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Monolith Soft's Xenoblade Chronicles X
« on: June 10, 02:49 PM »
hello every one it's been a n interestin week with E3 happening. Ok here's are two Youtube VOD of to days even like myomoto's new projects and more importantly Monolith Soft's X

It's @ 1:53:34/ 4:17:48 in this video for X it's self though

VOD Myomoto's projects and "X"

and here's an article Siliconera:Monolith Soft's X
"Nintendo have shared a few more tidbits about Xenoblade Chronicles X, the upcoming open-world RPG for Wii U by Monolith Soft. Over Twitter, Nintendo of America shared:
At the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X, two alien factions are at war above Earth. Unfortunately, their war is destroying Earth. The human race then evacuates the Earth in two arc ships.
 Your game starts as you wake from stasis and create your character.

"Nintendo held a lengthy live-stream where they played through a small portion of the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X earlier this afternoon at E3. The area that was explored in the demo was a vast one surrounding a city called Neo Los Angeles. A number of locations around this area featured the American flag painted on.
 Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature a class system. “Drifter” is the class you’ll start out with, and you’ll be able to change classes, giving you access to different abilities. The stream also revealed that, like Xenoblade, the game will feature a day-and-night cycle, as well as real-time weather changes.
 Enemy behaviours will change from day to night. For example, predators will come out to hunt at night, while you might see certain other creatures sleeping at night."

Also here's another shorter and more to the point video 30 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay

  • At the start of the game, two warring alien species have a fierce battle close to Earth, and essentially force all of humanity to leave the planet in two arc ships before the planet blows up. The arc ships are extremely large in size and can essentially hold the population of an entire city.

  • One of the arc ships gets knocked out of space and crash-lands on an alien planet. Xenoblade Chronicles X takes place on this planet, and part of the game’s story involves searching for other groups of survivors that were scattered during the crash.

  • Your player character then awakens from their stasis pod, at which point you can customize them. You can choose their gender, hairstyle, skin colour, size and more. The first person you meet is Elma, who is one of the scouts from the city looking for survivors.

  • The first people to come out of stasis after the arc ship crashed were military people. However, the military folks know that they need people with other talents to get civilization back up and running, such as farmers and craftspeople.

  • As you explore the first area in the game, you’ll come across other artefacts that were scattered during the arc ship’s crash-landing.

  • The first city in the game is Neo Los Angeles, guarded by a military installation. This is the city you’ve seen in all the trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles X thus far. You’ll also see your first mechs in Neo Los Angeles.

  • Day-and-night cycles are back, along with changing weather patterns. Enemy patterns will change from day to night and will also change with the weather. For example, predators come out to hunt at night.

  • Like Xenoblade before it, Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle system is entirely real-time. “Technical Points” are used to power up your Arts. TP can be built up faster by using melee attacks. Ranged attacks are less risky than melee attacks, but build up TP slower.

  • You can give orders to your teammates in battle using the battle menu. One of the options is the ability to have them focus fire on your target.

  • Characters have “Inner Stats” and “Class Stats”. The former are tied to your character and your items. The latter are tied to your character class.

  • Character classes can be changed on-the-fly—even in the midst of battle. Different Arts are tied to different classes. The first class you start out with is Drifter. Once you unlock multiple classes, you can mix and match Arts from different classes for a character setup you like.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 05:13 AM »
Really looking forward to this game. The biggest reason for me to buy a WiiU.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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good morning every one . I have few up dates since this thread was made and I'm putting up for you all today.
both are from Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X & Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Not A Sequel To Xenoblade
"Xenoblade Chronicles X is not a direct sequel to Xenoblade, Nintendo’s Treehouse division confirmed during a live-stream of the game yesterday—instead, the game is more of a spiritual successor to Xenoblade.
 Treehouse representatives added that, while it isn’t a sequel to the Wii RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X will hit a lot of the same philosophical notes as its predecessor did, and that if you’ve been with the Xeno series since the early games, you’ll notice nods to those titles as well.
 Xenoblade Chronicles X is in development for a 2015 release."

And further on it.

E3 2014: Second 40 Minute Xenoblade Chronicles X Demo
I got out of bed 10 minutes ago and immediately saw that Nintendo Treehouse had done another demo for Xenoblade Chronicles X.
 The video runs for 46 minutes. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I bet it’s going to be amazing, like the other one was. If you haven’t seen the other one yet, you can check it out here.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!: OperationRainfall:Nintendo Treehouse—Xenoblade Chronicles X Second Look

 So, who else is as pumped for Xenoblade Chronicles X as I am? I’ll be getting a Wii U just for this. Be sure to check back tomorrow, as I’ll be putting out an article on what we know about Monolith Soft’s latest title so far and what guesses we may be able to make based on footage and screenshots. Got an ideas or theories? Sound off in the comments; I’d love to hear your thoughts!
 Shout-out to Raymond and Chris for getting the footage up on our channel so quickly!"

and lastly from Op Rainfal's site again

What We Know About Xenoblade Chronicles X (So Far)

"Well, for a start, its name.
 This article is largely based on the Nintendo Treehouse streams, which showed Xenoblade Chronicles X first thing on the Tuesday of E3 and again on the Thursday. In both streams, three guys sat down for 45 minutes to play through the very beginning of the game and talk us through what was going on. I’m going to be talking about what was revealed during that stream, and what people have been able to infer from it and previous trailers. I’m also going to keep it spoiler-free, so everyone can enjoy it.
 Xenoblade Chronicles X has a different story to the first game, and is going to be more of a spiritual sequel. I feel it’s also worth pointing out that there will be some throwbacks to previous Xeno games. So fans of Xenogears and Xenosaga can probably expect some familiar sights and references, though I don’t believe the story will be relating at all. I’m also going to state here that I have played Xenogears and Xenoblade through to completion, but due to console and then disc issues I only started Xenosaga a fortnight ago and am about 10 hours in.
 Guys, look! Monado hairpin!

