heroes 2015 is a new launch for the Marvel Heroes brand coinciding with a one-year anniversary milestone on June 4th and it highlights all the new game content added since launch. Marvel Heroes 2015 also includes even more game content, including end-game raids, alternate advancement systems and other various additions. For Gazillion, it's a new release and a challenge to continue adding more content and improvements than any other iterative release on Earth. VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Marvel Heroes 2015 - Surtur Teaser Trailer "

And lastly from the forum from one of the head dev's Doom saw.

Marvel Heroes forums

"Shared Quest Mini Preview
Hi all,
I just finished typing up the help text for Shared Quests and I thought it would be cool to see it as a mini-FAQ. (We won't have time for full FAQs until Tuesday night when the final anniversary build is done and being cooked).
Here is the copy/paste from our internal code:

  • Shared Quests are super-sized quests that are automatically shared with all players, allowing them to be seamlessly completed by groups or individuals, regardless of level, group status, difficulty mode or location.
  • All players receive the same Shared Quests each day. New ones are assigned each day, generally including a Midtown Patrol quest, a quest to defeat threats in Terminals and a quest in X-Defense or S.H.I.E.L.D. Holo-Sim.
  • Three Shared Quests exist each day. You may complete any of them any number of times. As soon as you complete a Shared Quest, you will immediately begin earning progress towards the next one. Shared Quests may be completed alongside or in place of Legendary Quests, sharing credit at all times.
  • Rewards for Quests include Odin Marks, credits, experience orbs and random gear of all possible rarities and types, based on the difficulty of the Shared Quest.
  • The first time you complete each of the Shared Quests, each day, you will receive bonus rewards, including a bonus Omega Orb.

Note that several issues will prevent us from ever being able to share Legendary Quests (since they were built for single people and have several issues with sharing) but these new Quests are built from the ground up for sharing and will allow any size groups or couples to play together for however long they wish, at no cost and no hassle. This will change the game for a few people and just be a nice "free bonus" for others.

 Ok that's all of it .

Hello   just here to let every one know that Surtur  is on the test center of Marvel Heroes   here are detail from the player called Thesupport  

Surtur is dead! [with Video and Pictures!]




Well here is a screenshot of my raid party killing Surtur the second time(I got sent to one of his other bosses from the portal the first time and had CD on bodyslide so no screenshot there)
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Marvel Heroes Surtur raid fight. [HD]

 further details are in that source.

Hello every one ok for tonight I have some details on the anniversary for marvel heroes since  it turns one year old today ( yester day)and it's throwing itself a fabulous birthday party. Don't worry: You're all invited as well.

Gazillion is handing out an anniversary gift per day per account for players level 30 or higher who log in and talk to a special NPC. In addition, the team has toggled the server to boost XP, RIF, SIF, and cosmic chest rewards by 50%.

Marvel Heroes has big plans coming up later this month, including achievements, login rewards, the Silver Surfer, and a special surprise.

for here's the Redeem code for gifts to players the code is : ANIRUOK

 and now for news on the patch notes Reed Richards/AKA Mr. fantastic and the silver surfer and some raid details




 See more at:

As far as what was know this has NOTHING to do with the anniversary : but it is deed so this shocase
Gazillion Games staff recently visited Malesur's Stream and dropped some spoilers that show future content.

Marvel Heroes 2015 is online!
Marvel Heroes 2015 1.0 Patch Notes

If your shared quests do not work, you should read this. tl/dr: They will become active at 12 AM on June 5th in server time (got this wrong at first, sorry). There's a timer by the shared quests showing the time remaining before reset/activation.
Shared Quests should now work for everyone.
People are discussing ways to beat the (world first ARPG) raid here
more details on Raids here: Raids FAQ


The hero and costume BOGO are not active anymore. has a brand new 2015 worthy design that you should check out!
Here's an excerpt from the Marvel Heroes 2015 announcement:

"Throughout the course of our month-long anniversary celebrations, expect:

  • Surtur Raid: The aforementioned ruler of fire demons headlines an epic end-game event for 10 players.
  • Omega System: Advance, alternately. The Omega System allows for even further character customization and progression up to and beyond level 60.
  • Daily Shared Quests: A new way to undertake missions and adventures reserved for earth's mightiest.
  • Achievements: Accomplish the impossible and be recognized – some are even catered to individual heroes.
  • Login Rewards: Showing our appreciation for committed players by thanking them with many awesome things.
  • Silver Surfer: The Herald nears. Will Norrin Radd's arrival presage doom, bring salvation, or just deliver a cool new hero to play? (Hint: It's the last one.)
  • 365: Days of. Gifts for. Oh yes, we have plans.
  • End of Anniversary: End of Anniversary: A celebratory surprise event to close out the month.
  • Oh... Our kickoff is going to include a big weekend event, too.

Quote: So not all of these things will be available once the patch goes live, but some of them will be released at a later time this month. Given the current state of the Test-Center at least the things that I posted here will be available today!
Remember that this is the perfect opportunity to get your friends back or newly into the game as the gifts that we will get throughout the event will be a nice foundation not only for starters. had David Brevik join their podcast. You can check it out here.

and lastly detail on

Quote:News about Silver Surfer:
  • Test center this weekend (pending final VFX approvals)
  • Release late next week and shipped to Advance Pack owners on morning of release.


Hello and After noon Every one. here with some news for you all to day the first official livestream of Marvel Heroes 2015 will be on Twitch! 4 p.m. PDT/ 7 p.m. EDT/ 11 p.m.GMT  Check the Timeline for timing information in your timezone!MMMSociety AKA Marvel heroes Twitter

you can watch the live stream here
VIDEO-CLick to Watch! Marvel heroes twitch channel

Also here's News on
Silver Surfer is now available for Presale here!


Here's the Redeem the code
for a free 2 hour special item find boost
Code Redemption Instructions

^^^And the live stream  has started

Hello every one I hope your have a great night

Ok the live stream is over and this is from the poster Juy justin on the marvel heroes forum this is a breakdown what the dev's told on reddit
David Brevik Q and A - @reddit_AMA


all prior to the live stream to day


 ^^^Again this is a run down and this doesn't link to Reddit's site. this the marvel heroes forum details in quotes. there more details in the link above.

And for those you that just missed the live stream here it is
Marvel Heroes 2015: Official Twitch Channel

have fun and have a great weekend

Hello and good evening every one Ok it's been bit since i put updates here they are


Sunday Sunday


  • The cake event has been extended and will last until next weeks patch! Source
  • Doomsaw gave us another update on the Silver Surfer release date here.
  • Defender Tokens still not dropping regularly is a known issue. Source
Wish you a nice Sunday!
 Published: 15 June 2014

Birthday Cake Event Ends Early

"Hey all, Due to some issues with cake drops in some locations, we're ending the event tonight at midnight, but fear not! We'll be bringing back the cake hunt for the end of the month event, and we have some fun plans based on community feedback for the event (you'll want to hunt down Blob!)"

