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Hello everyone Evening to you all I have an article, This is from Siliconera

source: Siliconera Dragon Quest VII


  Square Enix Want To Bring Dragon Quest VII For 3DS To The West, But Aren’t Sure If It’ll Sell Enough. August 31, 2014 . 9:28am

Siliconera asked Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto if Square Enix were interested in localizing the Dragon Quest VII remake for Nintendo 3DS.

 More Detail's with in the article and you find previous other articles on it's development like details on Dragon Quest X Gets An All-In-One Package For Wii, Wii U, And PC Versions in the source above it.

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Hello and Good morning Everyone in further news about DQ (And I Don't mean Dairy Queen) Square has put out a game to Rival Hyrule warrior's

source Siliconera: Dragon Quest Heroes

New Action RPG, Dragon Quest Heroes In Development For PlayStation 4 And PS3. September 1, 2014 . 12:54am

The game is a collaboration between Square Enix and Omega Force, and appears to be a Warriors-style game.

^^Further details with in the article it's self
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Hello again everyone, Evening to you all. This was just put up they details on localizing this  ip. detail's are below
source: Siliconera: Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime

Square Enix Will Consider Localizing More Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime Games. September 1, 2014 . 1:31pm

“In the western regions, especially North America, there are a lot of requests to see another Rocket Slime game,” says Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto.

More detail in the article it's self
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone . I just saw this was put up and thought I should out up here for you all(well those interested anyway) as well it's further news DQ X & its an interview with the creators more details in the article its self

source: Siliconera's Dragon Quest X news


 Square Enix Would “Love To” Bring Dragon Quest X To The West
By Spencer . September 4, 2014 . 12:31pm“
In terms of this being an MMO, again, we have to consider the operation and logistics of how to make that feasible,” says Square Enix’s Yuu Miyake.

^^ More details i the arcticle it's Self.
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Hey everyone. Well it seems that after all the begging from fan's last week after square Enix baited them about bringing DQX to consoles, that Dragon quest X won't be making it to North America at all from Hardcore gamer. But the installment after that one might possibly be, and that Wii U might be one of those systems to receive it also. There are also details to XI in a more recent article from siliconera this week about how it's being made at the same time as Dragon Quest Heroes below as well.

Source:Hardcore gamer & Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes And Dragon Quest XI

This was posted from someone at Siliconera from the article above this post I'm making. His link is from the site Hardcore gamer.

 Metabble TerrenceEncore Jones 14 hours ago ... Read this (sorry if its considered spam, but i think its relevant)

From the article
Dragon Quest XI Likely To See North American Release, X Not Coming Westward

We (Hardcore game)recently spoke with Yu Miyake, executive producer and longtime chiseler of JRPG goodness, where it was revealed that much to the developers disappointment, DQX wouldn’t be making its way westward on account of management difficulties between regions. However, more than a spark of hope was offered when Dragon Quest XI came into question.

More details are in the article Metabble provided with in the link.

Also there more details on XI in this article below which is more recent


Dragon Quest Heroes And Dragon Quest XI Are Being Developed Simultaneously . September 9, 2014 . 4:43am
This week’s issue of Famitsu shares more information on Dragon Quest Heroes from series creator Yuji Horii.
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A very shocking turn of events have take place in the world of video games.

A few weeks a go this was stated by the creator of DQ (no not dairy Queen )Heroes below

Via: Gematsu& Siliconera

source: Square Enixn blog

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes staff on western release, multiplayer

 Published 3 hours ago. 35 comments.

” Square Enix’s Ryutaro Ichimura said in response to the question of a western release. “Since we were able to announce the Chinese version in Taiwan today, seeing that reaction, I want to spread it even further around the world.”
 Game Watch asked if a potential English version would include the option to switch between English and Japanese voice-overs.
 “We haven’t decided anything about that yet, but if it’d be better to put it in, that’s something we’ll consider moving forward,” Ichimura said.
 Koei Tecmo producer Kenichi Ogasawara added, “If such a need is strong, we’re going to consider it.”

& Now this has happened

Top, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes coming west for PS4

 Published 5 hours ago. 141 comments.

Also with

  Dragon Quest Heroes Coming To The West On PlayStation 4. February 25, 2015 . 6:06am

Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to North America and Europe, Square Enix announced this morning.

This make me very I get to play Dragon quest (AKA Dragon warrior for us in North America ) again

 party here's the theme song

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
 Here's the first Ep of the show and the rest of show here

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
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Hello again everyone, & good afternoon . Since they announced last week which I state made me very happy cause I get to play the series again, cause this is coming to the west. They have put out details for it's first DLC here 's the info which upto for this week as well.

Via: Gematsu& Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes

source: Square Enix blog

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 First Dragon Quest Heroes DLC announced
 Published 1 min ago. 0 comments.

Dragon Quest Heroes’ Free DLC Turns A Boss Into A Playable Character. February 25, 2015 . 10:42pm

By clearing the Demon Fencer Battle, you’ll unlock Psaro as a playable character. You can also unlock alternate colors for Jessica and Yangus’ costumes by clearing a sub-scenario featuring the Dragon Quest VIII characters.


PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes ‘Alena and Kiryl Sub-Story’ DLC trailer

 Published 5 hours ago. 5 comments.