 The year is 2054. A war has broken out between two alien races, with Earth as the chosen battlefield. As the planet is decimated by the firefight, humans are seen leaving Earth in giant ships known as Arks in a last-ditch attempt to survive, in a scene which reminded me of the beginning of Xenogears.
Your character, customised and named by you, is awakened and brought out of their stasis pod by a woman named Elma. This takes place two months after the initial crash into the new world. Elma tells you that the surviving humans have set up their own city here named Neo Los Angeles, or NLA for short. She’s been working for the city finding those still asleep in stasis pods, such as yourself, and then bringing them back. This will be the basis for quests as well; finding certain people, as well as maybe precious possessions left behind and the like. Judging from the latest trailer at this year’s E3, you’ll also be fending off alien attacks."
Way more in the last of these articles in headlined/titled link.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 05:49 AM »
Here's all the latest this game development and who's writing it . It's a known Anime sci fi writer  Kazuho Hyodo.
Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X , Chronicles X& Gematsu

Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A More User-Friendly Quest Interface. August 28, 2014 . 12:29am

Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U will be a more “user-friendly experience” than Xenoblade in terms of quests.


  Xenoblade Chronicles Remake Announced For New Nintendo 3DS. August 29, 2014 . 4:36am

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles is currently in the works and will be released for the New Nintendo 3DS models.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use The Wii U GamePad As A Navigation Device. September 2, 2014 . 9:31am

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi hints at how the RPG will make use of the Wii U GamePad.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Still Being Targeted For 2015 Release. November 5, 2014 . 2:33pm

Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is still being targeted for release in North America and Europe in 2015.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Release In Japan In Spring 2015. November 5, 2014 . 4:00pm

We got another look at Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii U title, Xenoblade Chronicles X, during today’s Nintendo Direct, where Satoru Iwata shared the latest details on the game.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Is In The Final Stages Of Development. November 6, 2014 . 2:33am

Xenoblade Chronicles X developers Monolith Soft have shared a message for fans on their newly opened website for the game.


  Monolith Soft Confirms Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Online Elements. November 11, 2014 . 12:55am

Xenoblade Chronicles X studio provides another tiny update on the game.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Takes To Twitter Once More. November 17, 2014 . 2:30am

Xenoblade Chronicles X Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi took to the game’s official Twitter account today to post a short message for fans.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says The Game Is Almost Complete. November 20, 2014 . 4:31am

Xenoblade Chronicles X Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi reiterates that the game is nearly done.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A “Deep” Sci-Fi Story. November 25, 2014 . 2:20am

Xenoblade Chronicles writer Yuichiro Takeda is also the main script writer behind Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Lastly and more importantly who's writing

  Gundam Screenwriter Kazuho Hyodo Helped With Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Story. November 29, 2014 . 9:29am

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi tweeted a few more tidbits of information via the game’s official Twitter account this past Friday.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 12:06 PM »
Hello all. here's all the more recent articles including today's

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

cause it's mostly the one covering this


Metal Gear Rising’s Mechanical Designer Created Mechs For Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 1, 2014 . 2:34am

Just as he promised last week, Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi introduced a couple of the artists working on the game today.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Director On The Concept Behind The Game’s Mechs. December 2, 2014 . 8:27am

Tetsuya Takahashi tweeted a few more tidbits about Xenoblade Chronicles X, touching upon the mechs in the game.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says He’s Finally Made The Game He Always Wanted To. December 4, 2014 . 9:31am

Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X tweets by director Tetsuya Takahashi once again touched upon the mechs in the game.


  Sin & Punishment 2 Art Director Designed Enemies For Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 8, 2014 . 8:26am

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor art director Yasushi Suzuki designed enemy mechs for Xenoblade Chronicles X.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #5 on: December 16, 05:34 PM »
Hello everyone, here are the two most recent articles

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Introduces More Artists Working On The Game. December 11, 2014 . 9:31am

There’s a fair bit of sci-fi talent working on Xenoblade Chronicles X, but today Takahashi introduced someone better known for fantasy designs.


  Gyrozetter Mech Designer Fumihiro Katagai Working On Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 15, 2014 . 1:31pm

In today’s set of Xenoblade Chronicles X tweets, executive director Tetsuya Takahashi continued to introduce more of the art talent working on the game.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 10:03 AM »
Hello everyone    I hope   your having a awesome holiday season   & today is new years  eve.  ok these were the two most recent articles that happened over the  holiday's 

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X


  Hideyuki Matsumoto Worked On Weapon Design For Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 18, 2014 . 8:31am

“We both worked at the same company before and he helped out with Xenosaga, too,” Tetsuya Takahashi said over Twitter.


  Here’s The Extended Version Of The Song From Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 25, 2014 . 10:57am

Monolith Soft have updated the Xenoblade Chronicles X website with an extended version of the song featured in the game’s E3 2013 trailer.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 09:26 AM »
Hello everyone here's the latest on this game from yesterdays live stream & more

 source: Gematsu , Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X & Operation Rainfall

Xenoblade Chronicles X Executive Director Insisted On Hiroyuki Sawano For Music
. January 8, 2015 . 9:00am

Executive director Tetsuya Takahashi says a few brief words about Sawano via the game’s official Twitter.


Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X ‘Exploration’ trailer, Japanese release date set

 Published 47 mins ago. 14 comments.

 Xenoblade Chronicles X To Release On April 29 in Japan. January 14, 2015 . 6:33am

Monolith Soft are expected to reveal more information on the game soon.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 11:21 AM »
More news on this game from the director
Via:Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

source:Shingo KawabataOfficial Twitter


Xenoblade Chronicles X Localization Is In Progress. January 19, 2015 . 10:31am

Xenoblade Chronicles X producer Shingo Kawabata takes to Twitter to say a few words.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #9 on: January 24, 04:42 AM »
Hello everyone & Morning this was put up during the week it's more details on other characters you'll meet in the game

Via:Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

source: official website

Xenoblade Chronicles X Introduces Its Sharp-Tongued Commander. January 22, 2015 . 1:15am

 Today, the Xenoblade Chronicles X official website introduced two more characters: Van Damme and Irina.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Sound Effects Being Produced By Studio Sound Racer. January 26, 2015 . 10:31am

In his latest tweets, Xenoblade Chronicles X producer Shingo Kawabata touches upon the game’s sound effects.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #10 on: January 30, 01:50 PM »
Hello everyone & Afternoon  this was put up during the week it's more details on other characters you'll meet in the game more details on the game it's self . here's all the lastest

 source: Gematsu &Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X 

 Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X details map size, unions, more

 Published 5 hours ago. 148 comments.

