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Author Topic: Now Loading!  (Read 2947 times)

Hey everyone, Jamie here from EPN! In case you might not have seen, we've recently launched a new weekly web show called Now Loading, with new episodes every Tuesday. I serve as host, and chat alongside fellow folks from behind the scenes of EPN Alistair Brown, Alyssa Harrison, and John Michael-Sole. The first two episodes are up now, as well as the audio from next episode serving as this week's Vic's Basement podcast (don't worry, Vic and Scott shall return next week). 

Check out the show here, and be sure to let us know what you think! We do a lot of viewer Q&A segments, so be sure post any questions or topics you'd like to see discussed. We would love to integrate the forums into the show's discussions!

*Note we are aware of the weak audio in the first two episodes, we had some tech problems we weren't aware of until we had finished shooting. We promise it is much better in future episodes! Just listen to this week's Vic's Basement to see ;)

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy it!

Awesome stuff man, looking forward to checking it out when I get off work.

Cool, going to listen now!

The video version of the new episode is up. With new and improved audio!

Now Loading... Episode 3


New episode is up! We talk about Playstation Now, rising game prices in Canada, and Batman: Arkham Knight!

Can someone please explain the dog? :dead:

I know a great deal about gaming... What's the deal with you?

Someone help, the Corgis are taking over.

Someone help, the Corgis are taking over.

mods plz halp

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