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Author Topic: how the hell marissa is the co writer  (Read 2066 times)

No wonder all the stuff you see on the show is her crap she is  a bad host a bad  writer and a control freak ever since scott left the show turn to crap that's way you see game loft crap on the show i wish she go back to Italy and talk to your stupid family and  to your stupid sister this is crazy she was with Scott and vic for only a year and now she is a co writer this show needs help!!!!!!! Ps I don't care if she was with Shaun for a long time she is a bad host

Wow man... No reeeessspect. TV has a wide demographic, in this case, hardcore gamers, casual, male, female... Not only is she a fine writer, but Mrob has the on-camera personality and perspective EP needs [to not be total a sausage fest, haha]. Half the sell of the show is the genuine character each host brings to the table and Marissa is absolutely no exception. Her creative control is entirely earned and a great example of a growing feminine presence in both male dominant industries; film & gaming. Greedy has made the perfect move here.

So how about you and your "stupid family" go back to the 30's. Boom Sucka!

Shut up jack ass all you do is kiss her ass but she is not giving scott a chance and you are a piece of shit why don't you go and kiss her butt and let her control your life to dump ass so fuck off