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Author Topic: Thank u to Victor Lucas  (Read 1849 times)

Thanks alot Vic for keeping EP Daily going as much as possible it's a real joy to get on here everyday & see the rundown along with your reviews & other videos. I make sure I keep up with your EP Daily coverage all the time especially when I'm at work cause it can get real boring at work lol. Please keep the rundown & all your other content going and hopefully u will be able to get back to having full episodes again in the future.     Now I did want to touch base on something real quick, I know u r a true hardcore fan of Batman & the Batman games.  Well of course u remember my thread on here saying Batcave safehouse still needed and then the response I got about how Rocksteady is coming back to add more DLC content to the previous Batman game Arkham Knight, well on my other thread BATCAVE WANTED & ANALYSIS TRAILERS on the WB forums CODA who is also from Rocksteady got on my thread yesterday morning saying that Rocksteady is only working on their Arkham VR game, then he sent me a private message saying that they have no plans on making an update to Arkham Knight at this time.  Which now has alot of friends at a stand still cause we were hoping to be driving in & out of the Batcave with the Batmobile & then having so many interactive features to mess with in the Cave itself. If when u r not too busy if u could find out why CODA doesn't seem to know anything about it and then what can they tell us about the Batcave DLC?? Will we be charged for it or is it set up where u just download it for free since we already paid for the original season pass on last January?? And maybe they can hint what new villians we can expect?? Thanks alot Vic I appreciate anything u can do about looking into this some more. And keep that rundown going EP Daily forever.

Nevermind Vic about the whole looking into the Batcave thing I can't keep expecting u to take time out of your busy schedule to look into something like this, I will just tell my friends to keep the faith that Rocksteady will surprise us sometime in 2017 with an amazing Batcave DLC for Arkham Knight, but I do appreciate everything u do here Vic and once again I appreciate u keeping EP Daily going, cause I am still a severe fan of u & Tommy from Reviews on the run and after such a tragic let down with what happened to the G4 video game network u still kept everybody feeling so comfortable with the fact that EP & Reviews on the Run was never going away . So thanks alot for keeping real video game entertainment going all these years Vic.