  Here’s Dragon Quest Heroes’ Alena And Kiryl DLC In Action. March 2, 2015 . 9:31am

A trailer for the Arena Battle + Alena and Kiryl Sub-Story DLC hitting Japan this week.
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Hello Everyone  afternoon here's the latest updates for this upcoming series which coming up here .  The latter latest news  about the boss fight & whats shown of is something to be pumped for.   Here are the articles below.

Via: Gematsu& Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 First footage of Psaro in Dragon Quest Heroes

 Published 11 hours ago. 19 comments.

Also with more detail  

Just Like Dragon Quest IV, Psaro Can Join You As An Ally In Dragon Quest Heroes
. March 8, 2015 . 11:32pm

Some of you may remember Psaro, the tragic villain from Dragon Quest IV with way too many forms in his final fight. In Dragon Quest Heroes, he’ll make an appearance through the “Demon Fencer Battle” DLC, and similar to Dragon Quest IV, you’ll get to recruit him afterwards.

Dragon Quest Heroes Sold Through 90% Of Its Shipment On Both PS3 And PS4
. March 10, 2015 . 3:31pm

Both versions were likely sold out at several retailers.

Especially this week


PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes ‘Terry Sub-Story’ DLC trailer

 Published 8 hours ago. 3 comments.

With more detail.

You Against Dragon Quest VI’s Superboss. March 17, 2015 . 11:35am

The latest batch of DLC features Dragon Quest VI Superboss Nokturnus going up against our heroes.


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Hello Everyone   morning here's the latest updates  including some new I'm sure will be a shocker in terms of fastest sequel ever heard of  cause it  though it's coming to us in the west it's sequel is already on it's way.

source: Gematsu, GT Reviews Youtube channel & Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Battle Zoma in Dragon Quest Heroes’ fifth DLC
Published 1 min ago. 0 comments.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Fight for Honor - Dragon Quest Heroes (Import) - Let's Play

  • 3 days ago

  This is literally the fastest Games sequal I've ever seen
This ain't no April fool joke ether.  

PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes II announced for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

 Published 1 hour ago. 122 comments.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Announced For PS3, PS4, And Vita. April 1, 2015 . 7:46pm

Square Enix opened a new page on their official website, with the proper URL for Dragon Quest Heroes II.


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Hello Everyone  & afternoon  there's been leak on when this title is coming to us all in the west other details  possible other game prior to the leaked news  details in the articles below.  I'm just happy we have possible release date

source: Gematsu, & Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
 Yuji Horii suggests incoming PlayStation-related Dragon Quest announcement

 Published 7 hours ago. 42 comments.

 Also with

Dragon Quest Creator Says We May See A New Dragon Quest Game For PlayStation Soon.
May 25, 2015 . 10:45pm

During the interview, it was pointed out that it’s been about the decade since the last time we saw a new Dragon Quest title on a PlayStation platform, with the previous title being Dragon Quest VIII for PlayStation

Lastly  The release date been leaked

 PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes U.S. release date leaked

 Published 10 mins ago. 6 comments.


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Hello Everyone   & Afternoon  the release date has bee fully announced  here are the details below.

source: Gematsu & Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes


PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes Day One Edition revealed by Square Enix Online Store

 Published 8 hours ago. 56 comments.



PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes release date and special editions officially announced

 Published 1 hour ago. 8 comments.

Also with


Dragon Quest Heroes Coming To North America This October; Collector’s Edition Announced. June 2, 2015 . 6:25am

 Square Enix have announced a Slime Collector’s Edition and Day One Edition for the game.


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Hello Everyone & good morning. this was just put up this morning hopefully Mr. Yuji Horii convinced the rest of Square like he did for Dragon quest heroes .
this will likely cause me more trouble then it should but the creator Horii managed to convince square with heroes there is something here below from these article.

hopefully he does convince them.
 We'll just have to do our part buy making sure making the sale numbers are high. and to have the series make a come back on those systems .

source: Gematsu & Siliconera: Dragon Quest Heroes

detail in the articles below:

Dragon Quest XI Is For Home Console, Square Thinking About Localizing 3DS Games
. July 4, 2015 . 4:38am

Additionally, Horii also confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game—not an MMORPG like Dragon Quest X.

Further & better details were mentioned here below with Gematsu.

Dragon Quest XI will be offline, for home console

 Published 4 hours ago. 63 comments.

Right now there is a convention in Paris : Japan Expo ( about anime, manga, japanese game ....) and apparently Yuji Hori has announced the localisation of DQ 7 and 8 for Europe !

FF ring tweet also confirm it here it is below:


  Final Fantasy Ring ‏@ffring
 À Japan Expo, quelques heures après notre interview, Yūji Horii vient de confirmer sur scène la sortie "in French" de DQVII et VIII !
 Translated from French by Bing

 At Japan Expo, a few hours after our interview, Yūji Horii has confirmed on scene "in French" exit DQVII and VIII!


this will be one of the few times I do this

Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS coming west, according to series creator
 Published 2 mins ago. 1 comment.

Yuji Horii made a boo-boo.