  • Star-Lord will be released with the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie along with two Guardians Team-Ups (not announced yet) Source
  • The ingame UI will eventually display your hero in it's currently equipped costume (no ETA) Source
  • X-Defense Tokens will be dropping based on wave soon (probably this week) Source
Published: 16 June 2014

Return of the Cake


  • The cake event will be returning this weekend with some minor tweaks as the end of the month event is already too big! Source
  • Surfer is approved and on test center but but testers have to sign a NDA this time. So there won't be images and videos floating around until his release. ETA is this week. More Info
Published: 18 June 2014

Hello every one I hope you having a great night here's another update from the
Hub4 on Marvel Heroes 2015

I was apart of the test last night I didn't pick up a NDA Letter. this explains it.

Coming Patch and Community News
  • Silver Surfer is now live on public Test-Center, no NDA required anymore! Source
  • David Brevik let us know on stream with thejunglequeen that the patch this week will be on Friday.
  • Ryolnir said something about the changes to the cake event here (Less Day Runes, addition of Omega Orbs).
  • There's a random hero giveaway for IGN Prime members only here

  • welovekah created a nice Group Buff Cheat Sheet that should make it easier to maximize your raid/group efficiency.
  • simowilkins published the results of his Marvel Heroes Anniversary Census here
  • If you think I missed some helpful community resource here, please let me know! You can now also send me a message on Hub4Heroes Facebook Page

 Published: 19 June 2014
- See more at:

Hello and morning every one. there's bee a lot of up dates sice last week. the Silver surfer was released and alot has happened this week

 Here are the updates.
 Redeem Mystery Code: EPIC12

for Iridium Trilple Rush Energy Bar!
Code Redemption Instructions

Now on to the News

source:Marvel heroes, Hub4 Heroes

 Silver Surfer Has Joined Marvel Heroes! 20 Jun 2014

 The herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015. Wield the Power Cosmic now!
 Read More

 And details on playing him from Nullrage
 VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Marvel Heroes: Silver Surfer Skill Preview




  Art has been released for Rogue, and she's (sort of) available for presale as part of a 'Bring on The Villains' Pack. Ditto Venom, Magneto, Juggernaut, and Star-Lord.
 Bring On The Bad Guys + More Pack

 If you missed out on our previous Advance Pack, this is for you! Almost a 60% savings on 6 of our upcoming Heroes AND playable Villains!
 Read More


 Midweek Update, Costumes and Testing

 Doomsaw just stopped by in DegenTP's twitch channel and posted this:
  • Update: Doomsaw said on twitch that it's going to be on Friday. "This week's patch is coming in a couple of days. Exact time is TBD." Source
  • It will include
  • Storm's Level 52 Review
  • Beta Ray Bill Team-Up
  • The next encounter in the raid (and polish / tuning for existing encounters)
  • All the bug fixes we could find and address since last patch.
  • A little "End of Anniversary Month" event that we're hosting to celebrate how much we enjoy the game and everyone involved with it.
  • Storms Level 52 Review as well as the Beta Ray Bill Team-Up are now live on Test-Center
  • Doomsaw updated the list of officially announced Heroes here and it now states Mr. Fantastics release date as not confirmed, but likeley July 10/11.
  • AFongTwo posted a picture of the Iron Man Guardians of the Galaxy White Variant Armor as well as two fantastic costumes here:

 and lastly A podcast and
 Check it out on the Game On Podcast page.

Welcome to another episode of Game On with! This week we're pleased to be joined by David Brevik, President and CEO of Gazillion Entertainment, makers of Marvel Heroes. David joins us to talk about Marvel Heroes 2015, the successes, renovations, and new additions of the past year, and just how Gazillion is introducing raiding to the action RPG genre.


 And from, Hub4heroes
 Big 12 News


  • Remember to log in on Saturday (today) for The Cosmic Cow King Gift Crate as an extra login reward in addition to the daily Team Up Gear and Omega Orb.
     It contains a Cosmic Penta Rush Boost (4 Hours - 100% XP,RIF,SIF,50% Orb Range,+20 Credits) ,as well as a random cosmic medallion Bovineheim Items and a Brevik's Cowbell Artifact for a lot more cowbell!
  • The Devs with Benefits schedule has been posted here and I added the times to the timezone. We'll do our best to post all dev codes here as soon as they are known.
  • Doomsaw held an AMA on reddit that you can find*UPDATED* DOOMSAW'S Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit about Heroes, the big event and more!!!.
  • A new Brooklyn Patrol / Mr. Fantastic spoiler!
  • Infographic from a blog post by David Brevik


Published: 28 June 2014
 - See more at:

Evening every one I have something special from the dev's Ok here are the

Dev Promo Codes:

Date (MM/DD/YY)Promotion/Link/CodeExpirationRewardNotes04/03/14

INSTITUTE-Taskmaster's Mystery Box1 x Credit Drop Boost 2 hours, 1 x Rarity Drop Boost 2 hours, 1 x Special Item Find Boost 2 hours05/23/142015-3 x Fortune CardsFortune Card Mark II, Fortune Card Mark I, Fortune Card Mark V06/27/14

EPIC12-Iridium Triple Rush Engery Bar - 1 Hours (already given out this past week )
06/28/14 MobsofMayhem-Rarity Boost Rush - 1 Hours
06/28/14 BaconisGreat-Experience Boost Rush - 1 Hours
06/28/14 AmthuaRaids-Rarity Boost Rush - 1 Hours
06/28/14 RyolnirsBeard-Special Item Find Rush Boost - 1 Hours
06/28/14 PsiLockeHeartsBetsy-XP Rush Boost
06/29/14 Spoilersaw-Special Item Find Rush Boost

 put them in now before they expire.

Code Redemption Instructions

After noon one I have a few updates for you
source:Hub4 &  THE FUTURE OF MH: Info on Groot, AXIS, Wiccan, Drax, Gamora and More! 06/30/14

The live stream's over here's the VOD:VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:Marvel Heroes with MJ & CEO David Brevik
 Massivelytv about an hour ago

David Brevik announced on stream that a new Costume for Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider Alejandra) will be available this week (maybe even tomorrow)! Thanks TheBeardedSuperhero for the update!
 According to the Big 12 Announcement the BOGO and G-Sale end at noon today. There's only little time left to take advantage of it. To be precise, the BOGO/G-Sale ends in:
In addition to the BOGO/G-Sale, hero-packs on Steam are also off 50% during the Steam Summer Sale. The Steam Summer Sale is about to end in a few hours too. You can find all packs on Steam here. Please note that packs bought on steam do not qualify for a BOGO.
 Update: Summer Sale is over.
 Published: 30 June 2014
 - See more at:

more details


"He's going to use his beams to fly. He just shoots them at the ground, it's crazy. We have plans to make more of his powers be proper beams."
Jean is just out of paper design.