  Xenoblade Chronicles X Info On Battles, Exploration, And More. January 28, 2015 . 8:00am

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi shared a few scant details on the game in an interview with Famitsu magazine.

  Xenoblade Chronicles X Lets You Be A Member Of Eight Different Factions. January 28, 2015 . 10:31am

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll take on the role of a new member of BLADE, a private military organization. What exactly will you be doing on the planet of Mira,

  Xenoblade Chronicles X Introduces A Couple More Members Of BLADE. January 29, 2015 . 1:40am

Nagi is the former captain of the White Whale. Meanwhile, Guin is a member of the Doll Squad.


  Yes, Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have An Off-TV Play Option. January 29, 2015 . 9:00am

Off-TV Play via the Wii U GamePad would be nice to have for Xenoblade Chronicles X, and luckily, the feature has finally been confirmed.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #11 on: February 02, 08:08 PM »
Hello everyone this was put up today

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

  Unlike Xenoblade, Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Track Your Playtime Beyond 100 Hours. February 2, 2015 . 8:29am

Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima follows up on a comment made by executive director Tetsuya Takahashi.

Also Nintendo will have a live stream this week .

Nintendo will host a Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct in Japan on February 6 at 22:00 local time, the company announced.
 The broadcast will provide an overview of the game, as well as a look at its world.
 You’ll be able to watch it live here.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #12 on: February 06, 04:39 AM »
^^ The Events starts today . The livestream for the game will begin at 5 am PST/800 am Est (for us) , and you can watch it above.

 Special Note that the stream will be in Japanese and is meant for Japan. I'll put up a break down later .

 Update: The stream has ended. You can watch the archived version above

Here's the break down
Earlier this morning, Nintendo and Monolith Soft held a stream for the upcoming title, Xenoblade Chronicles X , to show off its massive world, where we got to see more from the Planet Mira and NLA.

 The Wii U bundle includes game, Nintendo card, map, and art book.

Nintendo has detailed the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X during a 24 minute-long Japanese live stream this morning.
 The game is set on Mira, an uncivilized planet on which players crash land. Mira is made up of five continents: “Primal Wilderness,” “Luminous Forest,” “Forgotten Canyon,” “White Tree Continent,” and “Black Steel Continent.” On this planet, the city of New Los Angeles is established. It consists of industrial, commercial, residential, and military areas.
 In the video, you’ll get a look at the game’s basic systems and exploration, including the “Navigation Ball,” which guides players to their next destination, and the “Hopper Camera,” which lets you see your surroundings from an aerial perspective. Players will be able to freely travel across land, air, and sea, walking to places accessible on foot, or using the Doll mecha to access areas otherwise inaccessible.
 Towards the end of the live stream, Nintendo announced a Wii U bundle including a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X, an original design 1,000 yen Nintendo pre-paid card, a map of the game, and an art book will be released alongside the game in Japan on April 29 for 35,000 yen.

Additionally, the company confirmed that users who prefer the digital version of the game will be able to pre-load the game before release. Pre-orders begin today on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.
 Outside of the Wii U game, Ninendo launched the official website for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D this morning, confirming the New 3DS port of the Wii-released original will include Amiibo support.

So Wii U bundle for 35,000 yen (not including tax). The bundle will include the following items
  • The retail version of Xenoblade Chronicles X with a two-sided cover
  • Black 32GB Wii U
  • Black Wii U GamePad
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X art book
  • A special Xenoblade Chronicles X map
  • A Nintendo prepaid card worth 1,000 yen

 Here are a few articles as well

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At A New Character And Some Concept Art. February 5, 2015 . 2:20am

Maurice is a bureaucrat of the former United States Secretary of Defense, who then became the assistant to the President.

Take A Tour Of New Los Angeles, Your Home In Xenoblade Chronicles X. February 6, 2015 . 6:04am

Monolith Soft and Nintendo showed off the latest gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X today, starting with a look at New Los Angeles.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Info On Exploring, Questing, And Bonding With Citizens. February 6, 2015 . 6:32am

The vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles X has plenty to explore, but you’ll also be required to help the citizens of New Los Angeles as a member of BLADE.

  Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Online Multiplayer For Up To 4 Players. February 6, 2015 . 6:55am

Xenoblade Chronicles X is up for pre-downloading in Japan, and the game’s store page confirms that it will support online multiplayer for up to four players.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At Its Vast Continents. February 6, 2015 . 8:16am

Nintendo and Monolith Soft shared a look at all the different parts of planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Information was discovered by mod duckroll over on neoGAF.
 The second bit of information comes from Cheesemeister on twitter, who is a well known translator in the video game community.
 It says that Xenoblade Chronicles X supports the GamePad,Pro Controller, and USB keyboard. There is also Miiverse support and Off-TV play. The game is 720p.



Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Will Reach North America On April 10th. February 6, 2015 . 7:15am

Alongside the announcement, Nintendo also released a new trailer for the game.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #13 on: February 09, 07:11 AM »
Here's a article of what the cover looks like in japan people want to be the same in the west as well a a youtuber put up the translation of the video on his Channel

source:Gematsu , 許為傑 Youtube Channel& Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshots, Japanese box art

 Published 18 hours ago. 136 comments.

Also some ambitious YouTuber has uploaded the video from that stream and added English subtitles.
 The uploader admits to being a non-native speaker of English, so there may be some inaccuracies in the translation, but this is a great chance to understand a little more of what the game’s about. Plus, it’s a great excuse to rewatch the video if you saw it already. You can check out the video below.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>


Off-TV Play In Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Requested Mainly By Western Fans
. February 9, 2015 . 9:32am

At first, Kojima says, he was uncertain whether or not the Off-TV Play feature would work as intended.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #14 on: February 16, 12:04 PM »
Hello everyone well last week was a busy week they put out more detail o character customization more details on the world &we also have a other fan translation

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X, Chronicles X& iYakku Youtube channel

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Off Its Wide Range Of Character Customization. February 12, 2015 . 5:01am

Once you start a new game in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll be prompted to make your own avatar, and there’s a lot to choose from.

way more images & details on the locations with in the article its self




 Well, another fan has taken it upon him /her self to translate another piece of information about the game.