Dragon Quest series creator accidentally shared news that Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for 3DS are coming to western territories.
 Reports are coming in from Twitter

:“Yuji Horii has just announced Dragon Quest VII and VIII will be released ‘in French’…?! Apparently a last minute announcement here at Japan Expo. Guess that means both titles at coming West on 3DS. I asked someone from Square Enix and it seems Horii dropping the bomb wasn’t planned.” (via @jkermarrec, 2)

“At Japan Expo, a few hours after our interview, Yuji Horii has confirmed here that Dragon Quest VII and VIII are coming ‘in French.'” (via @FFRing)

“Horii actually did mention 3DS for Dragon Quest VII and VIII localization. The translator got upset when he did.” (via @RedMakuzawa)

Of course, any bit mentioning only the French language is likely due to the announcement taking place at Japan Expo, which is in Paris, France. If it’s released in French, it will be released in English, as well.
 Read More
 3DS, Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS, Japan Expo 2015, Localization, RPG, Square Enix, Yuji Horii

More details. The important parts high lite in red below.

Report: Dragon Quest VII And Dragon Quest VIII Remakes Being Localized. July 4, 2015 . 8:09am

Multiple sources are reporting that Yuji Horii has confirmed localized releases for Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII at Japan Expo.


Following their interview with Yuji Horii at Japan Expo, Final Fantasy Ring are reporting that Horii let slip that Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII for Nintendo 3DS will make it out of Japan “in French”. (Note that Japan Expo takes place in Paris.)
Meanwhile, MakuXV, an editor at Nova Crystallis, also claims that Horii mentioned a localized release for Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII, and that his translator “got upset” when he did.

In the past, Square Enix said to Siliconera that they are open to the idea of publishing Dragon Quest VII outside Japan. (Dragon Quest VIII hadn’t been announced at the time.)

At the time, Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto stated: “We’ve gotten a lot of requests, we really want to do it, but right now, we need to hammer out what kind of resources we’d need to do it. We say this a lot, but, we can’t seem to get to the point where it’s justifiable.”

If today’s reports are to be believed, it appears Square Enix have seen sufficient feedback for them to consider localizing the Dragon Quest 3DS remakes. Bravely Default selling as well as it did probably didn’t hurt.
Read more stories about Dragon Quest VII & Dragon Quest VIII & Nintendo 3DS on Siliconera.

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hello every one it's been a while since I last poster here   here's that going down with the drogon quest game that are supposedly coming over here.
the one I'm waiting for most is the announcement  of XI  there is also the mine craft like drong quest builder  but that still has yet to be announced coming to the west here,  

  source: Gematsu, GT Reviews Youtube channel & Siliconera:Dragon Quest Heroes

 Wield Dragon Quest 1 Hero’s Sword In Dragon Quest VIII For 3DS.July 6, 2015 . 1:15am

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King comes out in Japan on August 27.
First print copies of the Nintendo 3DS version include a legendary item from the very first Dragon Quest.

Also with

Weekly Jump to have latest Dragon Quest scoops for five straight issues
 Published 30 mins ago. 2 comments.


Dragon Quest VIII 3DS adds Camera Mode, Photo Quests
 Published 10 hours ago. 8 comments.

 Dragon Quest VIII 3DS introduces new dungeon, boss
 Published 3 hours ago. 1 comment.

Dragon Quest VIII Video Reveals How New Characters Morrie And Red Fit In With Yangus
. June 26, 2015 . 3:30pm
As for Red, she’s considered an advanced class version of the Thief, which is pretty fitting for both of their looks.

Dragon Quest VIII Screenshots Show New Playable Characters, Red And Morrie

By Sato . June 30, 2015 . 11:00pmRed is considered an advanced class version of the Thief, as she primarily uses fans, whips, and daggers in battle. Here’s a look at some of the skills she’ll have access to in Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS.



Rage Of Bahamut Developer Is Helping Square Enix Bring Dragon Quest VIII To 3DS. July 21, 2015 . 5:00pm

Dragon Quest VIII for Nintendo 3DS, which has a new dungeon and two additional characters is being developed by Cygames, the makers of Rage of Bahamut.

Dragon Quest VIII On 3DS Has A Bunch Of Extra Stuff
. July 15, 2015 . 11:41am
Square Enix say there are other new dungeons in Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS as well.

Dragon Quest VIII On 3DS Gets A New Trailer.
July 18, 2015 . 9:25am
Square Enix have released a new trailer for Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS.


Dragon Quest VIII’s Photo Mode Has Players Track Down Rare Monsters And Hidden Items. July 22, 2015 . 10:30am

Dragon Quest VIII has a new feature that lets players take photos inside the game’s world. Pressing the start button switches the game into camera mode.


Rumor: Dragon Quest XI To Be Announced Next Week
. July 24, 2015 . 6:51am

A Wall Street Journal Japan reporter tweeted that a letter of invitation from Square Enix states that it will be “a new title from the main Dragon Quest series.”


Why Dragon Quest Heroes Isn’t Like Other Warriors Games. June 17, 2015 . 2:45am

 “I just want to reiterate that it was not designed to be just another Warriors game,” says Dragon Quest Heroes producer Ryota Aomi.



When Dragon Quest Heroes Doesn’t Play Like Dynasty Warriors Game.Spencer . June 22, 2015 . 3:10am

From the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to Hyrule, Omega Force’s Warriors engine. All of the Warriors games have a hack and slash core, but Dragon Quest Heroes has battles where mashing the attack button isn’t the key to victory.



PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest New Title Presentation announced for July 28, Heroes II subtitle revealed
 Published 51 mins ago. 13 comments.


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Hello every one and after noon(soon to be evening). There will be a live stream on Tuesday. and it'll be time to find out whether you're staying up late or waking up early for this . here are other articles fallowing

source: Dragon Quest Paradise & Gematsu

Square Enix will be hosting a “Dragon Quest New Title Presentation” Live stream press conference on July 28 (tomorrow)from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Japan time (local times), where it is expected to announce Dragon Quest XI.
 The presentation will be live streamed on both Niconico and YouTube.
(*NicoNico account won’t be required for viewing.)

The livestream is expected to start at 5pm JPT until 6:30pm JP, so that’s Tuesday at 4am EST/1am PST for North America, and 8am GMT for those of you in Europe.

In addition to Dragon Quest XI, we’ll also possibly hear even more about the company’s other upcoming Dragon Quest projects, including Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 for 3DS, Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes II for PlayStation platforms, and Dragon Quest of the Stars for smartphones.

Also these articles were put up

Dragon Quest XI logo leaked ahead of reveal

 Published 1 min ago. 18 comment.


 Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS has StreetPass photo sharing

 Published 4 hours ago. 12 comments.
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hello and Good morning every one We'll have to wait for more details about these title's below Especially XI will coming to the west or not but they will be multi plat game and all those that tried to dog pile on me about it being ps4 exclusive are eating crow.

Lol This was not in this forum. just in the comments area's of certain articles. Besides that I'm happy that this will reach at least most gamer especially newer comer to the series on these consoles . Mr. Horri & his dev studio are the cooler part of Square. he's also a kinda man to add these other platform's. Now we just have to wait for these to be announced for the west as well.

source: Niconico , Squar's YouTube Channel , Siliconera Dragon Quest Heroes& Gematsu

ok so here's what went down with the live stream

here's your VOD

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

 And here are the translated details from articles below

 Top, 3DS, PlayStation 4, NX
Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4, 3DS

 Published 3 hours ago. 366 comments.

PlayStation 4, NX
Dragon Quest X coming to PS4

Published 3 hours ago. 32 comments.

Dragon Quest XI And X Are In Development For Nintendo NX
. July 28, 2015 . 2:38am

At the end of Square Enix’s new title presentation event, it was revealed that Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are both in development for Nintendo NX.

Also with


Dragon Quest Moters Joker 3 Will LetYou Ride On All Its Monsters
. July 28, 2015 . 1:50am

During Square Enix’s ongoing event for the new Dragon Quest title announcement, we got a first look at Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3.

there's also an arcade version


Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner Announced For Arcade
. July 28, 2015 . 1:42am
The game’s genre is a “scan battle RPG,” and is slated to launch in Japan sometime in 2016.

Lastly which is exclusive to the sony consoles


Dragon Quest Builders’ First Trailer Shows How You’ll Build Your Own World
. July 28, 2015 . 3:11am

Similar to Minecraft, you’ll start out with simple materials, so you’ll most likely have a dirt hut as a home on your first day.

As to Dragon heroes I & II it's staying exclusive as well

 Here's the latest


PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes II slated for spring 2016 in Japan

 Published 1 hour ago. 6 comments.


Also with more details below  <<yeah  I  high lit  this in red

Dragon Quest Heroes II Adds New Characters And 4-Player Multiplayer
. July 28, 2015 . 3:38am

In addition to new characters in Maribel and Carver, Dragon Quest Heroes II will have a new world, story, and protagonist.

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Hello and Good morning every one well I have  some stuff for this  here's everything so far.

Siliconera Dragon Quest Heroes, Gematsu,GT Reviews Youtube channel & GI

ok two more articles with more details about the game play. These have the same video's Gematsu initially put up so I'll just put up what was in the article with out the videos below.

As stated in the above articles , we're still wa8iting on detail's about NX since they said it's under consideration above.

Dragon Quest XI’s First 3DS Footage Shows Its 2D And 3D Styles. July 28, 2015 . 6:25am

Players will get to switch between a modern 3DS-style for battles, or go with a more old school Super Famicom 2D appearance for the fights.

Fallowed by

Dragon Quest XI’s First PS4 Footage Shows Town And Field Exploration. July 28, 2015 . 7:35am

Dragon Quest XI’s first PlayStation 4 footage takes us on a little tour of a town and shows us how you’ll get to explore even the highest parts on top of the buildings.


Dragon Quest XI Shows A Glimpse Of Its Fields And Battles On PlayStation 4 And 3DS. July 30, 2015 . 7:16am

The battle system in Dragon Quest XI will be a traditional turn-based system for both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions.

Also with

 Dragon Quest XI On 3DS Won’t Simultaneously Play In 3D And 2D For The Entire Game. July 30, 2015 . 8:11am
Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo 3DS will let you play in both 3D and 2D; however, you’ll have to switch between the styles later on in the game


 3DS, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest XI: first interview with Yuji Horii translated

 Published 4 hours ago. 19 comments.

