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Author Topic: Scott Jones away from work  (Read 13381 times)

I'm really sorry to hear this, and hope he makes a speedy recovery!

Best wishes to him, hopefully his immune system remembers the most important lesson.

Get well soon, Scott! :D

He is sorely missed! Get well you ol' curmudgeon!

Recover soon, Scott!

Get better, Scott!

Get med-kits, destroy all bacterial growth. :chief:

Good luck, Scott, get better soon!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Get well Scott we all miss you here...I sent out a hit towards that bacterial infection.

Get better Scott :D

Get better Scott, I'm sure Marissa was missing you the most last week.

Get better Scott!

Scott - all the best to a speedy recovery.

Get well soon Scott!!!

Speedy recovery Scott

Never good to hear. Get well soon Scott!

Feel better soon scott the basement isn't the same without

Feel better Big Guy.

Need Joel (last of us reference) to patch you up. Get well soon

Get well soon! Think of when you get better, you'll be able to eat ALL THE CARROT CAKE!

Get better

Get well soon Scott!

Hoping for a speedy recovery Scott! We loves ya you ol' curmudgeon ;D

Get well soon, Scott!

Get well soon Scott! Everyone is wishing you a speedy recovery!

Get well Scott!  The first episode I watched of ROTR was also your first episode, can't wait to have you back!

Sorry I don't like him He's a complete a$$ and hope he dose not come back!!!

Sorry I don't like him He's a complete a$$ and hope he dose not come back!!!

.....terrible joke?

.....terrible joke?

I'm thinking RJH should go have a look at the rules. Specifically rules 05 and 08.

Sorry I don't like him He's a complete a$$ and hope he dose not come back!!!

RJH has been issued a warning; thanks for those who took the time to bring it up. We're not deleting this post for a few reasons, most of which is to preserve his inability to spell the word "does". I'd be pretty embarrassed if that were me right now.

My wife and I miss Scott's input on RTR.  Get well soon.

Any update on Scott? He's been out of the game for a month now.

*casts Curaja on ScottCJones to help with the last stretch*

This is so gonna go to him on Twitter =D he'll love it! (I hope)

Hopefully his returning words will be something akin to "Just when you thought it was safe to make a bad videogame...I'm back!"