Review is this year.
Battle Van for his Ultimate.
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


Doomsaw asked the community about him in the link.


Confirmed Team-ups: Arachne(new model and powers), Lock Jaw, Wasp, Clea, Havok, Spider-woman, Mystique, Bob Agent of Hydra, Black Cat, Kitty Pryde, Agent Coulson(Clark Gregg voice), Wolverine, Dr. Doom Future Foundation, Rocket, Groot(200 ES), Drax(400 ES), Gamora(400 ES Marvel NOW outfit) (GotGs are comics based and 2 will come with the GotG file)
Groot - Something extraordinarily amazing that they have never done with any other team up

She Hulks model is being done over for NPC and teamup. Good chance Wasp will be before her.
"Wasp is further ahead than Clea and her model is 100% approved. We are considering making improvements to the Clea in-game model, so she is probably going to be in the second half of the releases."
Gaz's goal is to release a teamup every month. They might be able to do 2 a month by the end of the year.
Hinted Possible Teamups: A-Bomb, Deathlok, Bishop, Iron Fist, Fantomex( 2015), Phantom Rider, NorthStar, War Machine(possible before his playable release), Extrmis, Dani Moonstar, Classic Falcon, Alpha Flight members(possible next year)


After noon everyone  I have another update


Parts of the Event extended

 Taken directly from the thread here: Hello everyone,
 Quick announcements:
  • We will be extending the Summer BBQ event to extend through the 4th of July Weekend.
  • We will be extending the Soccer event to extend throughout the World Cup. (Congrats to all the teams that are doing well, for people who follow the tournament in Brazil, and good job to Germany for their overtime goal tonight!).
  • A reminder to have your friends, family, life-model decoys to finish the Stan Lee quest if they haven't yet.
  • We have a fairly small patch this week, focused on a few bugs fixes and such. We are already working hard on the patches later in the month with Login Rewards, Achievements, Raids out of beta, Mr. Fantastic, Star-Lord and so on.
Have a great week and we'll check in daily.

 There's also a new build on Test-Center. You can read some details here
 Wonder what the devs had to say during the Play with the Devs sessions? Freakout wrote up some things he has been told during his conversations with the devs here. Doomsaw himself created this thread. Fellgrave took some notes during a stream that David Brevik joined. You can read them here.
 Published: 01 July 2014

 - See more at:

Hello every oe hopefully I wont post ay further til after friday. Here's a other update don't worry they did do canada day which was yesterday

 here it is from


Redeem Mystery Code: HOTDOGS
 (EXPIRES AT 12:00 PM PDT 7/7/2014)
 (Redemption Instructions)

 Fourth of July and more


 Celebrate Fourth of July and Canada Day with
limited time sales (More Info...)


The Advanced Alejandra Blaze Costume for Ghost Rider is now available!

Mr. Fantastic Pre-Sale is now available here


 The Reaper Event Rotation is coming back this weekend! Read the announcement here! Timeline will be ready as soon as the schedule is available.
 Doomsaw compiled a nice update here that contains news about Alejandra (awaiting approval), Reed Richards (Launch July, TC maybe next week), Different colors for event loot (eventually), Login Rewards and more!
 Another Doomsaw post about Villains and their future to be found here
 Published: 02 July 2014

 - See more at:


Michael Bitton : Lightning Strikes Twice with Storm
Posted Jul 02, 2014
Gazillion has steadily undertaken the task of reviewing and reworking each and every hero in Marvel Heroes over the past year, with priority given to the starter characters players choose from when entering the game. This massive slate of reviews is nearing completion and the latest review to hit was for everyone’s favorite weather witch: Storm.
Read more of Michael Bitton's Marvel Heroes: Lightning Strikes Twice with Storm.

Gazillion has steadily undertaken the task of reviewing and reworking each and every hero in Marvel Heroes over the past year, with priority given to the starter characters players choose from when entering the game. This massive slate of reviews is nearing completion and the latest review to hit was for everyone’s favorite weather witch: Storm.


When Marvel Heroes originally released, characters featured a power progression from levels 1-30, with an ultimate power earned at the end of said progression. Months later, Gazillion began releasing new characters with power progression up to level 52, with roughly five additional powers per character earned along the way, including a new Signature ability (earned at level 30) and the character’s ultimate acquired at 52.
Since Storm was one of the game’s launch characters, she’s only had a power progression from 1-30 up until this point, but still remained a fairly interesting and viable character nonetheless. Even prior to her rework, Storm had a full suite of visually impressive powers at her disposal, and aside from being squishy, could clear packs of mobs better than most. The character did lack a reliable boss shredder, but her largest flaw was probably her kit’s focus being on a single ability: Thundering Maelstrom. If geared properly, Storm players could basically fly around the map zapping everything while holding just a single button. Thundering Maelstrom was visually impressive to be sure, but like anything else, it got old, and there wasn’t a whole lot of depth or nuance to her gameplay pattern.
With Storm’s level 52 review, Gazillion has maintained the power in Thundering Maelstrom, but they have also given the character a whole lot more options, including a viable wind tree for players who prefer conjuring tornadoes to lightning storms. A new boss shredder in Electrocute does wonders for fighting bosses, though channeling this ability can put you at risk of dying. It looks too cool not to use, even if I do put myself at risk. Imagine Emperor Palpatine frying someone with force lightning and you’ve basically got Electrocute. Microburst, a new single target wind power, is a bit underwhelming as an alternative, but I could see it working with some numbers tweaks.
Storm’s new Signature ability conjures up a powerful Typhoon. It does some impressive damage, provided enemies stay within the radius. Venom isn’t much of a fan though and will often swing right out, much to my frustration. An irresistible slow would probably help a bit here. Sudden Tornadoes, a new power that can conjure up roaming tornadoes to create havoc on the battlefield, is awesome once you’ve got all five going, but it can be a real chore casting the ability five times every 10 seconds or so just to keep these things going. Common feedback, and I would be inclined to agree, suggests that Gazillion change the power so Storm players summon all five tornadoes at once.
The retooled tempest powers, toggled abilities that provide various effects, are mostly a welcome change. I do feel that Arcing Tempest, Storm’s lightning themed toggle, is a bit underwhelming due to the erratic damage it deals, and could certainly be spruced up a bit. Freezing Tempest is probably my favorite due to its interaction with Storm’s new crowd control breaker, Storm Surge. With Freezing Tempest active, Storm players can activate Storm Surge to pulse out a massive irresistible stun. At high ranks, this can stun a pack of mobs for long enough to dispatch them completely and even lock up a boss for a little while. Going this route will lock you out of some consistent projectile protection offered by her wind toggle, but I think it’s probably worth it.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!
:<a href=";feature=player_embedded" target="_blank" class="new_win">;feature=player_embedded</a>

Aside from all the new gameplay additions, Storm’s VFX and SFX have also been improved across the board. Some have complained about the appearance of Storm’s wind powers, but they look fine to me given the VFX soup that Marvel Heroes tends to end up being, especially while playing Storm. If the wind powers looked proper you probably wouldn’t be able to see most of the stuff going on in the game. My favorite addition to Storm’s aesthetics, aside from the aforementioned Electrocute, is the rolling thunder sound added to Thundering Maelstrom. Yes, TM actually thunders now. Woot!