 Lastly and more importantly these below

 ok here's a video and a fallowing more current article.
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:
 <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Dragon Quest XI Announcement Reactions
1 week ago

Here's the more current article

  Square Enix Hears Your Pleas For Localization, Dragon Quest Fans

 gamescom 2015
 on Aug 05, 2015 at 05:49 PM
 No promises yet, but things are looking very good for more Dragon Quest localizations.
... More


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Omg wow all this DQ stuff, awesome job guys


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Omg wow all this DQ stuff, awesome job guys
well only 3  titles are  said to be coming west.  hopefully more is on the way  and we  see XI  & possible X   especially on the nintendo NX .  I hope they don't back track on  VII(7) & VIII (   8 )


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Hello every one. Ok so here's what going at pax prime, Dragon Heroes will show up there and also fallowing that is an interview with the DQ (Dragon quest) Heroes creators and what they had to say about it coming to the west below it.

The later inter view was very interesting (for me read up.) good to know that alot is Riding on the sales of DQ Heroes as a start .

 so I better make sure to buy it so more of the series comes to the west.

Source: Gematsu& Siliconera Dragon Quest Heroes


 Square Enix announces PAX Prime 2015 plans

 Published 1 hour ago. 34 comments.

More importantly below

How Dragon Quest Heroes Is Different From Omega Force’s Other Warriors Games
. August 21, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera sat down with Square Enix producer Ryota Aomi and Omega Force’s director Tomohiko Sho to talk about Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Darkness Below.
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hello every one  here are few of the latest article and a few  reviews have started to come out.Details below

source: Gematsu, Siliconera Dragon Quest Heroes GI&

 The English voice trailer have arrived

 PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes ‘The Heroes You Know’ trailer

 Published 7 hours ago. 40 comments.
Added written details about the characters from Siliconera below

Dragon Quest Heroes Trailer Stars Familiar Faces. August 27, 2015 . 11:30am

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below video reintroduces everyone to heroes from Dragon Quest IV, V, VII, and VIII.

and more recently


 General : Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below

 Posted Sep 01, 2015
 Our “Old Auntie Gamer” aka “Old-School Pong PC gal” gets a hands-on session with this popular Japanese console game at PAX and calls it good.
 Read more of Carolyn Koh's Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe & the Blight Below.
The entire console gaming thing by passed me completely. I went from arcade games of Centipede and PacMan to PC gaming and it was with a little trepidation when I was assigned to cover fellow writer Rob Lashley’s first session on the first day of PAX (his flight the previous night had been cancelled).

Dragon Quest is an RPG series published under the Dragon Warrior name in the US until 2002 (to avoid conflict with a similarly named pen-and-paper game) when Square Enix was able to register the name Dragon Quest for video games with the US Patents and Trademark Office.
The basic storyline of most Dragon Quest titles have you playing the hero who is saving the land from peril, usually accompanied by a party of group members that are unlocked as you play the game. Recurring elements such as certain boss NPCs and their mascot Slime appear in this latest installment which is an Action RPG for the PlayStation 4 and launches in October in the US.
I was handed the PS4 controller, located the X button and watched the opening trailer. The king of Arba’s body guards Luceus and Aurora are out with a floating jellyfish monster (fans will probably start nitpicking at this point for me not knowing what it is) Prince Healix (hint: he heals) enjoying a festival in the city of Arba when a wave of energy sweeps through. When it passes, the monsters that live and work alongside the humans turn on them.
You choose to play either Luceus who is a bit of a pompous fellow and uses fire powers, or Aurora who is rather a hot head but uses ice powers. Our little flying spaghetti monster prince Healix is our healer and the king of Arba aka “The Royal Rumbler” makes up the rest of the starting party.

As I sat back and used the left toggle to move, the right to shift the camera and the appropriate buttons to attack and use skills, I commented, “This isn’t too bad.” And after a few battles, “Now I see why people like consoles, you can totally sit back on a couch and play the game.”
Then I reached advancement for new attack combos. Okay… 4 squares for this one… 4 triangles for that… That’s doable… 3 squares and a triangle… Press right trigger and what? Wait… Okay. I can do this. Build some skills, get new combos. Lucky me. I had selected/boosted one which had you jump in the air and come down hard. While you are airborne, press R1, square and whaaarrrgarrrble…

The game is beautifully rendered and made me think of Japanese cartoons in its fine polish. There is quite a bit of customization and several characters that you meet and add to your party, all which are playable and each has unique spells and abilities to upgrade. As your characters level and the adventure grows harder, switching out between characters strategically will help players get through certain scenarios. Fans will encounter familiar and iconic characters from the series, from Maya of Dragon Quest IV, Alena and Bianca, to Yangus, the thief with a heart of gold from Dragon Quest VIII. All are voiced and fans can look forward to viewing the cutscenes.

Aside from these characters, you can collect monster medals and summon them on the battlefield as allies, or use their unique skills. In major boss battles, you can summon up to 24 of them to fight by your side. The game does auto-save, but there are also Save Game slots that you can use just before a new encounter in case you want a do-over.
As an Action RPG, Dragon Quest Heroes is pretty epic as you carve your way through swarms of enemies and giant monsters turned evil. The graphics and animation are top notch, the main characters Luceus and Aurora, so typical of Japanese cartoons it took me back to my childhood. From the opening scenes, you know (but your characters don’t) there’s one person responsible for the monsters behavior, and perhaps you find out why Healix did not turn when all the other monsters did. Dragon Quest Heroes promises a rollicking good time for those with better dexterity than me, who enjoy a fun hack n slash with a great storyline.
 Carolyn Koh / Carolyn has been writing for since 2004 and about the MMO genre since 1999. These days she plays mobile RTS games more, but MMOs will always remain near and dear to her heart.
 Author: Carolyn Koh
 Created: September 01, 2015
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 PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes DLC included on-disc in western release

 Published 10 hours ago. 54 comments.


