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Super Smash Brothers for 3DS
Current scores: 84A verified at $25 average and 50C unverified at $25 average
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January 1, 1234
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Maigoyume paid 35.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 17, 2014
Right from the get-go you'll notice that your 3ds seems to be at a black screen, why you wonder? Because the game is pushing the 3ds to its limits to run the glorious game. This is what happens when you take a franchise and shove it on a portable chock full of goodness. Smash Bros for 3ds is amazing (visually and technically). Once you manage to get it loaded up you'll be at the main menu, doesn't look like there's too much going on here does it? WRONG. Layers of options and menus are open right from the get go. You can customize your character, the controls, the outline around them, the colour of their under............wrong game. Trophy rush, trophy shop, all star mode, stadium events, smash run, etc. You could be overwhelmed just by the sheer options presented before you. That's not even counting the characters, costumes and challenges you unlock. Easily one of the best bang for the buck games to be released on this handheld. Did I mention scaled difficulty+rewards?
Tons of content + unlockables Has most of the characters you know and love, and some you didn't even know existed Excellent visuals Incredibly addictive modes Smash on the Go! Streetpass!
Initial loading time is long Local/online multiplayer is a bit laggy at times Characters get be hard to see Intensity 9 is rage-worthy
zombyteer paid 35.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 15, 2014
Felt very weird playing Smash bros on a portable console for the longest time. After that, falcon punches for all!
Nice roster and customization options. Solid gameplay.
Smash run left me wanting. Online is a mess.
mhee123 paid 45.00CAD for a Standard copy Submitted on November 12, 2014
It's been a while since I've played a handheld fighting game. If you count Dissidia for PSP it's been a long time. Smash bros for 3DS has been a pleasant ride for the last 2 months. The D-Pad and button controls have been solid for me. I always get streetpasses for it, so I'm not alone for buying this game. The Challenges has helped made me playing more of the single player modes I would've ignored. Customization has been insane to use, to the point where you can kill the final boss like a piece of cake. It's was worth buying at Sept 19th. However, the console version is right around the corner. Once the console version is out, will the handheld be popular anymore? Other than using it as a controller via Wi-fi, I really don't know. There are alot more 3DSs than Wii Us in the market so it's still the cheaper version to buy and more people to play with. Played 16 Hours, Bought from EB Games with Trade-Ins at release date. Thank you for your Time
Alot of Fighters with Diverse Moves Easy to Pick Up Hard to Master Game of Choice for Conventions/Hangouts 3DS XL works great Custom Fighters are broken and I love it IKE!
No Story No one likes Smash Run...NO ONE! Long Load Times Laggy Lan Battles (2 feet, 2-man battle, 2 much lag) Too Small for the 3DS Wished the All-Star mode had more details than just "years"