Good after noon every one I have some news for you all from yesterday

 here it is source:Hub4

Midtown Fix and More


  • Problems with the spawn-parameters in Midtown are known and fixing it has very high priority today Source

  • amthua was on sharing spree and showed new Mr. Fantastic screenshots in (this thread). Keep an eye on this thread for hero release date estimations.

  • Gazillion Games held a talk at Supercon and community member AdawgDaFAB took photos of some costumes they showed. GmanDH recorded most of the show and shared the videos with us:
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Supercon 2014 - Gazillion Entertainment - Marvel Heroes Q&A Part 1

Published: 07 July 2014

See more at:

Good after noon every one. I have two things for you all today

 first news on Mr fantastic and there's a redone review/rework on Marvel heroes 2015 as it's being called now (since it's re brand) put out today.


Everything will be fantastic


Published: 09 July 2014

 - See more at:


Marvel Heroes : An Omega Level MMOARPG

 Posted Jul 09, 2014
 Marvel Heroes launched last year in a decidedly less than superheroic state. The game shared many qualities found in the various ARPGs that have come onto the scene since Gazillion CEO David Brevik essentially created the point-and-click ARPG genre with Diablo in 1996.
 Read more of Michael Bitton's Marvel Heroes: An Omega Level MMOARPG.

Marvel Heroes launched last year in a decidedly less than superheroic state. The game shared many qualities found in the various ARPGs that have come onto the scene since Gazillion CEO David Brevik essentially created the point-and-click ARPG genre with Diablo in 1996. What really set the game apart from its peers was its unique blend of MMO and ARPG elements. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. Gazillion Entertainment, the developer of Marvel Heroes, did a decent job blending these elements in the game’s initial release last year, but it was the rest of the game that simply came out undercooked.
Frankly, Marvel Heroes wasn’t a great game when we first reviewed it, but like all MMOs, Marvel Heroes is a living product and Gazillion has seemingly been burning the candle at both ends over the past year to make Marvel Heroes the game everyone hoped it would be. Did they succeed? Read on for our re-review to find out!


Marvel Heroes likely won’t win any awards for having the highest fidelity graphics one can find on the market in 2014, but the developers have more than made up for the somewhat dated look with an intense attention to detail. Characters in Marvel Heroes really come to life with an impressive array of power animations and visual effects. You’ll also find little details like the fact Johnny Storm’s passive flame effect changes in intensity depending on how much Spirit (mana) he has left.
Not only do the characters look great, but most sound the part, too. Spiderman’s always cracking wise, Torch is as cocky as you would imagine, and Sue Storm is right there to scold Johnny just as she always has. That last bit really sells the experience of playing a game set in the Marvel universe, too. The characters all interact with each other and even with the game’s various major villains. Hearing these can get a little grating at times depending on the character, but discovering all the little interactions is a delight more often than not.
The environments and enemies in Marvel Heroes are similarly detailed, but the flip side is that there is a dearth of both. You’ll be fighting mostly the same enemies and bosses, even in different forms of content, and while there is some variety in the game’s environments, it wouldn’t hurt to have some more available.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: Marvel Heroes 2015 Launch Trailer



If there’s one area that Marvel Heroes has improved on in leaps and bounds over the past year it’s in its gameplay. Ever since Gazillion picked up Jeff ‘Doomsaw’ Donais last summer, the team has had a renewed focus on really tightening up and improving the game; and it shows. I could sit here and get into all the little details, but the basic problems with Marvel Heroes’ gameplay at launch were in the game’s various playable heroes’ kits and in the game’s item hunt. Fortunately, Gazillion has improved both areas. For one, the team has gone through the game’s constantly growing roster and has almost fully reworked the characters that needed it, by adding new powers to their kits, among other things. The vast majority of these reviews have resulted in significant improvements for characters, making them much more fun to play and giving players additional options in terms of builds. Gazillion has also revamped a number of the game’s behind-the-scenes systems like defense, damage, and other tidbits to make the simple act of playing more fun. If you haven’t played since before these changes went in or you just haven’t played the game at all, it may be harder to notice, but the game is a good deal less spiky in terms of damage and characters across the roster are more consistent both in terms of the amount of damage they can take and dish out.
There are tons of new items and item types to hunt as well: Legendary items allow you to select from a variety of items with a linear progression of effects that are unlocked as you earn experience with the item equipped. Team Insignias offer players an item slot with team utility. Runewords are a throwback to Diablo II and allow you to further customize your character in interesting ways, and so on. Using Runewords as an example, the River of the Soul Runeword enables many characters to run builds without basic attacks due to its powerful spirit management effect. It’s a simple effect with significant impact.

On the content side, Marvel Heroes has added multiple new difficulty modes for the game’s story, new Terminals (formalized boss runs), a patrol zone for players to run to their hearts content, endless survival in X-Defense, and more recently, Raids. There’s a lot to do in Marvel Heroes, even at level cap, and even I haven’t done it all. Raids are the one area I haven’t been able to tackle just yet, but from what I understand, they offer players a truly difficult form of content to run once they’ve geared their characters properly, and Gazillion promises even better item rewards coming from this system.
Like any ARPG, progression comes primarily from the item hunt, but Marvel Heroes goes a step further with a new alternate advancement system called the Omega System. This is an account wide system that is a mix of EverQuest Alternate Advancement and Diablo III Paragon levels. Simply put, you earn experience towards the Omega System whenever you earn any sort of experience and you don’t need to be playing a level capped character to do it. Whenever you ‘level up’ your Omega experience bar you earn an Omega point and these points can be spent in the Omega system to unlock a variety of powerful effects for your character. Points earned are available to all characters just like Diablo III’s Paragon system, which is a definite plus.
The one caveat is that the Omega system feels almost needlessly complicated in the options available. There are just so many possibilities and combined with the time to earn points, the costs of certain nodes, and a UI that is a bit lacking in terms of providing adequate information, it can all be a bit overwhelming. It’s nice to be constantly working towards progression for my characters, but Gazillion could do more to clean up the system and make options easier to understand and plan for.