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

 This trailer details Alot more about New Los Angeles, such as the various districts and the quest system. It seems that unlike the original Xenoblade Chronicles, which required you to seek out quests from people in towns (and could be very cumbersome given all the different people and schedules involved), in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll accept quests from a main hub, which should make the process much more easier. And since quests were the simplest method of level grinding, this new system should make the whole process much faster.
We also get a few translated details about the character creation process as well.
 What do you think.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 05:35 PM »
Are you a bot? Is this some sort of bizarre RSS feed? I think everyone here can find gaming news themselves. Tell us what YOU think, not what other people think.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #16 on: February 16, 11:26 PM »
Are you a bot? Is this some sort of bizarre RSS feed? I think everyone here can find gaming news themselves. Tell us what YOU think, not what other people think.
I'm not a bot. I'm someone that enjoyed the last game. most of the time when I do up date it's to spur conversation as with other forum's
examples There's this Video interveiw with mr. Brevik From EPN.TV (<< Ballisticz is my name there) This & this

 this is what actually happens you see me talking there & giving my opinion. I do find it cool. that we'll be having this up coming title soon. the reason don't do it with every post cause people aren't the nicest on the web, also tend to jump on me with what I say, so I'm just cautious, also it's cause I was recent having alot of issue with my web service where I would be disconnecting alot which also mess with my spelling or correcting with spell check & I have to buy a new key board cause some of my keys haven't been always working the n & g key Specifically also those that like to start up any type of argument will use it against me. so I'm sorry I do't start with what I like right about this stuff riht away or from the jump.

 I do these things cause I do have bit of a spelling issue, but i use these to help keep my writing skills up as much as like to talk about these series have others talking about them with me. but I'm more of reactor these days if someone asks I'll tell them how I feel.

I was more out going but I've been in a lot of nasty events with just start a conversation of what I like about something with the web so I'm a bit shyer or gun shy then I used to be cause I'm always expecting the other shoe to drop & there is always someone trying to start some in a nasty way. it just how things are . cause of that. cause there are always people trying to start something. so I'm more careful about it.

besides bot are always off topic with talking specifically about money like with how much they earned something some kind of morgage sale and that is indeed what they do . it be about every other thing beside the actual name it's self or what it's titled for. I do't hear other wise. I still see those thing happen in other places. If you don't notice those things the certai people on the web then you really do't know what a bot really is.

The word is just be throw around cause that person has really never seen a real one to know. or doesn't know the full patterns of what they actually do. the people in those link I provided which I'm a part of there as well post about current news while the wait for the game to come out when the games out they also talk about their experience too .

 I've also been using my own words . The ones show casing the video are mine.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #17 on: February 26, 12:34 PM »
Hello everyone & good afternoon here's the latest on this upcoming game the cool par t for me about seeing this stuff is more character have been introduced as of latest news with some little details about the story. they showed some more of environments more with the day & night cycle & weather effects . can't wait to play this when it's out.

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X, Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Its Exploration System. February 19, 2015 . 3:35am

As a member of BLADE, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Here’s how it works.


  Xenoblade Chronicles X Has An Auto-Run Feature, But Director Says To Use It Sparingly. February 23, 2015 . 10:32am

Director Koh Kojima touches upon the conflict that arises when creating a vast world and trying to streamline exploration.


 Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X footage previews different times and weather

 Published 1 hour ago. 15 comments.

 with way more o
n this

  In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Weather Changes Affect Battles. February 26, 2015 . 2:07am

Planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X might have different creatures and landscapes compared to Earth, but their weather and climate is actually pretty similar to ours.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #18 on: March 02, 10:47 AM »
Hello everyone & good afternoon. There's another live stream on the way

Xenoblade Chronicles X combat-focused live stream dated for this Friday

Nintendo and Monolith Soft will be holding another Xenoblade Chronicles X live stream For this Friday, March 6 at 22:00 (AKA 10 pm) Japan time.

The presentation will focus on battles, Whereas the last live stream Focuse on the games World & it will take place. AT 5 am PST For us in North American , and 2 pm in Europe.
 The presentation will be streamed on YouTube and Nico Nico. As always, there will be a break down of the information provided that be up after the stream doe later on.

You’ll be able to watch it live here.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello and good evening everyone here's the break down of today's live stream. ow that we've see the detail of the combat system I'm eve more excited


Watch the latest live stream in full.

Nintendo of Japan have aired a Xenoblade Chronicles X live stream detailing the game’s combat elements this morning.
The Monolith Soft-developed open-world action RPG is due out for Wii U in Japan on April 29 and later this year in North America and Europe.
Find our summary/ breakdown and the 30-minute video below.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Basic CombatFind your target, draw your blade, and the begin the battle. For basic combat, you have weapons like swords and knives for close combat, and rifles for long range combat. Smart switching between weapon types coupled with good timing will result in the battle proceeding automatically.
Your Arts (special abilities) are lined up at the bottom of the screen, that can be freely organized to your liking. In addition to “Fighting Arts” and “Shooting Arts,” there are also “Recovery Arts” to support your allies and “Weakening Arts” to inflict ailments on enemies. Arts require a cooldown period before they can be recast.
Soul Voice
You’ll talk with your allies as you fight. Your allies will call out to you, resulting in an Art getting lit up, indicating which should be cast next. “Soul Voice” is then triggered by casting that Art and responding to them in kind, resulting in various potential effects such as buffed Arts. The party’s HP is also healed at this stage.
Sometimes a circle will appear in the center of the screen during battle. If you quickly press the B button, the player can essentially trigger Soul Voice themselves in reverse order.
Soul Voice types can be manually set outside battle, & there are various types of Soul Voices with a number of effects.

Arts Combos

Attack Arts + Attack Arts - Combining Attack Arts give them a greater effect. Stringing either a Fighting Art or a Shooting Art after an Attack Art, for instance, can result in increased damage, making it important to memorize which combos are possible to pull off.
Collapse + Tumble -
If after using an Art the enemy collapses and players then proceed to use another Art with a tumble effect, they can make the enemy fall onto the ground. Not only will this seal off their attacks, but they’ll take 1.5 times damage during this state.


