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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed
Current scores: 84A verified at $25 average and 50C unverified at $25 average
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January 1, 1234
Developed by
Published by
Marvelous USA
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Animefreek paid 30.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on February 15, 2015
I really wanted to like this game. I REALLY tried to like this game. As much as I love the otaku culture/pandering bullshit it presents, it's a REALLY bad game. The controls feel horrible. Combat isn't intuitive in the least, and the worst aspect of it is the weapon stats: I was barely able to strip anyone with a +170 computer monitor, but a +11 baseball bat made every encounter a breeze. What the hell? Man, that still has a bit of charm to it...
It panders to me in all the right ways. I was shocked by how accurate the game's rendition of Akihabara is (even if it's pretty small). Stripping moe meido vampire qts in public = A++++++ gotyey 10/10
The loading times in this game is completely unacceptable; a populated area takes about two minutes. Very poor combat system. Framerate is subpar. No touch controls on interface. ENG dub is BAD.
paid 0.00USD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 24, 2014
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bVork paid 40.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 12, 2014
A bad game that I enjoy despite its many, many flaws. It plays up its sleazy, barely-justified setup (Artificial vampires are loose in Akihabara! Strip them to let the sun eliminate them!) for all it is worth, and it's pretty fun to beat people up and then take their clothes. It's the game equivalent of a super trashy anime. The kind you hide in another DVD case.
The depiction of Akihabara is impressively detailed and the story is amusing if you like stereotypical anime characters and developments.
The framerate is highly variable, NPCs take a long time to load, and many of the sidequests are both simple and frustrating.