Marvel Heroes doesn’t break the mold when it comes to the ARPG, but what it does do differently is fully embrace its MMO elements. You won’t only encounter players in hubs; you’ll see them almost everywhere. Depending on your ability to suspend your disbelief, it can be a bit jarring seeing 10 Wolverines running around, but this has become less and less of an issue as the game’s roster grows. There are just so many characters that you aren’t always seeing the same ones running around anymore. Unlike most ARPGs, there’s also content in Marvel Heroes that is designed explicitly for groups, such as the aforementioned X-Defense and Raids.
Polish has been an issue with Marvel Heroes since launch and unfortunately that is still true today. Things have improved for sure, but the game is still buggier than it should be at this point and game performance runs the gamut from inconsistent to abysmal depending on the activity you’re participating in and the patch version you’re playing on. I’m running a beast of a rig and the game’s frame rate can fly all over the place, especially in the Midtown patrol zone.
I would say the UI is adequate, but just barely. What frustrates me most is the presentation of information. It’s still hard to make sense of a lot of the game’s numbers without having to resort to going to the game’s forums and other out of game resources. Why not take a page out of Diablo III’s book and give us an easier way to compare the effects of a new item at a glance? Or how about being able to find out the max roll of an item simply by looking at it? There’s a lot of information available in the UI, but it’s simply frustrating to digest at times.

As we’ve discussed, there’s a pretty significant amount of content available to play through in Marvel Heroes and there’s new stuff coming to the game all the time, including both new characters and systems. With tons of characters to level, even more items to hunt, and the massive Omega alternate advancement system, you have a game that you can buckle down and play for the long haul. The only catch is that actual fresh new content to consume is slower to come to the game, so you’ll be running a lot of the same stuff over and over. To be fair, variety has continued to grow with time and running things over and over sort of comes with the territory for ARPGs anyway.
Marvel Heroes is both a group and solo friendly game. If you want to jump into the game and just solo through the vast majority of the game’s content, nothing will stand in your way. That said, the game is also rewarding in groups. Modes like X-Defense and Raids are exclusive to groups, but even running content that be played solo is often beneficial as a group. For example, repeatable Legendary (semi randomized repeatable quests) Quests in Midtown are far easier to complete in a group since other players’ kills count towards your quest even if they are in an entirely different area of the zone. Gazillion also recently introduced a Shared Quest system that directly encourages players to group up for a variety of content each day; though the rewards could be a bit better.
It’s simply easy to group up and play with others in Marvel Heroes and even if you aren’t into grouping you’ll often find non-committal opportunities to team up with other players in the form of zone events that you can dart in and out of as you please.
The one area that I feel Marvel Heroes could stand to improve on when it comes to its social experience is with guilds. The game features an incredibly barebones guild system at the moment and with how often characters team up in the comics I think this is an area of unmined potential that sticks out like a sore thumb.

VALUE – 10
How free is “Free-to-Play”? We have to ask this question with every F2P game we review and as for Marvel Heroes, it’s pretty damn free. Gazillion has adopted the League of Legends model where they primarily make their money off of cosmetics and boosts, while giving players the option to earn just about everything else, including characters, for free. When you start up the game and play for the first time you’ll be given a number of heroes to select from and whichever hero you select is yours to play forever. If that hero happens to also be your favorite Marvel character ever, well, you’re basically set.
Now, if you want to buy costumes for said hero, you’ll have to fork over some cash (costumes do drop, but don’t expect to see it happen), but other than that you don’t really need to spend a dime. You could plop a few bucks down for some increased bank space and maybe a Team Up (follower character) if you like, but you won’t find any barriers blocking you from playing through any of the game’s content.
Like Steve Rogers, Marvel Heroes initially had its heart in the right place, but was lacking everywhere else. Fortunately, the game has improved enough over the past year that the results are about as dramatic as Steve’s eventual transformation into Captain America via the Super Soldier Serum. It’s basically a whole new game at this point. If you’re looking for a game that effectively meshes elements of both the MMO and ARPG genres and you love (or don’t mind) the Marvel IP, you can’t really go wrong with Marvel Heroes.
 Michael Bitton / Michael began his career at the WarCry Network in 2005 as the site manager for several different WarCry fansite portals. In 2008, Michael worked for the startup magazine Massive Gamer as a columnist and online news editor. In June of 2009, Michael joined as the site's Community Manager. Follow him on Twitter @eMikeB

 Final Score 8.2

  Easy on your wallet
Exciting blend of MMO and ARPG elements
Your favorite Marvel characters come to life

  Lack of enemy variety
Mediocre performance and polish
Somewhat dated visuals

Hello Every one here's what I have for you all tonight but watch vic's basement before this. You still have time

Here's what's new today

source:Hub4 ,Marvel Heroes 2015 Forum& Marvel Heroes 2015 official twitch channel

Fantastic Code!

 Redeem the code

 for a 2 hour Special Item Find boost!
Code Redemption Instructions

 Friday, 11 July 2014


Patch 1.06

 Patch 1.06 will be deployed in:
 It will contain:
  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Login Rewards Details (Rewards start counting from Saturday, so don't be surprised if it doesn't start right away when you login on Friday)
  • ARMOR Drives will be dropping for the next week. A new item will be in the patch to spend them on.
  • A 100% SIF, RIF and EXP boost from Friday (when patch is applied) to midnight PST Tuesday night.
 Ultimate Thor will be coming on Tuesday Source
 Doomsaw posted a Star-Lord teaser here:
 Published: 11 July 2014

 - See more at:

Marvel Heroes 2015 Official Livestream: 7/11



Hey all!
We'll be having an official livestream today to show off Mr. Fantastic and show off some new costumes/Team-Up models!
Join us at at 4PM PDT for fun and spoilers!

Ok for those that missed it here's the VOD

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!
:Marvel Heroes 2015: Official Twitch Channel
 MarvelHeroes about an hour ago

^^stuff from, last ihts live stream

Official Reed-Stream and XP

  • People have been talking a lot about XP-nerfs since yesterday. So far no nerf/bug has been confirmed, but to be sure server-side XP-boost was raised 250%! Source1 Source2 Source3 The Amount of XP needed to get Omega-Orbs has indeed been raised though. It is an ongoing balancing process.
  • There has been an official livestream. Watch the VOD uptop

Published: 12 July 2014

 - See more at:

Break down of the stream


Planned release is toward the end of July and should release with the movie and 2 GotG team-ups. 3 Skill Trees: Cosmic Outlaw, Ship Commander, and Element Gun. No plans for his mask to come off.


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


He will be 400 ES. Release is planned to happen by the end of the summer when a specific event happens.


