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Mario Kart 8
Current scores: 84A verified at $25 average and 50C unverified at $25 average
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January 1, 1234
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larryd85 paid 0.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 27, 2014
its mario kart in HD. the add new mechanics that dont feel too strange and stick to the core Mario Kart feel. Lots of fun.
unlock by playing. its bad this is a + in current games and not the norm, but playing to unlock things (instead of paying) needs to still be a thing on consoles.
ChicoQuente paid 52.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 14, 2014
I eagerly pre-ordered this game months in advance but was generally disappointed with this game. I have always loved this series and played every version except for some mobile ones and this one left me disappointed.
Some of the new levels were fun and enjoable
Battle mode leaves a LOT to be desired. Re-using the race maps was a terrible effort.
tele_viper paid 60.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 12, 2014
Beautiful, well designed tracks. Polished and refined classic Mario Kart gameplay
Bright, colourful, 60 fps tracks are a joy to race
No dedicated Battle Mode tracks is a big let down, but the quality of the rest of the package compensates.
FyreWulff paid 30.00USD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 12, 2014
A return to form the series has not seen since Mario Kart 64. The tracks are always busy, the items always flying, and great music and graphics seal the deal.
Plenty of kart options, good cast of characters to choose from.
Limited custom game options, no voice chat while racing.