Author Topic: Kojima Productions And Sony Announced a New PS4 Exclusive partnership  (Read 2329 times)


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Alot happened this past week with kojima and his studio being from from konami's control finally and their partnership with some for a new project on the ps4
Via: Gematsu

source: IGN

Kojima Production And Sony Announce A New PS4 Exclusive Title Partnership
. December 15, 2015 . 10:30pm

Hideo Kojima’s new independent studio has been revealed as “Kojima Productions,”
and it’s been announced that they’re developing a PlayStation 4-exclusive title, partnered with Sony.

as stated to be fallowed up on By

IGN @IGN Tomorrow at 3:00 PM PT, IGN will have an exclusive interview with @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN.
  1:15 AM - 16 Dec 2015

As promised from IGN via Gematsu below

 Industry, PlayStation 4
Hideo Kojima talks new studio, Sony partnership
 Published 57 mins ago. 25 comments.

'It's thanks to Sony that I was able to make a global splash.'

IGN has published an interview with Kojima Productions founder Hideo Kojima discussing the Metal Gear creator’s new studio and partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation.

 During the interview, Kojima explains why he chose to go with Sony as a partner over other companies, the smaller scale of the new Kojima Productions, the meaning behind its new logo, and his gratitude to the fans. Kojima Productions art director Yoji Shinkawa joins him.
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