Trenchcoat movie costume coming


REVIEWS(which means rework of characters a
nd how they play)


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
Early August. Review includes Turret changes, more guns(5 new ones including a Chain and Gatling Gun. Current plan is to make Groot have no time duration.


New Model and Powers.


Current plan: Coming This month
Achievements are in internal testing. All achievements will have points and some unique rewards. Achievement Titles are highly likely.
The "Do you like to lift" was a place holder.

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

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Includes "pet augmentation". Maybe eventually be pet crafting.
Late Summer. Leveling includes all color items.

Details i Gazillion Games held a talk at Supercon
 YouTube video 3 posts up


 Marvel Heroes : Mr. Fantastic Suits Up for Action

 Posted Jul 11, 2014

 Marvel Heroes 2015 players have yet another super hero with whom to take on the game with the arrival of Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic is part of the Fantastic Four and can be found in the Mr. Fantastic Hero Pack. The pack comes with two costumes as well.
[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?] A member of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards received the powers of amazing elasticity after being bathed in cosmic rays. He uses his ability to stretch his body seemingly infinite lengths to form giant fists, shrug off attacks, and form various shapes to traverse the environment. In addition to his super powers, he also possesses incredible intellect, capable of creating and wielding amazing inventions that have saved the universe countless times.
Find out more on the Marvel Heroes 2015 site.

Ryolnir said something on the mutant/ mutation side of omega points , they said are working on new tabs for it and it's to be dated cause dates are always changing. but it's coming soon cause that what they are working on this from Ryolnirs lips with Mr. Brevik sitting to his left just talking about Rocket ad his new suit and tie

They want new suggestions from the player fan base o
n new villains to add.

final details his the last bit of info I picked from the VOD of the stream last night Mr Brevik will be at SDCC and possibly Pax Prime

Ryolinir will be at Game con

they might send doom saw down under for the new pax being held there

Some Updates and Clarification


 Doomsaw was busy once again and wrote a couple of posts:
  • An update/clarification on the omega system tuning. More
  • Fresh information about raids. More
  • Some things about Rogue. More
  • An update about Nova. More
Enjoy your weekend! Published: 12 July 2014

 - See more at:

Good evening every one. this is from this past week

source:Hub4 &

Redeem the code

 for a Rarity Rush Bar!
 Saturday, 19 July 2014

 Code Redemption Instructions

 Star-Teaser Time


  • PsiLocke posted a preview of changes coming to PVP here
  • Doomsaw did the same for Mr. Fantastic here
  • and for Thor here
  • Rocket Raccons Level 52 Design Notes are available here
  • He also posted new teaser for Star-Lord in this thread!

Published: 17 July 2014



Patch 1.08 and Weeklong Summer Beach Party

 Patch 1.08 has been deployed.
 Patch Notes

 The Summer Beach Party has begun! It will last all week until the next patch hits! Source
  • 50% Server Side boost to RIF, SIF and Experience. (Wear SPF 50 sunscreen!)
  • Hot Dog ingredients have returned and can drop from any enemy.
  • For this Beach Party event seashells have been added to all loot tables. They are a lovely pink hue and are affected by Special Item Find.
  • Seashells can be traded in to the Special Event Vendor (Clea) in exchange for 4 items.

  • Beach Party Fortune Cards are available for a limited time! More
  • Details
  • Taskmasters Age of Ultron Costume and Thors Ultimate Thor Costume are now available! More
Published: 19 July 2014

 - See more at:

and lastly
Mr. Brevik At Comic-Con San Diego!

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
David Brevik (CEO Gazillion, visionary behind Diablo and Diablo II) sits down with fellow industry professionals to discuss the evolution of the action-RPG genre. From turn-based to real-time action, hear from the movers and shakers on how far the action-RPG genre has come and where it will be going in the future. Don't miss this chance to ask those burning questions you have in the Q&A session moderated by Genese Davis (The Holder's Dominion;; The Gamer in You) Friday, 7/25/14, 7:00p.m. - 8:00p.m., Room: 9


Good morning every one. Here's a up day for you all

Redeem Mystery Code: MISFITS &
Oh and Everyone this code was on the live blog SDCCMH2015 to redeem
(EXPIRES AT 12:00 PM PDT 7/28/2014)
 (Redemption Instructions)


Don't miss out on our sales!
Keep up to date (More Info...)

 Our newest Team-Up, Domino has arrived
 in Marvel Heroes 2015! (More Info...)

From NullRage's Youtube page


  • 1 day ago

Marvel Heroes celebrates Guardians of the Galaxy
  (16 hours ago)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy film hits theaters on August 1st, and Marvel Heroes is counting down with its 10 Days of Guardians of the Galaxy in-game event. Players can complete three shared quests once per day to max out their allotment of Planet X Bark, which can then be redeemed for loot boxes with varying levels of unique rewards.

There's also a daily login reward, so head to the official Marvel Heroes website to read all about it!

And to day & tomorrow are the games panels

Good morning (technically)every one Here's a up day for you all

source: Marvel Heroes 2015 forum , Massively, Hub4 &


 TC Monday. Release date plan is for the day before the GotG movie.
 The will be a "chain lightning" power(might not be the actual name)
 Star-Lord has 3 Skill Trees: Cosmic Outlaw, Ship Commander and Element Gun. He has a Cosmic Cube Ultimate.
 And yes that's an Advanced EoI in the pic.

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 Movie Costume
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 His Ultimate
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 Current Plan: August
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 Power From Nightcrawler

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
 Power from Eltectro

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
 Grim Reaper's Power

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
 Laser Dash from Living Laser

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 Juggernaut's Invulnerability

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

Invisible Woman's Power

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 She will be 200 ES.

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all from:


 The Stream Team: More heroes in Marvel Heroes

  (1 hour ago)
 Super-hero, Video, Free-to-Play, Marvel Heroes, Livestream, The Stream Team
Massively's MJ is of the opinion you can never play a super hero too often, so she's donning her cape and flying right back into more Marvel Heroes adventures. Only now there are even more heroes to choose from! That means some decisional paralysis might come into play. Which will she select? Will it be her long-time favorite Storm? What about Nightcrawler or Psylocke? Maybe she'll pull out an even newer hero to showcase! Regardless, it will be a mighty adventure of smashing bad guys -- along with nearby trashcans, cars, and hot dog carts. Join us live at 2:00 p.m. EDT for some super fun.