Dragon Quest Heroes II Introduces New Monsters In Balzack, Treeface, And Others
. September 24, 2015 . 12:28pm

The latest on Dragon Quest Heroes II shows us Balzack from Dragon Quest IV as a giant boss character, along with some familiar monsters from the series in Treeface, Platypunk, Gryphon, and Draguar.

PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Heroes protagonist won’t appear in Dragon Quest Heroes II

 Published 12 hours ago. 20 comments.

PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes overview trailer

 Published 11 hours ago. 37 comments.


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Meet The Characters Of Dragon Quest Heroes. October 2, 2015 . 9:01am

Square Enix has released in-depth information about the characters from the upcoming Dragon Quest title, and some might be familiar to longtime fans of the series.

Also with


 General : Dragon Quest Heroes Review - Dynasty Warriors Meets Blue Slime

 Posted Oct 07, 2015
 You’ll forgive the on-the-nose title of this review, hopefully. See, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is quite simply a mashup of both Dynasty Warriors and the Dragon Quest series. Like Hyrule Heroes on the Wii U, Dragon Quest Heroes is a PS4 exclusive single-player Action RPG that takes popular characters from the venerable Dragon Quest franchise and slaps them together in an all new tale.
 Read more of Bill Murphy's Dragon Quest Heroes Review - Dynasty Warriors Meets Blue Slime.

Like all Dynasty Warriors games, the action in DQ Heroes can be repetitive, but there’s something inherently fun about mashing buttons and slaying dozens of monsters at a time with fantastic visual aplomb and crazy acrobatic skills. Given the fact that DQH brings Akira Toriyama (the artist behind Dragon Quest, Blue Dragon, Chrono Trigger, and yes… Dragon Ball) and Koichi Sugiyama together again, fans of the Dragon Quest franchise are probably already picking this game up when it launches in the NA and EU next week (on the 13th and 15th respectively).
And that’s OK, because it just so happens that it’s a pretty darned fun time, if you don’t mind a little button mashing. It should be noted that DQH has been out in Japan since February and did so well that a sequel has already been announced. Provided it sells well enough here, the same will likely happen in the West.

There are two main characters, Luceus and Aurora: the royal guards for King Doric of Arba. Doric is one helluva fighter himself and will join your party early on. The kingdom of Arba has lived for eons in harmony with the monsters, but something sinister is driving them mad, and the monsters begin to take over towns across the entire world. You, as either Luceus or Aurora (you’ll switch between all characters in battle, but you pick one for the main story), will travel across the realm hunting down the reason for this dark time.
It ain’t Shakespeare folks, but the cinematics are well done, as is to be expected from a Square Enix game. Additionally, you can choose either English or Japanese voiceovers, so purists don’t have to have the somewhat goofy-sounding English voices if you don’t want to. There are some truly bright spots in the VO though: Tsarevna Alena and Kiryl from DQ4 are particularly funny thanks to their heavy Russian accents and goofy Russian-English way of speaking. It’s clear the translators had a ball with DQH, as everything from the dialog down to the names of the monsters you summon to fight alongside you has some sort of humor injected. And Kiryl’s “ultimate” tension ability? I laughed out loud more than once with that one.
Bear in mind, for at least the first few hours, DQH is a fairly linear game. After you manage to get your airship (would it be a Square Enix RPG without one?), you’ll also get side quests, random maps that uncover new areas, and stuff like that to make things less of a beeline from story mission to story mission. But don’t get too excited. This is still an Omega Force game. You will pretty much be spending all of your time slapping the ever-living crap out of dozens of bad guys at a time. It’s all the little things DQH does that makes things more interesting.

