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Author Topic: Miri's new job  (Read 3312 times)

For those wondering what has ever become of our lovely former Reviews on the Run film aficionado, Miri is now officially part of the AMC Movie News Crew! She just announced it via Twitter (@mirithejedi).

Sad to hear she has moved on but happy for her as well! Hope to see her back on EP & ROTR from time to time! Good luck Miri! Hope to see you on the Talking Dead next season! :'(:P;D:D

I miss Miri. She's awesome. But good for her for landing that gig.

What happened to Miri? I noticed Vic doesn't even follow her on Twitter anymore. Maybe a falling out, also what about Ben and while we are on this subject does anyone remember Joe? I always wondered what happened with him also haha

that is cool. good for her. she really loves movies better for her.

Arcademy  >  Index  >  EPN talk  >  Miri's new job