Attacking an enemy from certain positions, such as their backside or from higher or lower terrain, can influence accuracy and critical hit chances, making them potentially go up. This also applies to Arts, whereby positioning can bolster their effectiveness.
Part Destruction
Enemies will have different parts you can target and attack. If you manage to destroy that part, you’ll get a reward that normally can not be obtained.
Double Recast
After using an Art, you’ll need to wait before it can be used again. Howvever, if you continue attacking with auto-attack following the cast, the Art will refill and enable a Double Recast, which has a greater effect than regular Arts.
TP: Tension
As you auto-attack, your Tension will raise. If your Tension is accumulated enough when an ally falls, you’ll be able to revive them.
Overclocking Gear
A big battle element. When you activate your Overclocking Gear, your recast time is greatly shortened, so you can perform Arts one after the other. Doing so will also let you achieve a “Triple Recast,” which is even stronger than a Double Recast. When you trigger your Overclocking Gear at the same time as your allies, the effects are greater. The Overclocking Gear will not be available from the beginning of the game.
Enemy Icon
Icons that appear on screen will indicate whether an enemy, for instance, will trigger fights by sight or by sound or even if they’re prone to intervening and joining the battle in an ongoing fight.
Each weapon And also the armor offers its own attributes and enhancements. You can equip one close range and shooting weapon each. Close range weapons consist of knives, swords, shields, and javelins, while shooting weapons consist of rifles, guns, launchers, and such. As for armor, you’ll be able to equip to your head, torso, right arm, left arm, and legs.
Various enterprises within the Arms Company develops equipment, with each enterprise producing goods that have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Utilizing different equipment out on the field is subsequently used as a form of advertisement in the game. If a commercial effect is in place, that means players will have an enterprise’s official support, which in turn is connected to the production of new equipment. Basically, battling more and more with a particular brand will help the corresponding enterprise grow. New enterprises will also appear over time, widening the scope of potential equipment to use.
Some equipment also have slots, which can be filled with things like devices that can provide buffs and add special abilities to them. In addition to shops, equipment can also be procured sometimes by defeating enemies, with some weapons having especially wild weapon drops.
Growth Elements
Your Inner Level & Class Rank represent your character’s strength. If you have a low Inner Level, high tier equipment can’t be equipped. Your Inner Level rises not only through combat, but also by discovering treasure boxes on the field, as well as unexplored locations.
Your class makes up your battle style. An initial class is used to build up proficiency, with players eventually able to change out into the next class. Class types affect what Arts can be learned, as well as what weapons and abilities a character is proficient in. The higher up the class ladder you go, the more specialized arts and abilities you’ll pick up as you refine your overall combat style.
Blade members can team up together for a party of up to four made up of people living in New Los Angeles.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Morning Everyone . Ok today you 'll see the translated video of last weeks video presentation & articles from last week one that's currently put up today. I'm really excited we'll have more blade member to play as or play as in team with others in 4 player mode.

Source: iYakku's YouTube Channel & Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

 Last Friday, Nintendo released their battle demonstration video of the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X. While it showcased a lot of cool new features, the Japanese dialogue made it a little difficult for us westerners to understand.
 Luckily for us all , some kind dedicated fans have taken their time to translate the video for us . It’s now fully subtitled.

 Check out the video below,
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
and enjoy all the information you may not have known before thanks to this .

Here are the fallowing up to date detailed articles below

Xenoblade Chronicles X Arts Skill System Allows For All Kinds Of Comb
. March 6, 2015 . 5:54am

In Monolith Soft’s latest presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the developers shared more on the game’s battle system, starting with the “Arts” abilities.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Advanced Techniques And How To Handle Monsters
. March 6, 2015 . 6:22am

Here are details on the advanced battle techniques in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and how to handle monsters.

Learn About Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Class System, Weapons, And All Kinds Of Armor
. March 6, 2015 . 7:05am

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll get most of your equipment at the Shopping District in New Los Angeles.

& Lastly from this week


Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Different Battle Dialogue Depending On Your Avatar. March 10, 2015 . 2:01pm

Director Koh Kojima takes to Twitter to post another little tidbit of info on the game’s battle system.


 Xenoblade Chronicles X Details How To Fight And Give Commands. March 12, 2015 . 3:15am

Get an early heads up on the intricacies of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle system.

^^ Oh damn the music in this last articles video ,,, Man it's sweet. if it's in this game, it'll be more awesome

Game's battle theme from there website via Youtube .
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Over the past week prior to this week Xenoblade Chronicles X fans iuYakku and Gessenkou translated the battle video that Monolith Soft Which released on March 6th of which added English subs.

 Well they've taken it a step further then that from there. They have really trully outdone themselves this time as they have fully translated the text presented on screen. pretty much all the text on screen presented from the menus and even the UI it really a work of masters .

 Check it below

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

 And also make sure to subscribe to their channel for future Xenoblade Chronicles X updates. Also make sure to thank iYakku and Gessenkou for being awesome.

here are also some article about the game as well one from last week & one from this week

 the coolest is in the articles below fro I've under stood about this game so far is...everything. But what stands out most is how the weapons get upgraded. Using weapons from certain shops make them more popular allowing them to make more money and develop upgraded weapons. Which will be Amazing.

source: iuYakku and Gessenkou channel & Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles X: Details On Creating Weapons And The Other Alien Races You’ll Encounter. March 12, 2015 . 12:31pm

At the shopping district, you’ll come across the Arms Company, where they sell and develop equipment for characters and Dolls.

Keep An Eye On This Xenoblade Chronicles X Enemy, Says Monolith Soft
. March 16, 2015 . 12:29pm

“I think we’ve managed to create a very intriguing character,” says Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone& well morning here's everything that's recent on this up coming game like designing the inside of your base the way you want with what they've provided  you with  (which I found interesting ) including more importantly a head up for it's own up coming live stream on the 11th  detail are in these article below

source: Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

 Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At The Various Creatures Of
[url=]Mira[/url][/color].March 19, 2015 . 4:00am [/b]

From gentle herbivores to giant whale-like flying monsters, the official website shares a look at some of the many creatures you’ll encounter in the upcoming title.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Let You Slightly Customize Your Home Base. March 23, 2015 . 1:00pm

In his latest round of tweets, Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima touches upon the BLADE home area in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: How To Use The Powerful Overclock Gear Mode. March 26, 2015 . 12:32pm

A rundown on how to fight while in Overclock Gear mode.

