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Goal: Highest score on 'Slow It Down' by Spirit Kid
Prize: Mystery gift. Mailing address may be required. It can be anything. Something of cash value is not guaranteed. Prize could be a mouldy sandwich. Winner can opt for a steam key instead of mystery gift if they so desire.
End Date: Sunday September 14 9PM PST

(1) In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random.
(2) [wee. experimental rule] Any entry within the last 30 minutes of the leaderboard that results in a new member taking the lead, will result in the leaderboard being extended 30 minutes. Same holds true for any period(s) of extended time. Any lead change within a 30 minute period of extended time will result in another 30 minute extension. However, more than 1 lead change will only result in one extension. For example, if the lead changes 3 times within the last 30, leaderboard will only be extended 30 minutes. Not 90.
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