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If anyone goes to the Challenges section before Friday, February 20th, they may notice that some games don't quite match up with their categories. This is because of a change to Challenge categories for the upcoming stretch. Most notably is that left and right of the Challenges page are split into recent releases and current generation games on the left, and classic releases across previous generations and platforms on the right.

On the left, we have Mobile Monday, Portable Tuesday, Web Wednesday, Indie Thursday, and Console Friday. Console Friday also includes PC and the name will be changed to reflect that once a better word is decided. Many of these categories can overlap as well, allowing decent flexibility. For example, a game like Spelunky could appear in the console category as it's on many home platforms. It's also an indie game, allowing it to exist in the indie category, and has been released on portable platforms as well. Shovel Knight is the same. Games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or FTL could appear on mobile monday, or console friday.

On the right, we have Generations 3 (NES/SMS era), 4 (SNES/Genesis/TG era), 5 (N64/PS1/Saturn era), 6 (GCN/PS2/Xbox era) and 7 (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii). Portables are also split by equivalent timeframes, often overlapping, so those will either be filed where they make the most sense, or the classic side will be re-adjusted over time if classic portables become tough to classify.

Classic platforms with remakes or re-releases are also eligible for cross category use. Majora's Mask, for example, can show up in both Generation 5 (N64) and Portable (3DS). Likewise is true of 3D classics and PSN/XBLA releases like Beyond Good and Evil HD. Full remakes of games can vary however and doesn't guarantee the ability to fit into both new and old categories.

This also means new challenges will be testing these categories, so keep an eye out for those.
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