Lastly & importantly


Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Next Livestream Will Be On Dolls And Network. April 1, 2015 . 5:28pm

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s next livestream will take place on April 10th, and it will focus on the mecha weapons called Dolls.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Morning Everyone here's everything that's recent on this up coming game all from this week including info o the live stream.

 first up these article's below


 Xenoblade Chronicles X Unlocks A Neat Feature After You Complete The Game. April 6, 2015 . 9:01am

After you play Xenoblade Chronicles X to completion once, a “fashion equipment” option will be added to the equipment menu.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Starting Classes And Battle Effects
. April 6, 2015 . 2:31pm

While it’s important to have your offensive and defensive Arts down, buffs and debuffs are something that players will also need to keep in mind.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Us Some Of Its Mecha Designs
. April 9, 2015 . 2:30am

Illustrations for the Dolls in in Xenoblade Chronicles X .

Details on the live stream to day

 Today at 10 pm JST (That’s 6 pm PST & 9am EST for North America for us in North America ), Monolith Soft and Nintendo will stream their latest presentation on Xenoblade Chronicles X, this time featuring the mechs that players will get to pilot during the game. You’ll be able to watch the presentation using the stream like just below.

A better & fully translated version will be put up this weekend
 As it's been previously reported on the Xenoblade Chronicles X web site , the Dolls(which are mechs the of the game ) in Xenoblade Chronicles X are designed by Takayuki Yanase, who has also worked on projects such as Gudam Seed , Metal Gear Rising and the more recently Done Ghost in the Shell Arise. As always, this will have details directly from the stream put up later , so stay tuned for a bunch of info on all about the mech's called the Dolls today over this week end .
 Also In addition to Dolls, the presentation has been stated to also talk about Xenoblade Chronicles X’s network features. It has also been confirmed in past articles that up to 4 players will be able to take on quests together online, and that up to 32 players will be able to connect to each other passively. Expect more details on from this to come out over this weekend as well.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Morning to you all . Ok so some of this has been translated via subtitles. I'm putting this ups now with a bit of a written run/ break down of what's in the video and three more fallowing very detailed articles .

Not long ago, Gamechap released their partial subtitled video of the latest livestream demonstrating the Dolls and Online Network which you can watch below.

source: Gamechap's YouTube channel & Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Nintendo had released a new 30-minute video detailing Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s mecha “Dolls” and network features yesterday this is the translated VOD versio morning.

 Here are the details below.Doll Types
 There are three types of Dolls, which any character can ride:
  • Light Type - Low HP and high evasion.
  • Middle Type - Well-balanced andeasy to control.
  • Heavy Type - High HP, heavy armor/defense, and requires finesse.

The Dolls can transform into various land vehicles depending on type of Doll, each with their own unique traits. Urban Dolls are two-wheeled, fast, and good at drifting. Inferno Dolls are four-wheeled, emphasis on stability, and have easy handling. There’s also a Caterpillar type.
 Dolls can also fly with a flight pack. You’ll have limited fuel, of course, and will fall back down if you run out mid-air.
 As for how to obtain Dolls, they are purchased from the Blade Shop. Players can own as many as they like, but each unit costs a significant amount.
Equipment and Battle

 Dolls are capable of auto-attacking and using Arts. Their Arts change based on equipment.
 Equipment includes: dedicated auto-attack hand weapon, Arts-casting hand weapons, spear weapons, back weapons, and shoulder weapons. (Basically all non auto-attack weapons are Arts weapons.) Arts weapons have slots and can be separately equipped on left and right sides.
Arm weapons include: the beam shield and vulcan, among others. Many have support arts that have properties like buffs and debuffs.
 Spare weapons are typically stored along Doll’s legs. They have short recast time and are easy to use.
 Back weapons are especially powerful. Right-handed ones tend to be for offense and are as such powerful, while left is more about support. Some can be used in both slots and are especially potent.
 Shoulder weapons even more powerful than back weapons. Like back weapons, right is about power, left is about support.
 Doll weapons can also bought from shops. Some high-tier types can’t be bought, but instead must be crafted from recipes. Weapons with lots of equippable slots are particularly fearsome.
 Doll parts can be named and their parts individually colored. Focusing purely on super powerful parts is bad for fuel, so it is not recommended.
Flying and using Arts takes up fuel. Powerful arts are especially greedy, meaning players can run out of fuel if they’re not careful. If they run out of fuel, naturally, they’re unable to use Arts.
 Dolls will regain fuel if players eject from them, but slowly. Fuel can be instantly replenished when you’re at New Los Angeles, but takes a large amount of Miranium.
 Doll combat tactics emphasize exploiting enemies in a collapsed state by using the “Catch” mechanic. During Catch, enemies are unable to move, nor attack. In exchange, Dolls deal more damage and are significantly more accurate. Additionally, a well-timed B button press will continue the Catch state.
 Cockpit Mode sometimes engages during battles inside Dolls. In Cockpit Mode, recast times for Arts are replenished instantly, allowing for a barrage of strong attacks to hit one after the other. Whether it activates depends on luck, though.
 Dolls are also able to use Overclock Gear, upping their damage output, recast times, etc.
Doll Insurance

 Because your parts can get destroyed by the enemy, you won’t be able to use a certain weapon when, for example, an arm is destroyed. If you continue getting hit, the Doll will be completely destroyed. If that happens, you’ll be able to use your insurance for the first three times to recover the Doll for free. After the fourth time, however, you’ll need to pay a hefty fee.
 Of course, buying a new one costs even more money, so it’s important to keep your Doll intact and not-destroyed.

 There are always other players roaming about the game somewhere. When connected to the network, you can meet up with other members of Blade (players) and explore Mira. Together, you can fight, gain experience points, and secure human resources.

