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Yay! Card games!

Pretty self-explanatory. Hearthstone tournament for fun. Exact format of tournament will be determined later in future when I have a rough head count. All players are welcome from the novices and beginners to the die-hards. A chance to learn about the game or practice new ideas/strategies, and meet fellow Hearthstone players here on Arcademy. Those that are interested, please leave your battletag and code in a reply below.
Date: Sunday June 1 6PM PST
Duration: One night.

N.B. Since Hearthstone does not have a tournament mode as of yet, you will be required to add your opponent(s) to your friends list in order to challenge and play them. Results of the match/round will need to be reported back to me.

Participants: (Arc ID - Battletag)
1. zombyteer - zombyteer#1927 (i suck.)
2. Kryptozone - Kryptozone#1104
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Haven't played much since the before the beta ended, should be fun.