Author Topic: Arcademy's front page is just a Twitch stream now. Submit your streams!  (Read 1242 times)


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F's Random Grab Bag Streamorama - Sunday nights(ish)
Animefreek's Saturday Night Showdown - Saturday from 7:30 to 9pm Pacific -

Instead of shuttering the front page completely for now, we've decided to make use of that huge blank space and snazzy layout that J made and host some streams. We will be streaming from time to time.

However, we'd also like to host YOUR streams! We will be using the hosting functionality of Twitch, which means your stream is forwarded to ours, so it requires no special tools or input on your part other than allowing your channel to be hosted.

If you stream at a regular time and would like be hosted, please reply with your twitch stream URL and the times you stream so I can put it up here.
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My stream link

Saturday Night Showdown gets streamed if the game isn't too intensive on my PC.
7:30 - 9:00-ish PM PT