 The squads consists of 32 people, including your online allies that have been exploring Mira. Together, you can combine your power and explore.
 Blade Report
 Blade Report is a feature that allows players to share info about Mira for more effective exploration. Sending reports of discoveries to the Squad will forward your findings to the other members. Valuable findings can be highly rated, with well-regarded reports potentially going on to be shared even outside the Squad.
 Squad Missions
 Squad Missions are subjugation and gathering missions that players can take on with their squad at fixed times. During these missions, the number of items you collect and enemies you defeat are displayed on screen, and for each you collect or defeat, your quota will decrease. If you achieve one within the five conditions of Squad Missions, you’ll receive a Squad Quest.
 Squad Quests
 The squad Quests are special missions that players can take on in a four-person squad. At the Blade Headquarters, there is a special terminal players can use to access the network and recruit squad members for these quests. It’s possible to take along NPC members like Rin, as well.
World Enemies

 When your clear Squad Missions and Squad Quests, your reclamation of the game’s vast world will increase. Accompanying this rise in reclamation value are “World Enemies,” which appear the more you reclaim the planet. Although difficult, the reward for defeating a World Enemy is big. Some World Enemies appear at fixed intervals, as well.
Union Gram

 Blade also has eight units known as “Unions” with different duties. “Union Grams” display what each Union is currently doing. Each Union has its own respective activities they are recommended to carry out. By performing said recommendations, players can achieve a higher rating for their Union.

 Various different entries are being prepared for online rankings.

A full version of the translated video in subtitle form will be put up later this week when it becomes available

Someone was also kind enough to re-uploaded the Xenoblade X soundtrack teaser for the Western fans which you can view below.

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
n More detail in the articles below


Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Its Different Types Of Dolls And How They Fight. April 10, 2015 . 7:07am

Dolls in Xenoblade Chronicles X can be heavily customized, and here’s a look at how that works.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows How You’re Always Connected To Other Players
. April 10, 2015 . 8:31am

While in Network mode, you’ll get to find other BLADE members out there to recruit. You’ll then get to use these AI recruits of other players in combat.



How Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Mecha Dolls Work In Battle. April 10, 2015 . 1:02pm

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Dolls give you a whole lot of options during battles.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Morning to you all. Last week friday which was the 10th , Monolith Soft presented a “direct” video for Xenoblade Chronicles X which focused on the mechs and the online component of the game. And as per usual, this was presented strictly in Japanese, leaving us English speaking Xenoblade Chronicles X fans waiting patiently for a translation. Also there's a new article via Siliconera about the down load pack for faster loading

source: iuYakku and Gessenkou channel & Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X
If you are Fans iYakku He has once again come to the rescue with a full on translating the video with full English subs.
 Check it out below

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

and make sure to subscribe to their channel for future Xenoblade Chronicles X updates. Also a big thanks to iYakku and Gessenkou for being overly awesome.

Fallowing this there's this article

- Basic Pack (2GB): for basic data
- Enemy Data Pack (2.7GB): for enemy data. Makes loading on the field even faster.
- Player Data Pack (3.6GB): for player data (armor, etc.). Makes loading time faster when changing equipment in shops.
- Doll Data Pack (1.7GB): for Doll data. Makes deployment of Dolls much faster.

Basically, you can download these packs for the physical copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X to improve the "load times' (it's not super clear what load times are being referred to exactly since things like Doll deployments have been shown without needs for a loading screen, so may be more just performance related) for these actions. They are free and not required, and they don't function with the digital version. It's kind of like the disc installs for the other consoles, just optionally and cut up into sections.

More details in the article below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Disc Version Will Have Download Packs For Faster Loading. April 13, 2015 . 12:25pm

Four Data Packs to be available for optional download, if you own the disc version of Xenoblade Chronicles X
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Afternoon everyone, there will be an English Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct tomorrow details are below. There are also a few more articles on the development of this upcoming game include clothing that actually show up in cut scenes  if  selected them  for your character  like a Helmet.  ( which I found very cool)  eve most of  the mass effect  series lacked this feature.  

source:, Gematsu, GI&Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo of America are holding a presentation via their Direct tomorrow on Xenoblade Chronicles April 24 at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET, the company announced.
 After the presentation, Nintendo will host a Treehouse: Live presentation featuring the game, where members of Nintendo’s localization department will play the title.

 You’ll be able to watch it here.
It’s Also & very entirely possible we’ll get a release date finally for us all in the west(NA & Europe) the game tomorrow, so stay tuned to find out what gets shown off in this thing.

VOD of this Event will be put up later after it's Done .

& here are the latest artist from prior to that.

 Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows The Different Types Of Mechs You Can Create. April 16, 2015 . 1:30am

In addition to being able to give them different weapon parts, you’ll also get to heavily customize your Doll’s appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

These Are Your Seven Mechs In Xenoblade Chronicles X
. April 16, 2015 . 12:35pm

An even closer look at the different model types for the Dolls, along with a look at their vehicle transformations.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Let You Toggle Your Character’s Head Gear For Cutscenes
. April 17, 2015 . 12:30pm

Director Koh Kojima tweets another fun little tidbit pertaining to character customization.


 Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X story trailer

 Published 2 hours ago. 19 comments.

Also with

Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese Story Trailer Shows Off Plenty Of Cutscenes

 on Apr 21, 2015 at 08:58 PM
 The trailer is in Japanese, so you might not glean much in terms of actual content, but there is plenty to see.
... More

And with

 Xenoblade Chronicles X Story Trailer Depicts Drama Between Earthlings And Aliens. April 22, 2015 . 1:03am

The latest trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X shows off a bit more of the game’s story.



A Look Into Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Scorching Continent Of Black Steel. April 23, 2015 . 2:45am

The entire Continent of Black Steel is made of one large volcanic region, but there appears to be different kinds of life in the area with rare-looking plants and what appears to be a four-legged monster.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & Morning Here's the VOD for this stream for those that missed it. they have stated the new name for the mech' i the west overall so if you were having issue's with the mech's being called Doll's they have bee chaned with a break down with link's that lead past articles below via siliconera
older detials aricticle's Via:Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X
Video source:

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Also the direct stream was posted but apparently the VOD for The tree house part was made separate.

Here's the VOD
for that stream for those that missed it.