Game: Marvel Heroes
Host: MJ Guthrie
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT

Enjoy our Stream Team videoi the article

and lastly

Patch 1.09 and Guardians of the Galaxy Countdown

 1.09 Patch Notes

 Source Planet X Bark: Drops from daily shared quests (Turn into Jocasta for rewards)
 Domino Team-Up Now Available
 Midtown Madness event is back!
 Awesome new login screen
 Kurse's Sweep attack has a red indicator, and does 30% less damage
 Omega System: XP needed for an Omega Point reduced to 16.4 Million
 Update to X-Defense and Holo-Sim loot
GotG Information

  Rotation Schedule
The dev's are pumping out 2-day promotions up until the release of Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st
 Rocket Raccoon Update:

Doomsaw is pushing the Test Center update until tomorrow
Rockets powers are now Energy damage Groot can now be redirected to a target of your choosing
 Still has summon duration as of right now
Link to the Test Center Thread
 As we know, Tim has very limited time for a while, so for now this is Matt, and I thought I'd give a quick tl:dr of the game while he's been gone.
 Published: 28 July 2014


 Marvel Heroes : AMA with David Brevik & Jeff 'Doomsaw' Donais -- THURSDAY!

 Posted Jul 29, 2014

 Join us Thursday, July, 31 at 7PM EDT in our Marvel Heroes subforum for a live Q&A with Gazillion's David Brevik and Jeff 'Doomsaw' Donais.
 Please keep in mind that Thursday's Q&A is NOT a discussion thread. Simply submit your questions in the thread (or follow-up questions to any of David/Jeff's answers) and allow them a chance to answer.
 Remember to be respectful and courteous with your questions. Disrespectful questions, comments, or outright trolling will be dealt with harshly by our moderation team.



Evening every one I have video interview for you all well its sorta a online talk show of sorts

Starts at about 10:30 for those who want to skip the banter.
Source: IGN

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Marvel Heroes Wasn't Good, Now it Is - Up at Noon

 1 hour 3 minutes ago - David Brevik, tells Up at Noon how Marvel Heroes 2015 fixes its mistakes -- and if it could come to consoles. See More »

    Good evening every one. Here are the updates for this weekend first are deals from Steam the rest is this weekend news o events

Hub4 , [/list]
& Marvel Heroes 2015 official twitch channel
    All DLC, minus Black Widow for some reason, is 50% off on Steam. Didn't see this anywhere else, thought I'd post here. You're welcome (for the information) and I'm sorry (for your wallet).

    Updated with link:
    According to @PuffAdder "The sale ends a week from today on August 14th, fyi."
    Also, from @PuffAdder, the list of items on sale with prices:
    -50% $19.99 $9.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Loki Pack
    -50% $19.99 $9.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Spider-Man Hero Pack
    -50% $9.99 $4.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Hawkeye Hero Pack
    -50% $19.99 $9.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Cable Hero Pack
    -50% $19.99 $9.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Wolverine Hero Pack
    -50% $19.99 $9.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Gambit Hero Pack
    -50% $59.99 $29.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - Avengers Assemble Team Pack
    -50% $59.99 $29.99 Marvel Heroes 2015 - X-Force Team Pack

    On the TC right now so we can expect this and much more starting tomorrow [/list]
     Cosmic Chaos Week:


      We’re happy to announce a new event launching this week: Cosmic Chaos!
       This event will last the full week, until next week’s patch. This event is also recurring and will come back every month, allowing for short-term and long-term goals for the event. We plan to have more regularly recurring events like this, to provide something to consistently look forward to.
       With that in mind, check out out the features of Cosmic Chaos!

      • Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot - All cosmic Terminal bosses, every time.
      • Cosmic Questions Answered - What is the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything? The answer is a 42% server-side multiplicative boost to Rare Item Find, Special Item Find and Experience for all your heroes.
      • Cosmic Prestige Doubled - Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week.
      • Cosmic Doop Double Spawns - Midtown is more dangerous, with twin Cosmic Doops visiting occasionally.
      • Cosmic Doop X-Defense - Cosmic Doops can and will appear in Doop waves of X-Defense.
      • Cosmic Doop Simulation - Cosmic Doops can and will appear in Holo-Sim rounds 5 and higher.
      • The Power Cosmic - A new Legendary item with powerful potential.
      • Doop Rune - A new rune that can be found during Cosmic Chaos.
      • Double Cosmic Warlock Box - Adam Warlock’s 42 splinter Random Cosmic Item box will drop 2 cosmics during Cosmic Chaos week.
      • Cosmic Doop Medallion - A new medallion for heroes that like to get up close and personal.
      • Cosmic Doop Insignia - A new Insignia featuring a Rare Item Find aura for your and your allies.
      • Cosmic Doop Training Sector - Move over cow level, portals to this this special facility for training Cosmic Doops is available during Cosmic Chaos week.
      • Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon - An honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and daughter of Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon in no stranger to cosmic chaos. During this week’s Cosmic Chaos event, and returning each month, Moondragon will exchange Cosmic Worldstones for a variety of items:
      • The Power Cosmic Legendary Item
      • New Runeword Crafting Recipe: The Power Doop
      • New Runeword Crafting Recipe: Doop Inspiration
      • Portals for the Cosmic Doop Training Sector
      • Moondragon’s Cosmic Coffer
      • Doop Ectoplasm Artifact
      • Doop Insignia
      • ... and Cosmic Doop Companion Pet!
      • (a few more things are also in development)

       Cosmic Shop Items - This Week Only
       The store team is getting into this first Cosmic Chaos as well, with a few fun items for this week only:
      • Cosmic Mystery Box! - A “cosmically enhanced” cross between a BOGO box, mystery box and almost too crazy deal from the fine people on the store team. (If you want to see what kind of loot to expect, check out this video here)
      • Cosmic Penta Boosts - Returning for the Cosmic Chaos event.
      • Cosmic Hero Sale - A selection of Cosmic Heroes are on sale during Cosmic Chaos:
      • Silver Surfer
      • Rocket Raccoon
      • Mr. Fantastic
      • Invisible Woman
      • Thing
      • Human Torch
      • Ms. Marvel.
       Cosmic Mega Bundle - All the cosmic heroes with their stash tab and costume at a cosmically crazy deal.
       Notes on the event.
      • There is a new currency called Cosmic Worldstones. These stack to 9999 and will be added to the currency tab eventually, so as not to take up space.
      • This is a pretty hard core event and will return every month. Each month it will be iterated, adjusted, enhanced, etc. to be amazing and sweet.
      • There is a ton of cool stuff to find in the world and/or acquire from Moondragon using Cosmic Worldstones. Some of these items will require several events to earn. Example: The cosmetic pet "Cosmic Doop Companion" requires the highest number of Cosmic Worldstones (2000) and can't possibly be earned in one event weekend.
      This is Ben, helping out Tim and Matt. I'll also update this post when there is an update.
       Published: 07 August 2014


       Genese Davis : San Diego Comic Con Action-RPG Panel Insights

       Posted Aug 08, 2014 by Suzie Ford

       The San Diego Comic-Con showcased quite a few of our exciting video game panels, one of which was focused on the Action-RPG genre. David Brevik (Gazillion Entertainment) visionary behind Diablo and Diablo II, Jared Gerritzen (Major League Gaming), David Eddings (Gearbox Software), James Schmalz (Digital Extremes), and Chris Lee (En Masse Entertainment) joined me on location to discuss the evolution of Action-RPGs.
       Read more of Genese Davis's San Diego Comic Con Action RPG Panel Insights.
      The San Diego Comic-Con showcased quite a few of our exciting video game panels, one of which was focused on the Action-RPG genre. David Brevik (Gazillion Entertainment) visionary behind Diablo and Diablo II, Jared Gerritzen (Major League Gaming), David Eddings (Gearbox Software), James Schmalz (Digital Extremes), and Chris Lee (En Masse Entertainment) joined me on location to discuss the evolution of Action-RPGs. From turn-based to real-time action, it was a pleasure to hear from the movers and shakers on how far the Action-RPG genre has come and where the genre could be going in the future.


