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Posted by Arcademy
Arcademy Library now open for business

The Magazine section is now open, and over the following month will become the definitive place to go for Arcademy updates and notices.

So... why Magazine?

Arcademy Magazine is named such as it will ALSO be the home of many long form editorials penned by the Arcademy staff and community contributors alike. One of Arcademy's intended core goals is to explore the 'why' behind games. The culture, design, industry, development and the roots of the medium itself, from its start to its future evolutions. Arcademy's staff has been involved directly or indirectly in many facets of interactive entertainment and it's encompassing trades, and have spent a significant amount of time researching, analyzing, and exploring hotly debated topics, light-hearted niches, and overarcing elements of the medium and pastime. The Arcademy community is filled with members as intensely passionate and educated in various games niches as we are, and will be given a platform for their own exhibits and explorations. This is a place to explore the pastime, and to share the 'why' behind our passion.

Arcademy Magazine will get rolling over the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the classic Mega Drive music attached below.

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