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Author Topic: Hey everyone.What is up ? New Ep daily episode$?  (Read 14138 times)

hi im new here . Just saying Hello. Also has there been any new Ep daily episode for 2015.:(

I've been wondering the exact the same thing.  No new shows or Vic's Basement for the past month.  I've never seen them on this long of a hiatus before.  Hope all is well with EPN!

I've also been wondering the same thing.  Hope all is well & we see you soon!

Me too i hope they can let us know something soon. Good luck hope for the best.;)

Try shooting off a tweet at Victor Lucas, iirc he's pretty active on Twitter.

im just gonna wait n see .... must be serious though :(

Not sure what's up, but Shaun posted on twitter that he's no longer with them:

Reelz no longer has the show on their site. And their US syndicator PPI doesn't list EP Daily anymore.

Usually when there's a break on TV there's still some activity going online and updates. Last week many of them posted about Nintendo Direct on their personal twitters and facebooks, you would think there would be something related to it posted here.

well this is uncomfortable must be a few strong reasons to halt the show.

thanks kyl416 for the info which is disheartening to hear ..:'(

Hopefully all is well. Maybe there's some downscaling happening or a new online strategy.

ye probably

To the best of my recollection the hiatus is pretty normal between years/seasons. Does leave you a little jittery for your EPN fix though don't it?

naw they were back already by this time last year

well im bored

theres no other show like ep

Guys I have a bad feeling about this. I've looked through maybe a dozen linkedin and Facebook profiles of the EP crew. They've moved on to other jobs or put down that they were last employed by EP late last year.

I'm really worried too...  I've been a big fan of the show since way way way back in the day.  I've been on parental leave for the past year and love watching EP daily, and actually look forward to 3pm on Fridays to listen to Vic and Scott scrap it out on Vic's Basement.  Releases a bit of the stresses associated of being a new father...

I'm assuming one of two things have happened. 1 The EPN brand has been sold (not likely cuz Vic doesnt seem like the person that would sell his "baby") and therefore they are not legally allowed to make any comments related to EPN. 2 They are re-branding EPN and we will see some new show or website soon.

It doesnt look good to potential investors/buyers/gamers/fans having this website full of outdated articles, reviews, etc...

If the "boss" reads this comment, it'd be great to send out a message or tweet telling us whats going, even if it's cryptic...

Even super long-timer Tavis Dunn ( is under new employment...this DEFINITELY doesn't seem like a normal hiatus.

Someone asked Vic ig he could share info about the show on twitter he said "no not right now" that was 2 weeks ago. Their usually back by now.Marissa and Scott are drinking coffee on youtube they got nothing to do it looks like. I think their funding is messed up or something :(

Looks like Vic might have read our messages.  2 hours ago he tweeted "We'll have some news this week :)"

Hope it's good news!!!

well im cautiously optimistic about this..

At least, I can go back a watch some old episodes I've neglected up until now.

if their just taking a break then they should just tell people

kovaelin yea im basically watching all the vic's basement :'

Ugh, I've been reduced to watching InnerSpace on The Space Channel...

im watchin Buffy the vampire slayer

Well  they told us what is going on. so that is good .thanks.

According to the latest Vic's Basement I heard them say lots of times that they were watching and playing games to review. Sounds like good news to me.


Well, he really didnt say anything.  He said its pretty much only the 3 of them still at the office.  It was good to chat and see the Basement back in action.
Anyone else find out any info??

so glad were back

For anyone still wondering what's happening with new episodes (which are running once more), check out this post on EPN explaining what's happening. The new season has began February 23rd.


I was wondering why reviews on the run was still showing repeats for the longest time good to know whats happening

so glad their back. It make me appreciate their work more. Wish there were more shows like this but there just isnt. i used to watch x play thats gone .