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Author Topic: I don't get it...  (Read 1341 times)

The show has been off the air for months, yet the same amount and quality of content is being produced for the YouTube channel. The numbers are pitiful, so how is Vic keeping the lights on? Is he burning through his savings? Are the staff volunteering?

I have been wondering this myself recently, is there something we're missing, does he have a silent financial partner? Is Victor's Wife back to work and the bread winner in the household? Funding a trip to E3 and later this month San Diego Comic Con, I can't understand how Victor is funding the whole thing, plus he has other contributors to EPN, it boggles my mind how this is sustaining itself, I certainly want EPN to thrive but how long can it sustain itself

I've also wondered about EP on YT's future. As stated, the numbers, though improving, are still pretty grim. That said, I'm not sure they're burning through cash producing the show online. Vic and Blake seem to be the only active employees. Behr (sp?) is an intern, so I don't know if he's getting paid. The rest of the EP Daily/ROTR hosts are gone outside of special get togethers and the odd Fubar interview. For two people based in Vancouver, travel and board to California (for E3 and SDCC) isn't going to be obscenely expensive. Some of those trips might even be paid for by the game publishers, or tax deductible. Then you have the office/studio space fees.

But yeah, even if the costs aren't high, the YT revenue is going to be so low that I can't imagine this year ends up being anything other than a financial loss for Greedy. Blake, Vic and his family have to eat and Vancouver's not cheap. If I had to guess, Vic is probably producing the show while still talking to sponsors/broadcasters. Maybe Greedy Docs is back again and that's how they plan to make money?

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