Author Topic: Xbox One Infographic: Year Two 2014, what's changed in one year?  (Read 1312 times)


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This infographic was written by the Now Loading crew, and art-punched by this Polatron character guy. Who is he anyways?

It's cool to see how much the Xbox ship's direction has changed since it was announced or even since last E3. As sad as I am to see MS dogging the Kinect a bit (check developer comments on Kinect rules and how limited they were by regulations as opposed to the hardware), this could offer them some incentive to sell the Kinect on its virtues as opposed to as a default inclusion. Lots of neat changes otherwise! Phil Spencer's reign should be an intriguing one.

Click the image for a full sized version (1500px wide).

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With so much back peddling you could say that they did a complete....360!

Tohoko the Neko

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Or maybe that for every two steps made, One had to be on the Box with an X on it. :V

Too complicated or too soon?