      We began the panel with a brief glimpse into the history of Action-RPGs. When asked which Action-RPGs have influenced their gaming career, David Brevik referenced how Moria was the basis for Diablo. The entire action RPG genre came into its own at that point in time. Jared jumped in and mentioned how Diablo defined this genre by combining first-person shooter twitch-like movements with an RPG. It was both shocking and captivating. David Eddings mentioned how Zork was one of the first action RPGs because, while it was all text, the player still felt that compelling gameplay aspect that Action-RPGs offer. Other panelists mentioned Kingdom Hearts and Borderlands being influential Action-RPGs. The Legend of Zelda was also mentioned as one of the first influential action games where the player’s really cared about the characters.
      The panelists went on to discuss how the genre has changed and evolved mentioning how Final Fantasy’s turn-based games gave the player the ability to watch his/her character navigate the world. In addition, how procedurally generated games such as Diablo II gave players the option to play the game over and over. Multiplayer function is great for the genre because players get to create and maintain long-distance friendships.
      The RPG aspect, of course, is a very big part of this Action genre, the panelists said. This discussion point led to the panelists describing how much RPGs in general have impacted the game industry at large. Lee mentioned how RPG elements are in nearly every game out there from online gaming, to social elements, to the evolution of characters. Eddings mentioned that AAA developers' goal when creating any RPG is to fulfill the player’s fantasy of being the hero, a race car driver, a football star, ultimate fighter, etc.

      From there we moved in to the evolution of games. Schmalz agreed with other panelists that they could foresee a future game coming out and lasting for six or seven years because of the amount of transmedia, new content, lore, and evolution of characters that can be infused into one game. Lee feels that most games will shift in to this perpetual existence, meaning there will be no more sequels, just games that are released and go on with updates and new content.

      When asked where the industry is going in the future, the panelists described how building communities and keeping players interested is key. Brevik mentioned how developers can’t ignore what players want because they are so many entertainment options out there competing with any given video game. For instance, Marvel Heroes is updated every week. It wasn't good at first, he said, but by building and communicating with audiences, we were able to improve the game and want to continue improving it based on our communities feedback.

      In talking abut this perpetually existing game, the topic of Free to Play merging with Action-RPGs also came up. F2P allows for a free trial that developers hope will turn into paid subscribers, Gerritzen said. The challenge for developers is the need to pay employees salaries balanced against what the community wants. While ads can pull the player out of the gaming experience and pay to win exploits the customer, pay to decorate or customize your character is a better option when utilizing the free to play model, Eddings added.

      Gerritzen mentioned that regardless of all this, a good game is the bottom line. No one will pay to play a bad game. Community is paramount. This is not like the movie industry where the audience's needs can be guessed or ignored. Without the community's needs being fulfilled, there is no game and ultimately, no jobs.
      The Action-RPG genre is an intriguing and mega-fun genre, that is sure to continue surprising and exciting us in the future. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to David Brevik, James Schmalz, Chris Lee, David Eddings, Jared Gerritzen, Gazillion Entertainment, Major League Gaming, Digital Extremes, En Masse Entertainment, Gearbox Software, and the countless producers, supporters, and fans. Thank you for your dedication and passion for the industry and for your valuable time.
      If you would like any additional information regarding this column or for general inquires, don’t hesitate to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook and at
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      And lastly
      So Apparently there was a live stream so here's the VOD.
      VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
      Marvel Heroes 2015: Official Twitch Channel
       MarvelHeroes 3 hours ago


       @Doomsaw just spoiled some stuff about Pet-Tech on the livestream:

       Some tidbits I picked up on from Doomsaw in the chat.

       Tribal, info on Jubilee for you

       The last note was when asked who is a future 200 ES hero if they were made. So Elektra will be 200 ES when she eventually joins the game some day.

      • All cosmetic pets are gonna be upgraded to cybernetic pets for free.
      • You would be able to unlock green, blue, purple, cosmic and unique nodes on them.
      • To unlock these nodes you would have to donate items of the specific type.
      • Cosmic nodes give bonuses to powers, while green, blue and purple nodes give bonuses to things like health, defense, damage and spirit.
      • You can reroll each node almost for free at crafter, allowing you to mix and match them to customize your hero.
      • Each pet can have different cybernetic upgrades.
      • You would be able to buy random pets for splinters.
      • There might be a craftable pet in future.
      • Pets are not going to be bound to heroes, allowing you to swap them between characters easily.
      • There would be a new "vacuum" feature. When you click a bindable key (default "J") all green, blue and purple on the ground are being automatically picked up and donated to your pet. This would help to unlock all the stuff.
      • If you have the max rank for every node on your pet the items are going to be converted to a small amount of credits (about 1% of the regular sell amount).
      • Cosmics and uniques cannot be vacuumed, and they would have to be dragged manually on the pet. You can also manually donate any green, blue or purple item.
      • You don't have to put your pet out to use Pet-Tech.
      This would allow to accomplish the following things:
      • Every pet is useful.
      • Performance will be better because loot won't stay on the ground.
      • Players would have something to do with big loot explosions even if there isn't anything useful in particular.

      The vacuum feature is completely agnostic as to whether you have a pet out. You don't have to have a pet out, as long as you have a pet in your inventory you can press 'J' and vacuum. It's just attached to the pet for flavor.
       What if you only have one pet? We are going to allow people to get copies of some random cosmetic pets for splinters. We may also have a craftable pet.
      The Bronx Zoo teaser:
      This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

      @DrNo:The rest of the chat from tonight.

      Shadowcat, Dr. Doom, Winter Soldier, and Nick Fury confirmed for next Advance Pack. Elektra confirmed for 200 ES. Now all I need to hear is a release date for Mayday Parker and my life is 45% complete. Bonus points if Nick comes with Maria Hill and Agent Coulson as Enhanced costumes.