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Child of Light
Current scores: 84A verified at $25 average and 50C unverified at $25 average
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January 1, 1234
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adv1k paid 4.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on February 25, 2015
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paid 0.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on December 18, 2014
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AbaddonTheFallen paid 15.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 21, 2014
This game had so much potential. I feel like a disappointed teacher or parent speaking this way, but Child of Light just did not deliver a satisfying experience. The art style is quite beautiful, and the premise of the story sounded quite good. I went into Child of Light with high hopes. I had heard complaints about the rhyming, and dismissed them thinking "these people are just too serious about it, they need to accept the fairytale-like aesthetic that they're building". I was too quick to judge those other people. I was down with the idea of a rhyming scheme, but this just ruined all dialogue in the game. There were so many times that characters' dialogue carried no meaning other than to carry a rhyme. There was also such a waste of an idea with the basic story. There's barely any character development, I disliked or didn't care about most of the party. Overall, the game felt very amateur from a story-telling side.
Very nice art style. Decent battle system. Pretty easy and accessible to newcomers, with some level of complexity for those who want it.
RHYMING!! I quickly reached a point that I didn't want to read what the characters were saying because the dialogue suffered so badly for the sake of keeping a rhyming pattern.