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People have been asking what Arcademy is, why it exists, and where it's going. This post should help answer some of those questions.

What is Arcademy?

Arcademy is where people can fully explore what they love and share that with others, where context and understanding is important, and where those who exemplify this are supported and respected.

1. Passion for what you love.

Everyone has a passion in life. While games are the primary focus here, film, food, family, culture, comics, sports, sex, science, education, art, technology, and ANYTHING else can be dissected whether it pertains to games or not. We want people to embrace what they love, and to explore those subjects to their fullest.

2. Context for what you share.

As great as passions are, properly communicating them is paramount. Without context, ideas don't carry their full weight, nor are they fully understood. Whether you're asking or answering, sharing concepts fresh or ancient, flipping a two word quip or publishing an essay, provide context for each point and make sure your words are understood. Don't automatically assume people know what you're talking about, let alone agree. Sell yourself, educate others.

3. Respect for your peers.

Everyone has a voice, and an opportunity to speak. Every perspective is valid and deserves the chance to be expressed, explained, and explored. You won't like every word spoken, nor will they care for all of yours. Regardless, people are as good as their word, so respect their ability to speak and act until they officially lose that right. It's a shared community for everyone, so don't crap it up.

4. Support for examples.

We like to support people who have something to offer. When something unique is being spoken, crafted, or played, we take notice. When people are thorough and active in the different sections of Arcademy, we recognize the effort. It's important to make sure those who standout are rewarded for their efforts and are given a greater capacity to continue.

5. Be yourself and have fun.

More than anything else, be you, embrace what's true to you, and make sure you're having fun with something you enjoy.
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