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Author Topic: Delta Six - Connecting and calibrating problem.  (Read 2977 times)

Has anyone gotten the Delta Six to connect and calibrate properly? (Xbox 360, Xbox One) The instructions are not very good and the you tube video didn't help.


Make sure you have a Cronus MAX - it's required.
You also need a wired controller (Xbox 360) - a proper licensed wired controller, not a Play 'n' Charge kit. (Xbone just requires a USB cable).

Start up the Xbox360/Xbone. Plus in Cronus MAX. Cronus will display "U" and "d" or something to indicate it needs authentication. Plug in the controller. (For Xbone, this controller is unusable while the Cronus is plugged in). Once it changes to a number, you're done. Unplug the controller, and plug in the receiver for the D6. Make sure it's set to console mode and not PC.

That is all you need to configure. 

Start a game. Turn on the D6, and point it at the screen. When the D6 starts, it will point to the ground in-game. Press the calibration button, then aim D6 at the floor, and then release. Press-level, let-go, at floor. (I've done it where I've pointed at screens lower than me - it's possible).

At least, that's how it works for me.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, We followed all those steps many times.

We did finally get it to connect to my xbox 360, but only after connecting a cronus to the 360. it calibrated for the most part, but not by the directions. It's not playable to any degree that I would use. We still have never gotten the mysterious 2 vibrations. Pointing towards the floor never seems to work either.

Next chance, we'll try black ops 3 on the xbone. I'm beginning to suspect a faulty receiver or gun. Unfortunately, avenger hasn't provided any real solution. They just send the same old links.

I'll give them one more chance to help. If they don't, I'll probably return them. it's a shame because it has amazing potential.