As mentioned briefly above, one of the main things that gives DQH some sense of strategy, especially during the many missions in which you must protect someone or something, is the ability to summon monsters to fight for you. As you beat foes, they may drop Monster Medals. These can be used to summon defending friendly versions of the monsters, or even one-time use monsters that can heal you or buff you in some other way. In light of the fact that so many scenarios are often rehashes of the same idea (defend this, kill all the monsters, or close all the Nightmaw gates), it’s nice to have this extra layer of interaction with missions. You’ll have to mix and match and manage which monsters you want on the field of battle in real time, as some take up more spots on your monster roster than others (like the sturdy Golem).
As you progress through the story, you’ll amass an army of heroes from past Dragon Quest games. From Terry to Maya to Jessica, the major fan favorites are pretty much all there. The downside is that some have very similar move-sets. Terry, Luceus, and Aurora all wield swords and shields, and they all seem to have the same sorts of moves, though Terry’s branch off a bit more. Luceus and Aurora are likely so similar because they’re the “main characters”, but because of this you’ll wind up only wanting one or the other on your party. Being able to switch between playstyles and characters with the L2 button is fun, but only when your party is varied enough make it so. And King Doric? Dude’s a beast. Use him!
If there’s any one real downside to DQH, it’s that they give you this full 4-person part of awesome characters… and completely neglect to put in any form of co-op. Even Hyrule Warriors let Wii U users play together. With the parties of four, Dragon Quest Heroes was absolutely ripe for couch and PSN co-op, but they decided not to include it for whatever reason. It’s a huge blunder, and one that I hope the sequel remedies.
Aside from the surprising lack of MP, DQH is a very polished and entertaining hack n’ slash RPG. It’s camera leaves a lot to be desired, as it can often get lost and it really needs to be able to zoom out more from the action. It’s something I dealt with, but it was a noticeable issue and one that doesn’t have an easy fix.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below won’t entirely scratch that JRPG itch for a true Dragon Quest, but fans of Action RPGs will find it more than filling. With several dozen hours of gameplay, loads of side quests, items to craft and collect, and achievements to earn, DQH is a lot like a JRPG fan’s version of Diablo. It would be nice if the game was coming to other platforms, but this one’s a PS4 exclusive in the West. October is a really full month for games, but if like me you enjoy a solid Action RPG more than most other games, this one’s a no brainer.
GAMEPLAY – 8 Dragon Quest Heroes brand of the Dynasty Warriors action is top notch. Add in the monster medals, the ability to switch between four heroes, and bashing in dozens of monsters at a time and you have a treat for the Action RPG fan. However, like all DW games, it gets more a little repetitive.
VISUALS AND SOUND – 8 The art and music of Akira Toriyama and Koichi Sugiyama do more than enough to make you forget that DQH was made for both PS3 and PS4. I wish the English VO was better, and more fully applied, but it’s solid enough.
LONGEVITY – 7 You could easily get several dozen hours out of this one. But chances are, unless you’re a completionist, you’ll stop once you’ve played through the story and won’t come back.
VALUE – 9 Your standard $60. For the amount of hours you’ll get, with no Day One DLC or microtransactions I’m aware of, this one’s a fair and honest “buy it all for one price” game. A rarity these days.
POLISH – 8 The camera. This is my big detractor. Like FFXV’s demo before it, Square Enix seems to want to keep you close to the action, which is fine… but when things get hectic as they do in Omega Force games you want to be able to pull back and get a better view of the situation.
 William Murphy / Bill is the Managing Editor of,, and lover of all things gaming. He''s been playing and writing about MMOs and geekery since 2002. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling.
 Author: William Murphy
 Created: October 07, 2015

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PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Heroes introduces Slime, Metal Slime, Gigantes, and Healslime

 Published 3 hours ago. 8 comments.
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Hello everyone it's been a really long while since I last posted.3 weeks long Here's the latest

 Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will launch in early summer 2016.

 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will be released in 2016.
Source: Gematsu& Siliconera Dragon Quest Heroes

Uncategorized, 3DS
Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS has a new ending

 Published 1 min ago. 0 comments.

Dragon Quest XI’s First Screenshots Show More Of The PS4 And 3DS RPG. August 12, 2015 . 8:24am

Square Enix revealed the first screenshots for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time, that show us a closer look at the upcoming game on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS screenshots introduce post-ending story

 Published 18 mins ago. 3 comments.


Square Enix announces initial TGS 2015 lineup

 Published 1 min ago. 6 comments.


 Dragon Quest VIII Will Test Your Monster Battle Road Skill To Recruit Morrie. August 27, 2015 . 8:30am

Dragon Quest VIII released for the Nintendo 3DS today, and the latest batch of screenshots show us some of the early parts of the game, along with a hint in how to recruit Morrie.

 On to more recent news


Dragon Quest VII Revealed For Smartphones
. September 1, 2015 . 1:09am

Square Enix revealed on their official website that they’re bringing Dragon Quest VII to smartphone, and will showcase it at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.]

Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, And Dragon Quest Lead Square Enix’s TGS 2015 Lineup. September 1, 2015 . 9:17am

Square Enix revealed their full lineup of games they’ll be presenting at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, along with a look at their live stream schedule for the upcoming event.


Square Enix TGS 2015 promo teases “secret” stage event

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Dragon Quest VIII Video Shows Comparison Between Its 3DS And PS2 Opening
.September 8, 2015 . 11:00am

A comparison video shows Dragon Quest VIII’s 3DS and original PlayStation 2 opening movie side by side

PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 18 minutes of Dragon Quest Builders gameplay

 Published 5 mins ago. 9 comments.

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Dragon Quest Builders Is A Lot Like Minecraft But Has Plenty Of Its Own Charm
. September 19, 2015 . 6:00am

Dragon Quest Builders might look a lot like Minecraft or Terraria, but the game has plenty of its own Dragon Quest charm. Square Enix demonstrated what it’s like during Tokyo Game Show 2015.



layStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Builders details collection, creation, and construction

 Published 10 hours ago. 24 comments.



Dragon Quest Builders Footage Shows How To Craft, Build, And Revive Alefgard. October 12, 2015 . 4:30am

Square Enix shared the latest gameplay footage for Dragon Quest Builders during a recent event,
where we get to see more of the game’s crafty town-making action.


 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders details land of Merkid

 Published 12 hours ago. 19 comments.

Also with

 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders Japanese first-print and retailer-specific bonuses announced

 Published 13 mins ago. 2 comments.


PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders first off-screen PS Vita gameplay

 Published 9 hours ago. 34 comments.

 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Builders live stream set for October 30

 Published 13 hours ago. 10 comments.


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 introduces protagonist, Reactor device, more

 Published 9 hours ago. 28 comments.



PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders details town, experience

 Published 10 hours ago. 19 comments.

 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders’ first boss is a Golem

 Published 14 hours ago. 10 comments.


 Fully justified

 Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS coming west in 2016

 Published 3 hours ago. 66 comments.


 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
 Dragon Quest Builders details equipment, Golem boss battle

 Published 13 hours ago. 2 comments.

Dragon Quest Builders Explores Rimuldar In The Latest Video. November 20, 2015 . 7:30am

Once you defeat the first boss in Dragon Quest Builders, you will journey to another continent called Rimuldar where a kindly nun named Eru is trying to help the local people plagued by sickness.

PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Dragon Quest Builders details land of Rimuldar

 Published 11 hours ago. 3 comments.

Also with

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Shows More Of Its World And Reactor Features
. November 25, 2015 . 7:31am

Square Enix shares the latest details and screenshots for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3′s world,
 along with some information on the protagonist’s “Reactor” device.


 Dragon Quest Builders Gets A Limited Edition PlayStation 4. November 27, 2015 . 10:00am

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia and Square Enix revealed the latest limited edition PlayStation 4 model,
 and this one is for Dragon Quest Builders
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it's been more than a long while I have awesome news this week first
source: Gematsu & Siliconera Dragon Quest Builders


Dragon Quest Builders May Be Getting A Port For The Nintendo NX
. August 19, 2016 . 8:30am

When asked about the possibility of a port, Dragon Quest producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto noted that
 “Square Enix is aware” of the compatibility between the Dragon Quest series and Nintendo’s consumers.

28 comments Read >


During this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, DualShockers got the chance to ask Dragon Quest Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto a few questions. [Thanks, DualShockers.]  When asked if it would be a possibility that the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders would receive a port for the Nintendo NX, Fujimoto noted that “Square Enix is aware” of the compatibility between the Dragon Quest series and Nintendo’s consumers. Additionally, he also mentioned the fact that Dragon Quest Builders would be a good match for the upcoming console, seeing as it is a “family-oriented game.” However, while they are considering the possibility of an NX port, Fujimoto could not confirm if the port will eventually happen.
Dragon Quest Builders will release for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on October 11th in North America and October 14th in Europe. Read more stories about Dragon Quest Builders & PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita on Siliconera.

Fallowing all this


3DS, PlayStation 4, NX

Dragon Quest XI confirmed for NX, simultaneous launch with PS4 and 3DS versions suggested

Published 2 mins ago. 1 comment.


Interview excerpt from the latest issue of Nintendo Dream.

The October issue of Nintendo Dream features a round-table discussion between Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, Pokemon series producer Junichi Masuda, and Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai.

During the interview, Horii confirms an NX version of Dragon Quest XI. Horii initially confirmed an NX version when Dragon Quest XI was first announced for PlayStation 4 and 3DS, but Square Enix then back-tracked its statement saying it was only “considering launching” on the platform.
Horii also suggests that all three versions will be released simultaneously, as “spoilers will emerge if we release one version earlier.”
Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is aiming for release in Japan before May 27, 2017. Nintendo’s NX is due out a couple of months earlier, in March 2017.
Get the transcript below,English Ver.
Masahiro Sakurai: Well then, I would like to ask about each of your new games. First, Dragon Quest XI. The 11th installment in the series will be released simultaneously on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4, and including NX it’s coming out on three platforms, right?

Yuji Horii: That’s right. The use of hardware is different for each system, so it’s quite a challenge.

Sakurai: Thank you for working so hard.

Horii: However, we’re making the 3DS version in both 3D and 2D. I asked my staff, “Is that something we can do?” And they said, “We’ll do it.” So we decided, “then let’s do it.”

Junichi Masuda: I get the feeling that means there will be four versions across three platforms then, yeah?

Horii: That’s right. There are a lot of difficulties because of that. Each one has a different look to it, and there’s also a PlayStation 4 version, so if we make a small fix then we have to fix it across every version.

Sakurai: I see. Including things like the release date, it gets dreadful when development is inevitably drawn out and the debugging piles up… But shifting away from the release date, they’re not going to be released apart from each other, right? Since Dragon Quest games are story-driven.
Horii: That’s right. Spoilers will emerge if we release one version earlier. (Laughs.) However, we’re a little concerned about the sense of distance in movement. It’s different for each of the supported hardware.
Sakurai: Oh, is that so?

Horii: The movement in the 2D of the 3DS version, and the movement in the 3D of the 3DS version and the PlayStation 4 version definitely feels different when it’s in action. However, there are concerns when making several versions at the same time, and to that extent it’s difficult, so we’re making the game to the best of our ability.

Sakurai: I made Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U at the same time, but it was nevertheless difficult. Since you’re making it for hardware from different companies, I would think that it’s even more difficult, so please by all means do your best.

Horii: Indeed. All of the staff is working very hard, so please look forward to it.
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3DS, NX, PlayStation 4, Dragon Quest XI, Nintendo Dream, RPG, Square Enix, Yuji Horii

source: Gematsu
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