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Author Topic: New Message to Victor Lucas & Rocksteady  (Read 2325 times)

      Where is the announcement about the Batcave DLC?? The only thing that has been said is that the suicide squad game was cancelled,  then the rumors on YouTube r saying that WB Montreal and Rocksteady r supposedly working on a Batman game together but nothing has been said about whether the Batcave DLC for Arkham Knight is coming or has been put on hold. I for one am worried that it is either not coming or is in slight delay do to the cancellation of the suicide squad game, Victor Lucas i know u r still on vacation for the beginning of January & Rocksteady im sure u guys r full of tons of things u have to get done and we hate to keep bugging u guys but could either one of u get back with us on when u think the Arkham Knight Batcave DLC will be announced or will be finished. Thanks we appreciate it.

Yeah im ready to explore & talk with Alfred and then jump in the Batmobile & drive out into the city so hopefully we get some kind of confirmation on what's happening with the DLC for Arkham Knight.

Lets just give them a couple more weeks to see what happens but at the same time im interested in knowing how far along they r & what all can be expected with the DLC?? Will we get a show down with Bane?? Will there be an appearance by Falcone?? Most importantly what features are going to be in the Batcave?? Rocksteady were r ready to know whatever details u can give us.

Yeah i want answers too but maybe they r almost finished with the DLC & they probably won't announce it until its completely done but yeah i hope its as good as they say it is. Cause their other DLC was just ok ans some of it could have been way better, however i can forgive all of the that if we get a Batcave safehouse thats a hundred times better then the one from Arkham Origins.

With the cancellation of the suicide squad game it does give them more time to work on the Batcave for Arkham Knight anyway & u never know maybe Victor Lucas will be announcing it on his rundown soon. But it would be better if Rocksteady got on here again & threw a few bones our way on what will be the design the decided on for the Batcave or will we have more interactions with Alfred & Oracle. And something else just occurred to me that maybe they will add in more to the main story along with extra story side missions. Hopefully Victor can look into all of this when he finally gets back from his vacation. So i will wait at least 2 more weeks & check back to see if Rocksteady or Vic alert us on whats happening with this DLC for Arkham Knight.

CODA denied it before but they need to understand why this DLC is necessary its all about using all of Batmans original elements as much as we can but for anybody to say we r not going to do is utter nonsense. When im done playing i should be driving to the Batcave & doing whatever i feel comes next. Their choice in skins were great but i could have done without the race tracks some of the challenge maps were ok but the making us a great Batcave experience should have been the first thing on Rocksteadys mind.

It's march and still nothing... I wonder if they will ever release it.