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Author Topic: THOUGHTS ON THE NEW SHOW FORMAT  (Read 4192 times)

So EPN has condensed EP Daily and ROTR into one 30 minute show...

I hope I'm not the only one bothered by this.

I understand business is business, but I have a strong feeling a many people share my disappointment in the minimization of ROTR.
ROTR has been the perfect venue to showcase what makes Greedy so great. Personality. The way the on cam crew reviews games is a refreshing, unique method, that no other showcase provides. I can get the content EP Daily gives me via 100s of different websites. Please, please, please, agree fellow fans. Then message your opinions to Vic. Maybe with enough input we can get Vic and the gang to invest their time in what really matters.

Also, I know that at the beginning of last year Greedy was struggling at filling a half-hour show with pure reviews, but I struggle to see how we are going to prefer skimming through the EP Daily portion of each show vs just having them fill those barren minutes with mobile games. I actually always enjoyed the mobile reviews, even though I know among fans they were highly criticized.

I like the new (well 'old' maybe ;))  format, it makes for a watchable half hour and presents some pretty interesting content. The reason I make the winky face is many will remember that ROTR was originally a segment on Electric Playground, and if I remember correctly it was a single review per episode (correct me if I'm wrong).
I guess the downside is: less reviews, one half hour versus one hour... but Say La Vee as they say in Kaybeck!

I do remember that format, but I feel that the show has evolved since then and proven that their bread and butter is their review format. That's what I come for. I get my news from the hundreds of print websites that already do a good job of highlighting the days biggest news. Of course everyone will have their preferences, but I hope the public proves that we prefer the reviews.

I've also noticed more sponsors. Never thought they would take money from Gameloft given their apparent hatred of the type of product created by Gameloft. Not saying they have lost integrity, just thought it was odd.

Wow suddenly it seems like the EP guys really really really like Nintendo. How odd.

I like the new format. It's a good mix and also the show seems more focused on gaming than it did in recent years.

Also I disagree about the non-ROTR content in the show being something you can get from any website (i.e. The Rundown, Previews, etc.). EP Daily is way more personable than the news being delivered via a text website. I especially like the discussion after The Rundown between hosts, I respect all three hosts opinions and I like to hear what they think or have to say about various Rundown topics.

Viewing a news story on a website may give you some more details, but rarely do I find them engaging like EP is.

I totally agree that their opinions make EP unique, but the platform in which they show off the most of those opinions and personality are their reviews. I don't really want to hear a stock interview performed by some PR rep or game director talking up their games. That's boring.
Also, this new show format has clearly lessened the value of their out of B.C. reviewers. We all loved the reviews Jose, Ben and Shaun did. I only mention those three because I think it's safe to say those are the favourites. Since their are only a couple of reviews per show now there isn't enough to go around. It's a shame.

I agree the show has a different feel now, but I still like watching the personalities that are still around. I find their levels of fun vs funny to be really refreshing when compared to other shows, like some of those segments on GameTrailers, where it's now just a bunch of idiots trying to out-dumb each other. Keep it professional and keep it awesome, and I'll keep watching.

Yeah, it's a shame that they had to slim down their reviews so much, but I also agree with ralphwigg and it's still my personal favourite way to catch up on big things I might have missed during the day. Also, wasn't the old EP format's review segment just an excerpt from an actual ROTR episode? I thought they were always two different shows, ever since they started calling it ROTR. I'm probably wrong about that though, since it's been so long.

That it was. They would cut down the length of the full ROTR review which would have usually aired that day or in the not to distant past and place it into EP daily. I don't mind the new format too much myself considering I am finding that I have little to no time to sit and watch TV for longer periods of time.

I really don't mind the new format. The only issue I have, and it is less with the show's format and more what seems to be the new reality for Vic's company, is that they clearly don't have the manpower to stay on top of reviewing all of the games that are being released. Not that there have been a slew of releases, but a game like State of Decay doesn't get reviewed until several weeks after release, and a game like Bloodborne gets reviewed with not enough time actually having been spent on the game. This is not to say that I don't appreciate the effort that is there, and I completely get that there are financial issues at play as well, but it is sad to see the team struggle so hard with getting the reviews out in a timely manner. Now that Stave and Raju, and Ben and Jose are back, perhaps the load is more adequately distributed, but that struggle was very evident earlier on in the year.