Author Topic: The Tombstoning Process of Arcademy has begun  (Read 77 times)


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The Tombstoning Process of Arcademy has begun
« on: October 12, 03:57 AM »
Hello, all!

Sadly, in the course of time, Arcademy will be tombstoned. This means the entire site will be brought down, with no archive available. There are various reasons why, and I've gone over them before in other posts and IRC.

The Plan

- Sometime between now and early November, I will try to get some legacy information up, perhaps in leaderboard format, focusing on both Old World and Arcademy. There isn't a guarantee I can get this done in time, but I'll try.

- On November 8th, the ability to sign into the Arcademy forum or view it will be shut off.

- On November 9th, the entire Arcademy site will go offline.

So what you need to do..

If you have any PMs or posts you need to save, do it now.

Get to or share the IRC / discord / forum links with other people.

What happened to my old data?

ANY data you entered into Arcademy or Tsilon will be destroyed once the site goes offline, and I cannot retrieve it for you afterwards. None of the addresses or personal information you entered into Tsilon was given or sold to anyone else and has also been destroyed.
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