 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

 this show case's the game’s main features, but since Siliconera & others like Gematsu &GI already reported larger details on all those fronts in the past, here’s a handy little index for where you can find more information on the topics shown throughout the video:

 Information on English-language localization:

 Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29th and still has yet to say release date as they said i the video . they still say it's later this year in North America and Europe for Wii U as this was the location team dealing with that. another stream for the west will be done soon.
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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Hello everyone & evening to you all. here are the latest  articles this week   oe most importantly(to me anyway)  about DLC characters   to the most recent  Action figures'  for this game series  s Vic said i the rundown  yester day  nintedo
 said to expect this game to be out some time due this summer .   but still waiting for a release date so it's still subject to change.   hopefully if it is this summer we'll have release date.  Here are the articles below

source:Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Receive New Mechs And Party Members As DLC. April 28, 2015 . 11:31am

DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles X will include new characters, quests and Skell mechs and will be divided into four bundles.



Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Originally Going To Have A Fixed Main Character
. April 28, 2015 . 1:03pm

Xenoblade Chronicles X was originally going to have a fixed main character, but this facet of the game was changed halfway through development.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows What Online Quests Are Like With Other Players
. April 29, 2015 . 2:15am

In Xenoblade Chronicles X players players can join 32-man “Squads” as part of the same network, which allows them to trade items or even take on quests with each other. The latest video demonstrates what it’s like to go on online quests.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
« Reply #29 on: August 06, 03:52 AM »
Good morning every one . it's been a very long while since I last  touched this thread   here's every thing up to date since  to currntly what was mentioned this week at gamescom. the last and most import article to  me  mentionsthe first Xeno blade being put out on the virtual console if you buy the second so far this was mentioned for Europe.  I would be down for Xenoblade Chronicles on the Virtual Console my self .

Gematsu, GI&Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows What Online Quests Are Like With Other Players
. April 29, 2015 . 2:15am

In Xenoblade Chronicles X players players can join 32-man “Squads” as part of the same network, which allows them to trade items or even take on quests with each other. The latest video demonstrates what it’s like to go on online quests.



Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Mechs Are Getting Toys From Kotobukiya. April 30, 2015 . 2:31pm

It had to happen.

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Script Took A Year And A Half To Write. May 4, 2015 . 5:26pm

The game’s development staff touches upon what it was like writing the story for Xenoblade Chronicles X.



Xenoblade Chronicles X: Not Quite An MMO, Not Quite Like The Previous Game
. May 5, 2015 . 12:33pm

Japanese players weigh in on Xenoblade Chronicles X.



Xenoblade Chronicles X Sold Through 72% Of Its Shipment At Launch. May 15, 2015 . 11:02am

A closer look at the sales of Xenoblade Chronicles X and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition.



Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Release In North America This December. June 16, 2015 . 9:36am

Monolith Soft’s latest title, Xenoblade Chronicles X, will release in North America in December 4, 2015.

Also with more Details & a video below

Wii U
Xenoblade Chronicles X release date set

 Published 5 hours ago. 10 comments.

For those of us that missed it at E3

Watch The First English Footage Of Xenoblade Chronicles X. June 18, 2015 . 2:15pm

A good chunk of Xenoblade Chronicles X footage with English text.

The same female Nintendo rep from two before showed up to show case XBCX
told some other extra details. It's after SMTX FE & Yoshi's wooly world. Here it is below.



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But there's eve
n better with the article after this video.


Listen To Xenoblade Chronicles X’s English Dub For The First Time. June 19, 2015 . 12:49am

Listen to Lin and Elma’s English voices.

This was put up when I was away but it's still an interesting interview.

  Xenoblade's Director Talks Witcher 3, Zelda Wii U, And His Favorite RPGs

 on Jun 24, 2015 at 01:14 PM
 Acclaimed JRPG director Tetsuya Takahashi discusses his desire for harsh criticism and the influences of MMO combat.
... More



Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Wants To Focus More On The Story For His Next Game
. July 6, 2015 . 11:30am

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi touches upon the goals for his next game.



Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited And Premium Packs Announced For Europe. August 5, 2015 . 1:47am

Additionally, Xenoblade Chronicle was announced as a Wii U Virtual Console title in Europe, which comes with a £9.00 discount towards Xenoblade  Chronicles X.


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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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lol I guess those people I met in the comment of article of siliconera that complained that they still wanted the English voice casts to still sound like brits have their wish now. oy.

 chose is a wonderful thing though won't have see that type of event again. even more Recently which brought a smile to my face is more free DLC for those of us in North America.

source:Operation Rainfall,Gematsu&Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X



Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles X U.S. special edition announced

 Published 5 hours ago. 30 comments.
more details here below

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Announced For North America. August 29, 2015 . 4:17pm

Nintendo of America announced this afternoon that North America is getting a Special Edition for Xenoblade Chronicles X which launches on December 4th.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Include Axana, Boze, HB, And Yelve For Free In The West.September 15, 2015 . 11:00am

Japan had to pay for Xenoblade Chronicles X’s additional 4 characters, but people in North America and Europe will add them to the cast for free
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Re: Monolith Soft's X being show case on twitch
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hello every one it's been a while since I last post on here here's the latest on what happening with the game update wise. I have to really say I really like seeing the in game charater controlling the me we play as feature really cool.

Source: GI&Siliconera:Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles X’s DLC Characters Offer Extra Options.September 18, 2015 . 1:30pm

The four Xenoblade Chronicles X DLC characters, which will be free in the North American and European releases of the game,
 offer extra options in battle.



Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage Takes To The Sky With Skells. September 23, 2015 . 9:30am

The latest gameplay footage showcases the game’s mechs and how you can navigate them through the skies.





Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage Shows Off Abilities And Power Boosts. September 30, 2015 . 9:30am

A live demonstration at EGX showed off more of the game’s battle system, abilities, power boosts, and the gamepad’s map functionality.


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Monolith Softs Xenoblade Chronic
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This is great CastleVania Dracula X Chronicles is working good at full speed at PPSSPP emulator 0.9.5 on Galaxy Tab 2 P3100. This is for the Android Ver.
its just hard to play on the virtual pad.  cutscenes are kinda slow though.