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Author Topic: Batman Arkham Origins Remastering or Sequel WB Montreal Please Read  (Read 2236 times)

     WB Montreal thank u for such a wonderful experience with Arkham Origins now there is a rumor that u guys r working on a new Batman game & people keep saying that Damian Wayne is going to be the new Batman Im disappointed cause i don't think that Damian is Batman material at all. Damian is more rebellious against the Batman way of stopping crime, plus he is still more deep on following in the footsteps of his grandfather. I support u guys at Montreal but i have to be honest with u when i say that i would feel like im Batman only if im playing the original Batman\Bruce Wayne not Damian so i hope that part of the rumor is not true. I hope that u guys have considered coming back for a Arkham Origins remastering or a sequel cause i definitely felt like i was Batman when playing Origins. I also have ideas for the Batcave if u guys check out the video on YouTube called The Batcave & Bruce Wayne's Parents watch some of beginning then u will see the clip of the Cave design i think u guys should consider. Now i also think that u guys could go with two options to reach the city cause in the original origins all could use was the batjet to enter & exit the Cave but this time i think we should have two turntables where u have one with the batjet & the other one will have the Batmobile. And whichever vehicle we choose will drop us off to different areas of the city. Also think maybe u guys could work on a more interactive experience with the Batcomputer maybe some kind of Gotham news feed or something of that nature. So if u guys at WB Montreal have thought about making a Sequel to Arkham Origins or a remastered version of the first origins game then this is what i hope u guys will look into.

Ok oldschool lets not jump the gun just yet cause there has not been any official announcements, if they r working on a Batman game im sure they will announce it soon. Now i agree that Damian would not be a good Batman cause of his attitude towards justice & how he is to set on being the next air to his grandfathers army Ras Al Ghul so i see your point. If these rumors r true then it looks like they r trying to make their own version of Batman beyond. Which I have to say Terry McGinnis was a way better Batman replacement for Bruce Wayne plus with the way Damian was raised, he disagrees with the way Bruce handles fighting crime so much that he would not even want to be called Batman. Damian would want his own name & he would want his own army to be able to take over Gotham eventually. So they would have to change Batmans universe around completely to fix it where Damian was not raised by the demons head. Hopefully these rumors r false & either we have an Arkham Origins remake on the way or Sequel that will have some involvement with Damian but we actually get to play original Batman not a replacement. I personally would whether play Bruce Wayne/Batman in a GTA 5 style massive size Gotham city where i can drive & explore & find tons & tons of story side missions & then when im done i can drive or have the Batmobile drop me off at the Batcave oldschool suggested on here & start my day. So i don't think anyone should jump the gun to early but hopefully we won't be disappointed.DEDG

Its too early to say anything about this but i have looked further into the rumors & first off the picture u see with the guy on the motorcycle it looks like our traditional Batman not Damian cause u would figure that Damian would have his own look & would not take after his father. Second im very excited about the fact that the videos on YouTube r hinting that it will be a massage open world experience of Gotham which is what alot of us want, don't get me wrong Arkham Knight was great but i felt like there could have been more ground to cover for Batman. Third having another Batman take over to show how things happen when Bruce retires is ok until i look at the fact that they r choosing Damian that part just doesn't stand well with me cause Damian is more on villian like Ras then being a hero. So i would hope instead that an Origins Sequel is on the way that will give us a massage open world Gotham with Bruce Wayne as our Batman. But like i said before its too early to tell just yet.

I think they r just trying new boundaries with the Batman universe & personally i wasn't a fan of the Batman beyond series but it did show us how things would be the original Batman steps down so hopefully this won't disappoint as much. Im more interested in seeing a remake of origins or a sequel would be even better.

I like the fact that the youtube videos r saying that this will be an open world Gotham on a massive scale yeah i have to agree that Damian Wayne as a new Batman would not seem right unless u want to completely change his entire history & child hood. But i definitely want a massage Gotham experience.

Hopefully its not true cause everytime i play the game i would have to ignore Damian so i could enjoy the rest of what the game has to offer. Please give us Arkham Origins Remastered.

Really they could have just fixed it where Arkham Knight was massive cause that way we get to drive around & face off against tons of different villians all over the place, like how way back when Oldschool suggested that they work on an extra island well they could have worked on making all the islands in the game much bigger plus add in 2 extra islands like Arkham City & Arkham Island & make the islands big enough & alittle more redesigned with incredible graphics,  nice size bigger roads to fit the Batmobile & much more explorable areas & then the explorable Batcave safehouse that they showed us in the trailers but never implemented.   Thats what we were waiting for when they announced all their information about the game & when they delayed Arkham Knight we thought ok a massive experience is on its way but instead we got a great game that didn't live all the way up to its full potential. And now they r saying we should wait for another new Batman game to get that experience?? A game that is being said may not be ready til sometime in 2018, Im very disappointed.

I hate to mention anything that happened on the WB forums but i have to point out that if they r creating a game with Damian Wayne as Batman there is a big chance that it just won't grab us as much as i would want it to & the blame comes from guys like that MajinKB & Grandpa Soda cause they r guys who would automatically support this idea before ever giving it any thought & when u call them casual i don't think they even deserve to be called casual cause first off when Oldschool was asking for the Batcave safehouse on the WB forums & he talked about how Rocksteady might have contacted him. Both Majin & Soda attacked Oldschool until all four of his threads were taken down & no one hardcore would have done that cause they would have understood where Oldschool was coming from but there r so many casual people who would have understood Oldschool as well but the biggest issue is that with stupid people that r willing to automatically support something that is a smaller boundary direction of trying something new but don't realize it can effect the grand outcome of the comics , & movies & games in the batman universe then thats why we will see more of things like this that only can frustrate us & not comfort us with tons replay value. But i will say this if it is a Arkham Origins Remastering or Sequel, Im on board.

             Yeah i think it could work if maybe they come out with two different games first the game with Damian & just make that one episodic & yes i don't think he should be Batman but its whatever on that subject, now the second one should be a sequel to Arkham Origins with an extremely massive Gotham city to explore, at least 6 islands, same as Arkham Knight we should get a drivable Batmobile, & like Oldschool said in the main post of this thread we should also have the option of using the Batjet. And the Batcave should be the same one that has been suggested in the main post of this thread or a Batvave that is similar to the one being suggested. So if they r going to do Damian in anyway then they should make his game more like the Batman Telltale game but if u r going to do an actual Batman game open world game then it should about Bruce Wayne as our Batman not a replacement Batman who will not make much sense anyway. I guess they r going to change Damians history around to fit him in as Batman cause that's the only way it would work. Well anyway that's my take on it & i fully believe Rocksteady & WB Montreal r working on a sequel to Origins.

Bring us a Remastered Arkham Origins & im happy.